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A month had passed since the night Casey and Olivia took their relationship one step further. After having a few Friday night drinks with the rest of the squad, they had stayed behind, engrossed in conversation. One thing had led to another and they had ended up discussing what they looked for in a relationship. It was then that they realized they wanted all the same things, and before they knew it, they were confessing their feelings for each other.

They had gone back to Olivia's apartment and spent the night cuddling, talking, kissing, and doing whatever they pleased together. It had been around four in the morning when they finally fell asleep.

Casey pulled out of her memories and glanced down at the stack of paperwork on her desk. She sighed and picked up her pen just as someone knocked on the door. "The door is open Detective," she called, recognizing Olivia Benson's signature knock. Nobody knew they were together, since their jobs forbade it. So in the hallway of the office, at the precinct, and at the courthouse, they hid their romantic relationship with a strictly professional one.

Olivia opened the door and closed it gently. Her hair was down, which was just the way Casey liked it. She was still wearing her suit from court that morning. It fit her in all the right places; Casey resisted the urge to pounce on her. "Case?" Olivia's voice sounded worried.

"Huh?" Casey blinked a few times. "Sorry babe."

"Were you daydreaming again?" Olivia asked as she folded her arms across her chest and gave Casey the look that was usually reserved for perpetrators she believed to be lying.

Casey nodded, ashamed. "I have been spacing out all day. During the trial this morning, I couldn't help but think how much I wanted you. Before you knocked on the door, I was caught up in a memory of our first night together." She moved her paperwork aside as Olivia sat down on the edge of the desk. As she gazed into the beautiful brunette's alluring chocolate brown eyes, Casey wondered yet again why Olivia wanted her, out of all of the other women in the world.

"I think about that night all the time," Olivia replied. "I also think about all of our other nights together. I think about you Case." She smiled softly and paused for a moment before continuing. "Anyway, I came here to see if I can pry a certain beautiful ADA away from her work long enough for a lunch date."

Casey pretended to be deep in thought about Olivia's offer, when in reality, she wanted to jump up and down and say yes a million times. That wouldn't be very professional or ladylike. "Sure Detective," she finally answered. "Where are we going?"

"A cute French café a few blocks from here. I know you love French food, and I have a craving for croissants right now."

"How is it that you eat so much, yet you stay so damn thin?" Casey asked as she grabbed her sweater from the sofa. She was used to the fact that Olivia had a bottomless pit for a stomach.

Olivia's reply was simple. "An hour of sex burns one hundred fifty calories. Therefore, I have you to thank for keeping me so thin." She smirked and walked out of the office.

"That, and all the weight goes to your boobs," Casey muttered before locking the door and following Olivia to her car. Traffic wasn't as bad as usual, so it only took about half the time to get to the café. They picked out a table near the window and waited to be served.

"You said this morning that you were going to make a deal with the Thomas kid. What made you change your mind?"

"The last time I saw him was at his competence hearing. He was…" Casey trailed off. "You can't fake being schizophrenic, and you especially can't be as convincing as he was. I know what it is like to deal with a schizophrenic, and it's not easy. I can't put someone like him in jail; he needs help. I'm going to offer him a deal: time served in a mental health ward in exchange for a nullified prison sentence. I have to help him Olivia," she added, more to herself than Olivia.

Olivia smiled and nodded as a server delivered a basket of croissants to the table. She took one and bit into it, sighing. "Elliot and I can't agree on-" Her phone beeped. She answered it with an apologetic shrug. "Benson." After a few moments, she said "I'll be right there," and hung up.

"You're leaving?" Casey asked in disbelief.

"I have to. I'm sorry."

"I love you," Casey murmured as Olivia walked out. What the hell could be so important?