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I had never considered myself even remotely sane, not in the slightest, but I I'm pretty sure nobody else did as well. I figured I was going to live out my life as normal (or in my terms anyway) as possible, which of course included slaughtering just about anyone who crossed my path. Of course, I had no idea that a simple meeting could turn into such a heavy source of my confusion. None of it would have happened, if I hadn't met him.

The light streamed in through my highly-expensive satin curtains as I moaned my protest, flinging one of the five pillows I had across the room. Why does the day have to begin? Can't it just wait a few more minutes? Huh, guess not. I shifted comfortably underneath my purple and black fluffy blanket, the king sized bed squeaking its agitation. After a few moments of sucking it up, I slipped from underneath the covers and swung my legs over the side of the bed, stretching and yawning.

My hair was in chaos from the constant moving that I had done during the night. The blond locks jutted out from different angles on my head, which wasn't too far from how I usually wore it, but it was still long enough to cover my eyes. Now, why do I keep my eyes hidden? Well, that's a little bit none of your business, now is it? Besides, doesn't that make it all the more interesting? I wore a long-sleeved, black and white striped shirt that I usually wore to sleep, accompanied by black sleeping shorts.

I got up headed for the door, not bothering to get dressed till later. As for a shower, I took one the night before, so I'm good. Besides, it's not like I was rolling in mud all night. I opened my "dorm" room door. Yes, I lived in a dormitory, although it was more like it was fit for a prince, which it was, since I am one. Well, I guess information like that is important, right? Fine, I'll guess I'll explain myself. My name? Belphegor, but most people just call me Bel. Either that or Prince the Ripper, but that's another story. Anyway, I'm twenty-one years old and I am currently in college, Vongola University to be exact. For what? None of your goddamn business. I live in the dorms with a bunch of lame guys, yeah, a real bummer. All the dorms were really spacious and fit for royalty, kind of like a master suite, although in no way am I complaining. The dorm I stayed in had about fifty rooms maximum. If you saw it from the outside, you would swear that it looked like a fucking mansion.

As I made my way down the carpeted staircase, I could already hear that some of the inhabitants were up.

"I told you not to use my goddamn bathroom!" A loud, obnoxious voice yelled.

"Well, I kinda needed to go, and mine wasn't working….so…." Another voice said, a little bit quieter and a lot friendlier. I could instantly tell who it was, since I had been in this dorm long enough to figure it out. Upon reaching the ground floor and entering the main kitchen through one of its many doors, my suspicions were confirmed.

There, at the kitchen table, sat twenty year old Gokudera Hayato, Yamamoto Takeshi, and Tsunayoshi Sawada, or just Tsuna for short. All three of them were best friends, although I had already gathered on the day I first met them that Gokudera usually argued with Yamamoto a lot. Gokudera had silver hair that reminded me of an octopus that went to his shoulders and eyes that were the same silver color. I faintly remember people calling him the Smoking Bomb, probably because he likes to hide bombs somewhere on him and use them as weapons. Yamamoto was a baseball freak, so to speak. He had shorter black hair and brown eyes. He was known to be a complete airhead, and be very faithfull to both baseball and swordsmanship, although you could probably have guessed that. As for Tsunayoshi, or Tsuna, he was known for being probably the most useless thing on the face of the planet. He had crazy spiky hair that stuck out everywhere and big, brown eyes. Although lately, I had heard that people have seen them change to gold every now and again.

"Ushishishi….good morning peasants. I'm surprised to see that you survived another night, Smoking Bomb." I laughed at the trio, a sick grin that just about everyone recognized growing on my face as I leaned against the doorframe. You see, not too long ago, Smoking Bomb got into a fight with a well-known gang leader. To put it in simple terms, it wasn't pretty and in the end the poor peasant, that is, the gang leader, got his ass handed to him. Since then, everyone was anticipating that the guy would crawl into Gokudera's room at night and slit his throat in his sleep. Everyone is still shocked he's still alive.

The other college student made a 'tch' sound before turning on me. "Don't go around spouting such bullshit! Besides, put some fucking clothes on, no one wants to see your body!" he yelled angrily at me.

I snickered as I responded. "Ushishishi, don't lie. You know you like what you see~" Oh, how I loved to see the younger male squirm.

