Helping Her Through

The Audition Chapter 3

Notes: Took me a while to type this up. I thank everyone for waiting for patiently. I own no rights to any Chicago or Cabaret characters

Roxie had , mixed emotions. She was excited to be cast in the Gap commercial but was anxious to find out if Sally had gotten cast also. The casting director must have called the night before when she was at Sally's house for dinner. She decided to call Sally to find out if she had heard anything.

Sally picked up on the first ring.

"Did you hear back from the casting director yet?"

"Yes. Did you?"

"Still waiting."

Roxie's heart dropped. If Sally hadn't heard back yet that meant there was a possibility she didn't get cast.

"Did you get cast?"

"Yes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you."

"I'll call you back as soon I hear something."

"Sounds good to me."

While Roxie waited on pins and needles for Sally to call her back she practiced for the read through on Monday.

Within the hour the phone rang

"So what's the report?"

"I didn't get in."

"Well there's always the next one."

"Can you come over and help me look through the paper for audition notices?"

"Sure. What time?"

"30 minutes from now."


When Roxie arrived at Sally's house the newspapers were spread out on the table.

"What kind of audition are you aiming for?" Roxie asked

"Just about anything. I need more experience." Sally answered.

The sat down together and peered through the audition notices.

They scanned down the list for what seemed like a half hour before Sally finally saw something that caught her eye.

"This role seems perfect for me."

Roxie peered over at the newspaper. The ad was looking for someone who German to play a German housewive in a play set during the war."

"This is perfect for you. You have the accent and everything. Give the casting director a call now."

Sally went to the phone and dialed.