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Fran POV

When I woke up the next morning I felt unnaturally…happy. And no, not the giggly-goofy happy. Just….happy. In a good mood, I should say. I squirmed in the large bed I had been sleeping in, moving to find the warmth that I had fell asleep against the night before. Not finding it in the bed, my eyes shot open and I threw the covers off of me, instantly starting to check my body for deformities, and it was now that I realized that I had nothing on but a shirt, which covered up my body loosely.

I felt my head, my arms, and my legs. Ok good, everything was there. That meant that sempai was still somewhere within fifty feet of me. As I swung my legs over the side of the bed lazily and yawned, my guess was confirmed as the door to the bathroom swung open.

It slammed open with a big enough force for me to think that someone may have been starving to death inside and they were just able to finish picking the lock. It scared the shit out of me, I won't lie, and I jumped at the sound.

Although it nearly gave me a heart attack, which was technically impossible for me, I sighed with relief on the inside at the sight of Bel-sempai standing in the doorway, fully dressed.

A smile was quickly drawn on his face at the sight of me. "Ushishishi, sorry for scaring you, Froggy. Didn't know you were so jumpy, although I should have since you're a frog."

I looked at my sempai blankly, making sure to mask my annoyance. "You didn't scare me, sempai." I lied. Although I could tell that he obviously saw through it. "And I'm not a frog."

"Wait!" The other shouted, catching me off guard. "Before you say anything else, Froggy." I watched as Bel-sempai walked over to the dresser and threw the large black mass of a hat at me. I caught it and sighed as I placed it on my head.

"Do I really have to wear this all the time?" I asked, although I already knew the answer. This psychotic human just didn't know when to give up!

"Ushishi, yes. You will wear it until you die or unless I say so." He snickered, which made me let out another sigh.

I let the subject drop as my eyes trailed southward to the floor, which made me remember a very important fact: I didn't have any pants on.

I heard Bel-sempai snicker again behind me, making my face flush a little as I got up and stomped over to the dresser, next to where he was still standing. I didn't spare the pervert-sempai a glance as I reached into the top drawer and took out a pair of his boxers, which brought up another thing. When the hell was he going to go get me my own clothes? It hasn't even been forty-eight hours and I'm already tired of wearing his shit! I don't care how stylish it is!

It seemed like nothing had changed between the two of us even after what we had done last night. I had already dismissed it as Bel-sempai's way of letting off some of the hormones that human's apparently carry, although I still doubted its real meaning. I had to admit, however, I was still confused on what I had felt the night before. Of course, and thank whatever god is out there, M.M never even mentioned those kinds of feelings to me, although I am kind of glad she didn't, or it wouldn't have been much of a learning experience.

"Anyway, why are you up so early, sempai?" I asked as I stretched, feeling my makeshift body feel not as tight in the process.

"Study group." He answered. I immediately had an aching feeling.

"Am I going?"


"What?" I yelled. It caught both of us off guard, but I quickly calmed back down. "Why can't I go?" It wasn't like I wanted to be with Bel-sempai all the time, it was just that I didn't want to be stuck alone in a dusty, awkward room. As you can imagine, I spent a lot of my time in such a place.

Bel-sempai didn't answer right away, probably still in minor shock, but of course he got over it quickly and smiled. "Ushishi, don't worry, Froggy. I'll just be downstairs with the peasants. You stay in here."

As he grabbed his bag and headed for the door, I felt a breaking feeling in my chest. I didn't want him to go. Although I this point I couldn't tell if it was because I thought he might go outside the fifty-foot range, I hated being alone, or just because I liked his company. I prayed that it was the first choice or second choice.

"I don't care what you do, just stay here and entertain yourself. I'll be back in two hours." That was the last thing sempai said before he exited, shutting the door behind him.

I stood there, clad in only a pair of red boxers and a loose, gray shirt. I was already bored out of my mind, but at least I wasn't as bored as I used to be with M.M, when she would take me on all her shopping sprees because she had too whether she liked it or not. I shivered at the thought of the mortal hell I had to go through with that woman.

I plopped myself onto the bed, grabbing the remote for the flat-screened television that hung on the wall. I stretched out and leaned against the pillows that lay on the back frame of the bed, flipping through the few hundred channels that were available. It took me about ten minutes to get through all of them, all of which had nothing good to watch. Damn daytime television and everything it was worth.

I turned the useless entertainment off and looked around for something else to do. I didn't really feel like going through his stuff, I can just do that later on. I grumbled loudly as I looked towards the door. I could feel that Bel-sempai was still in the building, probably downstairs with his other dorm mates….