Which he did, his face turning slightly pink before he turned away with another 'tch!'. Tsuna, who was sitting to his left at the large wooden table, sweat dropped and laughed nervously. "So, uh…Bel, what are you going to do today?" he asked nervously. I simply shrugged as I went to the fridge and took out the carton of orange juice.

"Don't know. I don't have classes till later tonight around six. Oh and just for future reference, you will call me prince from now on. Ushishshi…." I laughed as I reached over and pulled three sharp knives out of their holder to point threatenly at the quivering brunet, which gave me a death glare from the octopus head next to him. As I opened the carton and drank directly from it, the glare deepened.

I put the knives back in their original position before the baseball idiot finally spoke up, who was sitting across from Gokudera on the other side of the table. "Hey, did you guys here about that new store that opened up across the street at the strip mall?"

All heads turned to him, looking at him with a 'wtf' look. Damn, even I didn't know what the hell he was talking about, and I knew everything! He laughed nervously before continuing.

"Yeah, I heard some kid opened it up. I think it's some kind of toy store, but when I looked at it, it was all dark and gloomy, like the Grim Reaper did the decorating, interior and exterior." When he was done, the only one who looked like they actually cared was Tsuna.

"Ehh, that sounds creepy! I really hope I never have to go there!" he said nervously, clearly horrified at the very bleak description. Looking at the clock on the wall, I closed the carton of orange juice and set back in its spot in the fridge, all the while getting a horrified look from Gokudera.

"Wha-? What the hell, you bastard! You just drank out of the carton and stuck it back in the fridge!" I gave him a look that practically screamed "DUH!", making him continue. "That's disgusting!" he yelled angrily, standing up from his seat.

I simply grinned at him. "Ushishishi…..Yeah? Well deal with it, because the prince can do what he wants!" Oh yeah, that pissed him off.

"Damn you! You are so fucking irritating! I would get my kicks to see your twisted face in complete horror one day!" he said, trying to get me angry, I suppose. Unfortunately for him, it only made the grin on my face widen.

"Ushishishi, wanna bet you will never see it?" Oh yeah, I loved this game. Get someone to make a bet with me and then smugly wipe it in their face later on. How I loved that game.

I was surprised, however, when the Bomber put on his own smile, making mine falter slightly. "Alright, you're on! Remember the place the baseball idiot mentioned a few minutes ago? I bet you won't be able to go in there and not come out completely terrified."

"Ushishishi, is that all? Alright Octopus Head, you've got a bet. And let's not forget the prizes…." My grin returned at how easy I thought this was going to be. Hell, I was secretly a psychopathic maniac for god's sake! One that killed dumbasses like him at night! Like hell a simple toy store was going to scare me, unless by "scare" he meant scare me to death because of the fucking Barbie dolls and Hess trucks that would be everywhere. Yeah, that was a laugh.

With the prizes, it was kind of an inside joke. You see, every time Smoking Bomb and I would make a bet, the prizes and consequences would always be the same, just to make sure we aren't screwed by the time the bet is finished. If I won, he would have to be my slave for a week, doing whatever I ask of him. Hell, one time I had a guest over and I made him hit on the poor peasant! Damn, that was funny! Anyway, if I lost, which was rare, I would have to be his target for a week. Let's just say every time that happens, I end up having first degree burns on my body because of his goddamn bombs.

"Ha, you bet." He said, before looking at the clock and then turning back to me. "You have to do it today. In fact, you have to buy something from the store to get credit." As he explained, the grin he had earlier never faltered. Meanwhile, Tsuna and the baseball dumbass were sweatdropping left and right.

"Ushishishi, fine. I'll go right now! The prince will prove you wrong once more!" I said triumphantly as I turned away from the three, heading back to my room to get dressed. Ushishishi! This was going to be too easy!

As I went up the staircase, I could faintly hear the trio talking back in the kitchen. "You better have been fucking right about that place being scary! Stupid baseball idiot…" I smiled as I heard him add that last part. They just couldn't get along.

I closed my bedroom door behind me and headed straight for my dark red dresser. Scouring through the drawers, I found what I was going to wear. It was a shirt much like my nighttime one, only it was purple and black, and some plain black jeans. I slipped them on easily, throwing my previously worn garments on my unmade bed. Just because I was prince didn't mean I was tidy.

