Unwilling Students

Summary: Yugioh/HP crossover.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh, HP, or any WOW references made.

AN: This is my first attempt at writing a story ever. So please be gentle. I had an idea and wanted to try it out. I guess I have read way too many stories on Fan Fiction for way too many years to not try this at least once.

/Conversation mentally between only two people/

[Conversation between mages mentally to all within proximity]

**Speaking in Egyptian**

This story takes place after the memory arc based pretty much on the cartoon not the manga. Yugi has just defeated Atem in the duel. The whole gang begged Atem to stay even Seto. Isis passed out the Millennium Items to be guarded once again as follows:

Marik-eye (hung on a gold chain)

The teens are between 17-18 years of age (Mokuba 12) and anyone who is directly connected to Ancient Egypt during Atem's rule is capable of wielding shadow magic.

Mana and Kisara have been freed from their respective stone tablets, excavated by a crew of Pegasus', and are spending the summer in Egypt with the boys and the Ishtars.

The Egyptian Gods grant Atem a semi-mortal body as a reward for fulfilling his destiny and is free to enter the afterlife with the Millennium Items as the key at any time. Until then he is still connected to Yugi like they were previously. They feel what the other does but he is no longer trapped in the puzzle.

Bakura is not yet free of the ring and cannot go to the after-life until he redeems himself in the Gods eyes. He is also the brother of Kisara for this story.

Cairo, Egypt
After Atem decided to stay in this world the teens decided to stay in Egypt and learn more about their shadow magic and past lives. Seto, Bakura (now free from Zorc's control), and Atem began getting all their memories back as the days went by. Bakura was unable to separate from the ring though he could now take a solid form for short periods of time. He and Ryou's journey had not ended yet. Bakura vowed to atone for his sins though he is still a bit bloodthirsty. The teens all became very close, practically inseparable. Seto began to tone down a bit well at least to his friends and family, outsiders were a whole other story. Seto also renewed his love for Kisara and they were currently dating soon to be engaged after his senior year of school ended. Bakura grudgingly accepted the high priest as his sister's soul mate. Atem and Mana had been best friends which had blossomed into love, now they were renewing their love as well. Isis also gave Atem the engagement ring that was meant to be given to Mana 5,000 years ago. Pegasus contacted Atem and Yugi once he learned that Atem was staying in this world and offered them a partnership with Industrial Illusions. They agreed to it once they graduated from high school. Tèa went to New York for the summer to find and apartment and look at dance schools. Yugi missed her presence greatly. Joey and Tristan went to America with Duke to spend their summer on the sunny beaches of California. Solomon Motou went back to run his game shop.

Egypt Summer Vacation
While everyone was in Egypt Isis followed her duty as the leader of her clan to tell the other clans, who followed the old ways, and the Medjai of their Pharaohs return. The Medjai soon began to shadow the teens to make sure nothing happened to them while they visited Egypt. It was their sacred duty to guard the ancient tombs of the pharaohs and any living royalty that was still around. Atem, Yugi, Seto, and Mokuba were not sure what to think of the constant guards though they got used to if after a few weeks.

In late June Isis decided to introduce the shadow mages to the modern/semi-ancient Egyptian magical world. The people of Egypt were different from their counterparts around the world. They still practiced ancient sorcery mixed with modern magic, used electronics and modern conveniences like the rest of the population, lacked prejudices against people whom did not practice magic, and still valued the royal bloodline of their ancient kings and queens. She called Seto and Atem to her office to discuss the idea.

"My Pharaoh I think that perhaps it is time for you to meet the magic wielders of Egypt and re-establish that your family is the last of the Egyptian royal blood line for your safety and that of your family and friends." Isis stated. Atem looked to Seto in question. "Do we want to come out in the open? Seto has Kaiba Corp., Pegasus wants Yugi and me to help run Industrial Illusions, and wouldn't acknowledging our blood require us to become politically involved with Egypt again?" asked Atem.

"The pharaoh has a point Isis. We have a lot on our plate and neither Mokuba nor Yugi are ready to try and deal with the politics of a country. That and the Prime Minister of Egypt is currently doing a worthy job so why interfere?" Seto pointed out.

