Chapter 6: The plan.

Davis, Kari, Cody and Joe, all waited for Ken and the others to return. When only Ken and Stingmon arrived, there were the expected confused glances. Kari was the first to speak up. "Ken what's going on? Where are Yolei and Matt?"

Ken, looking white as a ghost, was a bit shocked by the question. "What? You mean Matt isn't here? I thought he had found the digivice and came back."

Davis approached with a hint of concern in his voice. "No, we've been waiting for you guys since you left. He never showed. Ken, are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost."

Ken was stricken by the revelation of Matt's disappearance. "Oh, no. I...We can't worry about that now, I'm sure he'll be fine. Right now, we've got bigger problems."

Kari could sense the fear in Ken's voice. "What happened up there?"

Ken looked to the ground. The shame he felt, because in his mind, it was all his fault. "I found what attacked T.K. Kimeramon is alive and out for some sort of retribution."

The group reaction was what one might expect. A mix of fear and astonishment. Cody spoke up first. "I don't understand. We all saw him get wiped out by Magnamon's attack."

Ken shook his head. "Well, he survived, or was revived in the primary village, either way he's still a menace. Guys...He took Yolei."

The others were hit hard by this. Davis voiced his two cents first. "Why that no good slime ball!"

Veemon joined in the outrage. "Yeah, when I see that patch-work palooka again, I'll give him a V-punch right in the eye." Now everyone knew that Kimeramon would just crush the little reptile in this scenario, but Gatomon just reassured him for being braved.

Kari seemed determined. "So what's the plan for getting her back?"

Ken was crushed by it, but he knew the reality. "I see only one safe option. We have to give Kimeramon what he wants."

Everyone was confused, but figured Ken knew what he was doing, so Davis asked. "Okay, so what does he want?"

Kimeramon flew over the edge of the mountain range and into the dark Forest. He weave in and out of the trees, then made a sharp turn. He followed a river down to the sea, there he followed the shore-line. The titanic digimon spotted a machine looking digimon, who his data infused mind recognized as Andromon. Rather than remove the witness, he decided to use the opportunity to lose the dead weight.

Andromon was a bit surprised by the sound of thunder as the shape landed behind him, but nothing could prepare him for the sight. He stepped back and readied a defense. "Target identified; Kimeramon, high threat level, equally high notoriety!"

Cameraman didn't speak. He simply lifted his Kuwaga claw and dropped an unconscious Matt and Gabumon before the machine. When Andromon looked down at them, the massive digimon lifted off into the air. He soared back into the forest, while watching the girl, still out-cold in his hand. He flew for about an hour, then he found it, Myotismon's castle. Since the dark one's first trip into the human world, the entire place became abandoned, leaving it a sanctuary for any looking for a place to loot, smash, or take shelter from the elements. Kimeramon had fashioned a neat little lair for himself in the old Devidramon pits. A nice fire place, a book shelf with all the literature he collected, and a bed he had made of straw, leaves, and old mattresses he found at a trash sight.

For his purposes, he brought a cage down from the torture chamber. He set it in the corner of his lair and placed Yolei in their. He watched her lay still, her breathing stable, and then she stirred ever so slightly. He tapped on the cage door. "Wake now, human."

Yolei heard the command and opened eyes slowly, hoping that it was all just a nightmare. When she sat up and saw Kimeramon, she screamed. "Aaaaaahhhhh! Get away from me you monster!"

The colossal digimon was insulted. "Calm yourself. You are safe,... for now."

The frightened digidestined cringed. "I don't believe you. Where's Ken? Why did you take me?"

Kimeramon stood over the cage and bellowed. "You are here as collateral. As for Ichijougi, He is busy with the terms of your release."

Yolei was confused. "Wh-what do you mean? What do you want from Ken?"

The beast knelt down to eye level. "Simple. In exchange for your safe return, Ichijougi has agreed to create me a bride."

The poor digidestined was taken aback. "A bride?"

Kimeramon nodded. "Yes, if he succeeds in doing this task, then you go free and I threaten you and yours no longer. However, if he fails me."

Yolei simply nodded. She didn't want to hear the rest. Kimeramon left her to her imprisonment and got to his reading. He tossed some more wood on the flame. Oddly enough these small moments of dull activity were a blessing to him. Every other moment is filled with hatred and attack.

The gang was perplexed by Ken's was the first to question. "He wants you to make him a bride?"

Ken nodded. "I know it's bizarre, but he feels it's the only way to fix what's been done."

Davis shrugged. "I don't see why we have to worry ourselves with the guys love life. I say, we beat him down like before. Let's see How he likes a taste of Imperialdramon power."

Kari corrected him. "Davis, we don't even know where they are. Besides, from what Ken's told us, Kimera mon's gotten craftier. For all we know he could just be waiting to smash Yolei at a moments notice.

Ken went pale. "Let's try and focus on the positive for now, okay? I know I can do this again if I try."

Cody didn't want to hear this. "Ken, you've come so far from being the digimon emperor. If you do this and toy with the digital world's way of life, then you're back to square one."

Ken knew Cody was right. "Even so, I think we can all agree that Yolei's worth it if I do."

They thought for a moment, then nodded. their goal was clear. A new experiment was to take place, but where to begin.