I walked into my single bathroom, which had all necessities; a walk-in shower, a separate bathtub, a larger countertop with two sinks that had a very large mirror hanging above, and for good measure, a walk-in closet to the right of the shower*. Ok, maybe it wasn't all necessary, but it made me feel good to know it was there in case it was.

I didn't really need to do anything with my hair, just curl it a bit more in the front so it curved more over my eyes, and maybe flatten the top slightly. I picked up the custom made crown from the container I had bought for it, and yes this was also necessary, as my crown is probably the most important possession I own! I carefully placed it so on my head, looking over myself carefully before walking out and heading towards the door again. As I passed my other closet, the one I keep clothes in, I grabbed a jacket. It wasn't cold, but it was chilly, as fall was present. The jacket was black and cream colored, going about to my knees. The hood was lined in white fur. Don't ask where I got it. I got it as a birthday present. That's it.

I grabbed my keys and wallet, and after closing the door I practically skipped down the stairs. Don't be fooled, I wasn't excited about going to a toy store, I was excited because I knew I could win this bet, and no, not because my eyes were covered! I didn't pass anyone as I made my way through the large common room before bolting out the door, making sure to slam the door shut for good measure, and maybe to wake up anyone who wasn't up yet. I hopped into my car, a red mustang, immediately wanting to get this over with. I put it in gear and sped off of the Campus grounds as loud as possible and made my way not even a mile across the road.

"Ushishishi, that was easy." I said happily to myself as I jumped out the car, making sure to lock I as I looked the store up and down. It had been fairly easy to get into town, considering nobody was really up yet, unless of course you're in college and have nothing better to do with your time here in the city of Namimori. It was slightly windy and there were dead leaves everywhere because of the fall. Anyway, back to the store. I didn't see what was so special about it. Although it was kind of creepy on the outside, with its black covered window and badly-hung sign, as well as the cracking cement that it was made out of, weeds growing out of the cracks. Damn, wasn't this place supposed to be new? I looked up at the name of the store: The Doll House. Ok, maybe it was a little creepy. A grin grew on my face. "Ushishi, too easy!"

I opened the door slowly, making it conduct a high screechy sound as it was opened, obviously from lack of use. I stepped inside awkwardly, and without doing anything else, I looked around at the sight that beheld me.

If the term "gothic lollita" was ever made into a store, this would be what it looked like. Everywhere you looked, black and gray littered the area. Not only that, but the place was small as hell! I figured more than half of the building must be the fucking supply room! Anyhow, The walls were black and had paintings of black roses and shit on them, while the floor was just plain black carpet, but it was soft and fluffy like a shag rug. Lining the walls were shelves, as well as a single shelving unit in the middle of the whole store. There were frilly black and gray props everywhere, making me think that this place may have very well been lollita heaven. Back to the shelves, of course, they were black, but I was drawn more to what was on the shelves.

Dolls. Everywhere.

Although the baseball dumbass was wrong about it being a toy store, the way the dolls sat there and looked so lifelike was kinda scary. Each one was probably about two feet tall, and damn if they were taller, I would have thought they were real people! Each one was different, and wore something different, which made me wonder how much time and effort were put into making them.

But the awesome part was that I wasn't in the least bit terrified. Ushishishi, take that Bomb fucker! I walked up to a small countertop, you know, the ones that are usually in stores where you check-out and shit. On the countertop, there was a bell, so well, I hit it, only I did so a little bit harder than what was necessary. Almost immediately, a figure seemed to pop up out of the floor behind the counter, making me draw my deformed knives defensively. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention those. I have my own custom-made knives with wires attached to them, it makes killing a lot more entertaining to watch. I usually just hide them in my shirt, so no one knows they're there. I relaxed only slightly as I looked at the smaller form.

"Ushishishi…better not try that again, kid. I might just rip out and eyeball." I said to the small boy in front of me. Well, I think it was a boy. He looked to be about fourteen years old. He had some weird magician cosplay going on because he wore old clothing with a cape and something that looked like a witch's hat on his head, which had a cream-colored sash wrapped around it. His hair was a bit ruffled and was a orange-ish color. His eyes were big and looked very weird, as I swear I saw stars in them.

"Hello, and welcome. My name is Ginger Bread, and don't ask why, it just is. I am the owner of this fine store. Now, what can I help you with?" the small boy introduced himself, completely ignoring my threat. So he owned this store? Damn.