Ok, this was bullshit. I needed to do something! I jumped off the bed and ran to the door, sticking my hand in the hole where the doorknob used to be. I pulled on it, but it wouldn't budge. Huh, that was strange. I leaned down, looking through the hole now, and saw what the problem was.

About five of sempai's weird, prissy knives were stuck all the way into the wooden handrail that was outside the door. If you were to look over the handrail, you could look down onto the first floor. Sempai had used the strings that were attached to the knives to hold the door closed by wrapping the string around the railing and then digging the knives into the wood.

I leaned back up. My face was emotionless, but inside I was cursing every fiber of Bel-sempai's being. Did he seriously want me to be locked up in this room for two hours? Well, sadly for him, he had another thing coming.

I slid the small, black, cushioned box over from next to the door so it was right in front of it. For good measure and precaution, I stacked some books that I found on Bel-sempai's desk on top as well. Then, showing amazing skill of balance, I stood on top of the stack and said my ritual-thingy. I felt my body shrink until I was no bigger than your average pencil.

And, because I am super amazing and smart, I was now high enough to reach the hole where the doorknob used to be. I climbed through carefully, making sure not to get stuck in the small space, although I was pretty slim already, so that wasn't much of a problem.

Unfortunately, I forgot that the other side of the door didn't have any support for me to land on, so I was surprised when I fell two feet or so to the floor, landing on my back.

I groaned in pain on the floor for like 5 minutes, cursing everything on the planet in my head. Goddamnit that hurt! Finally, I gathered myself up and decided to get a move on. I'll tell you this now, it isn't easy being small.

I ran over to the wooden handrail and looked through the panels that they were decorated with. I could clearly see downstairs, and I could actually hear some people talking, but it sounded more like mumbles to me on the second floor. I would know what they were saying soon enough, because there was no way in hell I was just going to stay here.

I walked calmly over to the stairs, as if the thought of someone seeing me was perfectly natural. I looked at the stairs. Damn, this was going to feel like I was base-jumping!

Slowly, I turned my body around and slowly slid down the first step. Ugh, at this rate, by the time I get to the bottom, sempai will have been done! I looked downward at the rest of the stairs, then around me to see if there was something I could use to get down quicker. I looked up the handrail and saw something that could be useful.

Apparently, some lazy slob had left their towel (conveniently) on the handrail. As I tried jumping to grab at it, I stopped for a moment to think. Where had that towel been? Do I really think it could help me? I shivered at the first question and the many possibilities of the answer, but got over myself and continued jumping. This was no time to act like a scared little girl.

Finally, I got a decent hold of it and used the great force of gravity to pull it down. It landed on top of me, smothering me in a mess of blue and green. As I tried to find my way out of the mini maze under the towel, I, being the genius that I was, didn't notice that I was heading in the direction of the handrail.

I realized this a little bit too late as I came out from under the towel….and into thin air. A little squeak was all that was able to come out of my mouth before I was falling god knows how far.



"No! I told you three times already, and there is no way you're going to change my mind!" I yelled angrily at an equally-fuming Gokudera across the table from me.

"Well, I'm telling you! You're wrong!" The stupid octopus-head yelled back, looking like he was about to throw down bombs on the spot, not like I cared.

Along with the two of us, there were five others in the room. The scaredy-cat and baseball retard were sitting on one side of the rectangular table while two girls named Kyoko and Haru sat on the other side. The dumbass I was talking to sat on one end and I sat on the other.

Kyoko and Haru were best friends and were almost always seen together. The two of them seemed to have an attachment to Tsuna, but I had no idea on Earth why. I guessed that their philosophy was that girls always stick together.

"Um…" Tsuna started awkwardly as the retard across the table and I glared at each other, "Guys, I don't think-"

"Shut up!" I yelled at him angrily, immediately making the small teenager cower beside Yamamoto, who sighed. I really didn't like it when someone tried to stop an important point that I was trying to make, especially if it was someone who wasn't even in the conversation.

"Hey! Don't yell at Judaime!" Gokudera then had a smile on his face. "Just because you're wrong about something doesn't mean you have to take it out on others!"

Ok, I was getting seriously pissed. I, the prince, was always right! I got a freakishly large smile on my face as I made a comeback. "Well, maybe the answer would be more clear if you weren't getting fucked by the baseball freak every night."

Oh yeah, that hit a nerve. "WHAT?" My plan worked as Gokudera looked like he was about to have a heart attack. Yamamoto didn't say anything, probably because he was afraid to be blown up and sweat-dropped nervously. Kyoko and Haru were trying to hold in both their shock and giggles.

