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As Olivia left Casey's small apartment, she felt horrible for what she had done, but something in Casey's eyes replayed that horrible accusation. 'How could you let this happen?'. Olivia hadn't ever fathomed that Elliot could ever be capable of such a horrendous act. He was always so adamant about getting the victims and their families the justice they deserved. She had always looked up to him, and she had always loved his work, but now? Now she knew that she had looked up to a monster, a man capable of hurting an innocent child who had yet to know the world. How could they not blame her? Tonight she needed something a bit stronger than beer..

She had always promised herself that she'd never be her mother, but tonight she drank herself into a numb stupor. She had fallen asleep in her work clothes, a bottle in her hand. It was almost poetic, but her wish to chase off the images became a meaningless attempt since they only worsened in her dreams.(A/N: Shift to Olivia's POV for dream sequence.)

Casey was with me, and they were so incredibly happy. They were walking hand in hand down an old country road a smile on our faces, things were just how they were supposed to be. Casey was wearing a simple white sun dress that fit her beautiful form just right. The cut allowed me to see the peaking cleavage, and there were no sleeves. She was beautiful, beautiful enough to leave you breathless.

The sky was darkening, a beautiful summer rain to end this beautiful summer day, but the rain brought a dark figure with glazed green eyes. She held a scalpel in one hand, and her walked was askew because of her broken ankles. She was naked, and her opened up in the Y incision. One problem was, her heart was still beating, and her porcelain doll face held a look of utter contempt.

"How could you!" She screamed, her voice was laced with horror, and disgust. Casey just stared at me opened mouth as if I truly had done the act.

"I didn't, I swear... It wasn't me!" I cried helplessly as I saw the girl turn to Casey.

"Save me... She might as well have. She let him! Please help me." She held out her creamy hand, and Casey dropped mine. She was taking the side of the poor sad little girl, and truthfully I would have to. They were right, I was a monster for trusting a monster...

Olivia woke up with a start, her face was sweaty and tears burned in her eyes. Casey wouldn't understand, she could never feel what Olivia was feeling. With that thought Olivia threw the bottle at the door smashing the glass with a bone shattering bang.

"I hate you! You're a monster!" She screamed, but she couldn't decide wether it was directed at herself, or Elliot. Really, did it matter? He was her partner, her friend, and, once upon a time, her idol. She might as well have been there when he did it because no matter what the outcome would have been the same. She should have seen the signs... Him slipping at work, losing any interest in chatter, no smiling, and his distant cold look. She had passed it off as stress, and now she was beginning to wonder if Elliot had lost it after all his work in the field. Did that mean she could lose it? Or was Elliot always like this? Was this girl first? Olivia had some questions to answer... But first she had to deal with her awful hangover. She had already forgotten Casey's broken heart... It didn't even go through her mind to fix that.


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