"Ushishishi, yes. The prince wishes to buy one of these…uh…doll things." I said a little awkwardly. Although I really didn't want one, I had to get one to win this damn bet.

The boy simply smiled. "I see. Well, take a look around, and once you find one you want, just bring it up." He explained, leaning against the counter with his hand resting on his hand lazily.

I said nothing, just turned around and started looking at the weird, lifelike dolls. It was now that I noticed that on one side of the store were all female dolls, while the right looked to be all male dolls. In the small shelving unit in the middle, there was a mixture, and a big sign was overhead that read, "Gone Soon" and had a date, probably the day they were, well, gone. I immediately went to the females' side, looking carefully at all of them. There was one that had long blue hair and a weird red marking on its face, but I couldn't see its eyes because they were closed. It wore a tan cape that covered everything but her head, which had the same red marking at the bottom. Another one had a black top and bottom, with space in the middle so you could see her stomach. She had green hair that was short and then had a long ponytail, and a big white hat with a weird marking on it that came with a matching cape. Her eyes were open and I could clearly see they were big and black, and next to her left eye was a strange small orange marking that matched the one on the hat and cape. Sadly, it didn't do anything for me. I looked through the others, but those weren't very appealing to me either.

Well, damn. I glanced over at the boys' side. I wasn't gay, but I'm not afraid to admit that I was indeed bisexual. But hell, it didn't look like there were many good one's over there either. Oh well. I walked over to the other side and looked at the male dolls. I saw one that had a black and purple jumpsuit-like outfit on. It had black hair that didn't even go to its shoulders and angry, pointy eyes. Another one I saw had purple hair that was little bit messy. It had a chain piercing that went across its face and I noticed it was dressed in a full motocross gear, well except the helmet. It also wore purple make-up. Ugh, nothing good over hear either.

I sighed as I turned my attention to the lone shelf in the middle of the room, the one with the dolls that were probably going to be totally smashed soon. Walking up to it, I went in a circle around it. I didn't even take two steps before stopping, my grin making its way onto my face. I found the one I wanted.

It was probably the most beautiful thing I had ever set my covered eyes on. The doll had teal-colored hair with the same color eyes. They were completely emotionless and underneath each was a black marking, which reminded me a lot of…..never mind. Its skin was smooth to the touch (and kind of soft, now that I think about it) and just slightly paler than normal. What it was wearing confused me a bit, however. Its outfit was what looked like a maid's uniform. It was white and frilly, going about to the doll's knees, which were covered probably up to the thighs in white stockings with black doll shoes. On the doll's head was a small hair band that was just as white and frilly as the dress.

I turned to look at the store owner named Ginger bread or whatever, who was looking boredly at me. "Ushishishi, what gender is this little thing." I asked, motioning to the 'thing'.

He didn't bat an eye as he answered. "It's male. Nobody was buying it in its original clothing, so I changed it to something that might be more appealing to the eye."

My grin grew wider as I turned to the little doll, who still stared straight ahead, completely void of emotions. I carefully put my hands around its waist, picking it up gently as to not damage it in any way. Now that I think about it, this was probably the first time I had been so gentle with something, or someone. I carried it slowly over to the check-out counter, gently setting down in a sitting position before looking up at Ginger Bread, who just smiled and rang it up. I quickly paid for the doll, which was quite expensive for something that had been on the list for breaking, but I shrugged it off. The limp figure was placed into a black box, one that reminded me of the one's they put the teddy bear's in at that Build-A-Bear Workshop place at the mall down the street.

"Come again." Ginger Bread waved as I made toward the door, not bothering to say anything back as I carried the precious parcel out of the creepy store.

As I sat in the car, I counted up the positives of this situation. Not only did I just win a bet, but I bought something that I would actually enjoy! Ushishishi, it's a win-win situation! I started up the engine and headed through the now crowded streets back to the dorm.

"WHAT? UGH, GODDAMNIT!" a certain bomb user yelled, grabbing his hair in frustration.

"Ushishishi, sucks to be you, peasant." I gloated as I held up the box with my prize inside. The three of us, that is, Gokudera, Tsuna, and I, were standing right inside the door to the dorm. As I had walked in, happy as a fucking butterfly, that had been making their way out to go to class. The octopus head just mumbled something angrily before quickly turning to Tsuna, who stood nearby.