"Ugh, that's it!" Gokudera stood up, making me also stand up just in case he wanted to go at it. Of course, I would win anyway. I growled at him as he practically screamed at me. "I'm telling you for the last time you psychotic freak! LELOUCH IS MORE INSANE THAN KIRA!"

How we had gotten on the conversation of who was more insane, I have no idea. The study group was going fine, and then the octopus-retard had to comment on something in a manga. Dumbass. Eventually, it ended up being a whole debate on who was more insane: Lelouch from Code Geass or Kira from Death Note.

Haru popped up, wanting to leave the room in just case there was bloodshed. "Ha-hi! I-I'm going to go get something to drink for everyone!" And with that, the smart bitch was out of the room.

Gokudera and I continued our mini staring contest, leaving a threatening aura in the air and lightning practically shot between our eyes. Tsuna sighed. We were never going to get to finish studying at this rate. He was about to speak up and try to break the tension, but he was stopped when a high-pitched scream was heard.


All heads whipped around toward the hallway that led into the small kitchen. They was more yelling and we could hear things getting thrown around.

"Haru!" Kyoko yelled out her best friend's name and stood up to run in the direction the chaos was. All of us follow suit, although I was a bit slower. It wasn't like I didn't care for the Haru chick, it was just that I didn't really care as much. It was probably just a rat or something. I'll care a bit more when something like a flying shark came into the dorm, tell me that shit and I might be a bit more concerned.

As we ran down the hall, we found that Haru hadn't even gotten to the kitchen yet. She was screaming and flailing her arms, using nearby objects to throw at the ground. From our angle, we couldn't see what it was, but she could at least stop that retched screaming of hers! It was when Haru grabbed a vase off of a nearby table and threw it at the ground that Kyoko and Gokudera finally decided to help her out.

"Haru! Haru! Calm down!" Kyoko tried to calm her terrified friend, and it seemed to work, because no later had she said Haru had calmed down and was left breathing heavily.

Gokudera sighed as he let go of her. With all her flailing, he had to hold her together if they all wanted to get out of here without being smacked. "Damn, did you have to freak out so badly? What happen?" he asked, turning serious for a moment.

"Was it a burglar?" Tsuna asked, walking up to her in concern. The girl almost instantly cheered up.

Haru shook her head. "No, it wasn't a burglar." Everyone but me let out a sigh of relief. "You see, I was headed towards the kitchen, but then in this hallway something fell on my head! It was small and moved a lot, so I freaked out." As she explained, she sounded apologetic.

I sighed. Why did I hang out with a bunch of idiots all the time? And their seemed to be a lot in this goddamn dorm. "Well, how about we find out what the hell it was." I suggested, walking over to where the broken vase was, everyone standing close behind me. I leaned down and looked at the mess. There was water and glass everywhere, mostly big chunks of it though, so it wasn't like it would be anything huge to clean up.

Yamamoto came around the other side of the mess, making sure to stand clear of any glass, and squatted down on the other side to start looking through the shattered pieces. He moved pieces around while Gokudera came forward next to me and bent down, also picking through the mess.

"Huh? What's this?" Everyone turned to look at Yamamoto, and I nearly face-palmed at what was in his hand. Limp as a rag doll was the stupid frog, although I could tell he was injured by the small amount of red that was littered on his body. I could tell by the look on his face that he was not happy, and was trying his best to stay still despite his injuries.

"What is it?" Haru practically screamed, but was hushed by Kyoko. Gokudera got up and went around the glass and picked the frog's limp figure up from Yamamoto's hand. I held my breath as he moved the form around.

"It looks like some kind of human beanie doll." I stiffened as the stupid octopus flipped Fran around, making me silently curse him for his stupidity. Then, a noise.

"Ah!" Gokudera dropped the coughing figure, but before he hit the floor, I hopped forward and caught the limp doll in my hand. "Did you hear that! It coughed!" he yelled as I stood back up with the Froggy in my hand.

Everybody looked towards me as the small doll in my hand moved, sitting upright and looked up at me with emotionless eyes. I glared down at the small Froggy through my bangs as I felt everyone's wondering gaze on me.

"Congratulations, stupid frog. You have officially landed us in fuck-ville."

Normal POV

There was an awkward silence among the college students as the sound of paper being ripped was heard. While Bel had been trying to explain the situation without creating confusion, Kyoko was busy patching up a full-sized Fran. He wasn't seriously injured, just bruised and scratched in some places. The mess that was made in the hall was being cleaned up by one of the maids that worked in the dorms, and everyone tried to play off that they didn't know what happened.

Bel had finished and the conversation now led to this. Nothing. There was a heavy and awkward feeling in the air, and everyone but Fran was sitting frightfully still. Fran looked between Bel and the others. He sighed as he broke the silence.