"I-I'm sorry, Judaime! I have disgraced you once more as your right hand man!" He practically sobbed to the nervous college student. Because Tsuna was the son of the headmaster of the college, he was well respected, but nobody respects him more than Gokudera. He started calling Tsuna 'judaime', or 'tenth', when he thought it was fate the tenth time he bumped into Tsuna randomly on the campus. From then on, he thought he was destined to be with Tsuna forever as his best friend and right hand man.

"Uh…it's alright, Gokudera-kun. I'm not upset." Tsuna tried to reassure the practically sobbing male. After a few moments of self-mutilation of the mind, the "right hand man" stood up and turned back to me, beginning to open his mouth before I interrupted him.

"Ushishishi, it's fine peasant. This time the prince will let you off the hook, since he's in a good mood." I said, the already-placed grin on my face widening slightly.

The duo simply looked at me like I was crazy, which I was.

"So, you're not going to make him your slave for the week?" Tsuna asked, slightly astonished. I nodded. "Oh, well that's good!" He let out a sigh of relief.

"Tch, I bet later on you'll regret this! Or even worse, hold it against me!" Gokudera spat at me.

"Ushishishi, not in the slightest. The prince simply got a new play thing, and wishes to test it out." I said as if it were obvious.

The two of them said nothing before Tsuna piped up. "So…can we see what you got?" he asked hopefully. I turned away from them and started up the staircase, cocking my head back to look at them through by bangs, my grin growing before replying,

"Ushishishi. No."

I practically skipped into my room and slammed the door shut, making sure to lock it. I took off the jacket and threw it across the chair to my desk, which was near the door, on my way to my bed. Sitting on the still-messy comforter, I slowly and dramatically opened the black box. Inside was, of course, the doll I had bought, and I slowly lifted the two foot tall, five-pound beauty out. I laid it down on the bed like it was an injured person, its teal eyes never moving, and head resting safely against a firm pillow. I got up to set the box outside the door, forgetting I locked the door and accidently ripped, yes I said ripped, the handle off the door. Huh, guess I pulled to hard. But damn, I knew the doorknobs were cheap, but not that cheap!

I swore under my breath as I threw the box out into the hall, but before I could turn back into my room, I saw a black card fall out of the box. Intrigued, I walked over and picked it up. It was indeed black and had some kind of riddle on it, which was surrounded by swirly black lines. It immediately reminded me of the card in the horror movie The Gravedancers. Oh well. I stood in the hallway, looking at the card through my bangs. Without thinking, I started reading the poem out loud:

"Listen. Listen.

Can you hear?

The sounds we make,

Our eyes that fear.

Gasp in shock

At what you see.

Come on. Come all.

Praise with thee.

Please. Oh please.

Wake me up.

The clock is ticking!

Tick tock. Tick tock.

I wish to laugh;

I wish to cry;

I want to live;

I want to die.

So won't you let me

Come with you?

So I can be me again,

For honest and for true.

I stared at the card for about a minute and thirty seconds before shrugging and sticking it back in the box. It was a nice poem, but what was I going to do with it? As I turned back into my room, I picked up the doorknob, which I had dropped originally, and lazily lumbered back into my room, looking back to close the door, which now had a hole where the knob was. I sighed as I looked back at my bed.

I dropped the doorknob, completely ignoring the thumping noise it made against the carpet. My mouth was slightly open in shock as I stared at my new doll that was on my bed.

That was sitting up. And talking.

"Damn, and here I thought that I may wake up to find a cute girl waiting for me, but all I got was a fake prince." It sighed in a voice that was devoid of emotion and was slightly high-pitched.

I stood dumbfounded, my mouth still agape in shock as I tried to process what was going on. The now-talking doll looked at me, its face completely expressionless, but I figured it thought me stupid when I was just standing there.

"Anyway, the name is Fran. You are now bound to me by a contract until my wish is successfully fulfilled."

*Lol I used my grandmother's bathroom as a model xD

Me: Phew that was tiring .

Bel: Why do I have a satanic, transvestite chucky doll on my royal bed?


Me: Well, I think you look cute in a dress, cute enough to even get Bel interested :D

Bel: ...excuse me?

Fran: ...

Me: ...

Bel: ...

Fran: ...I'M IN A DRESS!