"Well? Are we going to sit here all day staring at the floor counting bugs waiting for you all to talk, or can we actually make a conversation?" he said, slight annoyance in his voice. He didn't really fancy sitting in silence the rest of the day.

Tsuna clearly jumped at the sound of Fran talking. He wasn't exactly….thrilled to know that this random, girly-looking male that Bel had brought into the dorm wasn't exactly human. "Uh…yeah, I agree.…how long are you guys supposed to be together again?"

"Until he gets what he wants." Bel said, keeping it simple for everyone. No need for an elaborate explanation, right?

"And just how long will that take?" Gokudera asked loudly as the sound of Kyoko closing the first aid kit was heard. Bel grumbled something and Fran just shrugged. Gokudera stood up quickly, anger and annoyance sketched clearly on his face. "Then stop sitting on your ass and hurry up and work on it! Besides, we don't need to hear the sounds of you two fucking each other's brains out more than we need to."

Fran turned red and looked away while Bel had a deadly smile twitching on his face. " what you-"

"Geez Gokudera, what's the rush? I don't mind him staying." Yamamoto smiled at Fran, hoping to diminish the hateful atmosphere. Fran just blinked back with a bored expression.

"We don't mind him staying either." Kyoko said, glancing at Haru for her approval, who nodded with a smile on her face. "Yeah, why not?" She agreed happily.

Clearly defeated, Gokudera just mumbled some curses before plopping back down next to Tsuna. Tsuna just put on a weak smile before turning to Fran and Bel. "I don't have a problem with it either, just so it doesn't make a dent in our expenses every month."

Bel smiled, giving Tsuna the chills. "Ushishi, no need to worry about that. Froggy here doesn't need the necessities of life. We could lock him in the closet for a year and when we opened it he would still be alive. Maybe a little bit traumatized, but still alive."

Fran rolled his eyes. It was kind of ironic because he was never 'alive' to begin with. "Wow, thanks sempai. I really appreciate the loving care you have for me." He said in monotone.

"Ushishi, you're welcome."

Tsuna just smiled and looked to the clock that hung on the wall. "Ah! My class starts soon!" He turned to the rest of the group apologetically. "Sorry, everyone, I'll have to go now. Gokudera, Yamamoto, you two have to go too right?" The said people nodded their approval and rose up to follow Tsuna.

As the room said there goodbye's to the trio, Kyoko and Haru also excused themselves. "We work at the daycare down the street. Everyone says working with kids is a pain, but we think it's really fun!" They explained to Fran before taking their leave.

Fran and Bel sat quietly next to each other as everyone left the dorm. Then, Fran was hit with a surprise when he felt hands around his neck.

"You stupid, stupid creature!" Bel yelled angrily as he shook Fran like the doll he was. "You are probably the most retarded thing I have ever met!"

Fran cringed and pried Bel's hands off his vocal cords the minute he felt them even slightly loosen. "Well, sorry! I told you I was going to get bored, Stupid-sempai!"

Bel stood up, not wanting to argue anymore. "Forget it! Now that we have the rest of the day, why don't we work on your little dilemma? I would like to be rid of the curse that is your frog-like self."

"Yes, well, same here, sempai! I would like to hurry up and get on with my life, thank you very much!" Fran huffed and stood, walking towards the door of the dorm.

"Hey, we're you going?" Bel asked, following after him.

Fran looked back at his sempai. "You wanted to enter X-Down, right? Well, that is what we are going to do then." He wasn't thrilled about the whole idea, but it was the law to do what his contractor wanted.

Suddenly, Bel had a mighty happy expression on his face, although it looked more like he was about to go and kick a puppy to Fran. "Ushishi, finally! So, do we just go around and start?"

Fran wanted to burst out laughing, but he kept up his emotionless façade up as he turned back towards the door. "It doesn't work that way, sempai. You have to get accepted through the Council first."

Turning to look at Bel again, Fran saw that he had a completely blank expression. He sighed as he continued. "The Council is made up of the strongest Dolls in the world, who are like….300 years old or something like that."

Bel kept walking as he reached the door next to Fran. "Holy shit! Who knew such things could be possible. Ushishi, I sure didn't." Wow, the prince actually didn't know something. Who knew?

Fran rolled his eyes, but as he opened the door and exited the dorm to go outside and start going down the steps, he turned his head sideways to look back at his psychopathic, blond contractor, the slightest of smiles on his face. "Well, then, sempai. Let's go meet the Arcobaleno."


Fran: Hey, where did the author go?

Kyo: I killed her.

Raida: WHAT? You killed the one who writes the story?

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Fran: Kyo, I don't think-

Raida: -Cries- Kei is dead!

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