Isis explained that they would not have to announce themselves to the whole of Egypt. Only the Prime Minister herself would have to know about them seeing as the Acting Minister of Magic works very closely with her. Isis explained that it was only a temporary position until the sovereign rulers of Egypt returned to claim the throne.

Atem and Seto told her they wanted to discuss it with the others first before they made any decisions hesitant at the idea of reclaiming the throne. "As you wish my Pharaoh," Isis said and left Seto and Atem to talk. They left the office and talked as they headed for the others. "I have missed living in Egypt," Atem said a bit longingly. "Industrial Illusions has an office here. It would not be hard to work with Pegasus from here," he thought aloud. "I do not see why we could not stay here once we have graduated from high school." Seto said. Atem asked about Kaiba Corp. and Seto told him he had two in America, one in Japan, one in England, one in France, and one in Egypt so all he would have to do was convert one to the central office. Industrial Illusions had similar branches around the world. "Yugi wants to get into archeology and be out here in Egypt so he would not be difficult to convince. Marik will want to come back to Egypt after school is out also." Atem said "Bakura will follow you and Mana no matter where you end up. He has made it his personal mission to protect you since you freed him from Zorc," Seto smirked.

The teens discussed it amongst themselves. Mana, Kisara, and Bakura, all being Egyptians themselves, were all for it. Yugi, Mokuba, and Ryou didn't see the harm in it. Atem and Seto wanted to see the magical world of Egypt but were still hesitant to expose their blood. They all were excited at the idea of seeing the magical world. They finally all agreed and so Isis took them to meet the Minister of Magic Samira. Isis had them floo in directly to the Ministry building which reminded them of the palace they once lived in 5,000 years ago throne room and all.

The teens entered the minister's office with Isis and she greeted Isis like a sister would. "It is so good of you to come visit me. You have not in so long." Samira pouted. "Forgive me. Isis replied, but I have brought with me good news and some people for you to meet." Isis explained that Atem, Yugi, Seto, and Mokuba were the last of the royal bloodline that could be traced back thousands of years. Samira got an excited look on her face and called for some Aurors to come give the official blood test to id the teens. The tests confirmed Isis's words and Samira explained how exciting this was since the Royal family had not ruled over the magical part of Egypt for over 50 years. She told them that their great grandparents were the last to rule. This shocked the teens seeing as they thought their connection was just from Atem and Seto's ancient family relations. She told them that the magical community had been awaiting the return of the Royal family since that time. The teens decided they needed to look into their family history a bit better. They had not due to the deaths of all their parents and Yugi never thought to ask his Grandpa about his obsession with Egypt. Isis quietly explained that the teens were returning to Japan for their schooling. Samira was disappointed but understood. There was still hope that they would take the throne back after their graduation.

"Would you and your friends like to see part of your country and people?" asked Samira. They all agreed that they would love a tour of the magical world. Wizarding Egypt was a mixture of ancient Egyptian culture and modern culture. There was a market place that sold all kinds of magical supplies. The teens took their time looking at all the different vendors. There was a man who was selling flying carpets and broom sticks. They also walked past a building that held magical pets. There was a vendor that carried magical and non-magical candies and sweets. They purchased a few of the magical candies for later. She showed them the bank where money could be exchanged. They went into the book store and spent quite a bit of time in there browsing the modern and ancient texts that the store had. They then went to the café next door and had something from the dessert menu along with a cold drink.

After the tour Samira offered to take them to their ancestral home and have them stay there for the rest of their summer visit. The teens looked to Isis with childlike hope in their eyes. Even Seto seemed excited at the idea of this. Isis agreed that it would be a great idea. They headed back towards the Ministry building where just beyond the buildings grounds was a large gate that was the entrance to the Egyptian style mansion which was amazing. It was open and airy and yet stayed cool. Hieroglyphs were everywhere and the bedrooms all had open terraces. The lower bedrooms led to a large floral/exotic garden. The living room was large and spacious with plush couches and chairs designed in light browns and light blues. It along with the kitchen was also completely modern. This place was like a mini palace except it was not so small.

"Wow I guess this place has been kept up." stated Marik in awe.

"It has always been kept up. Everyone in the wizarding world knew the royal line was not dead and just missing." stated Samira

Samira introduced them to the house elves that have kept the place well taken care of. The teens were surprised to say the least about the little creatures with large ears. She explained that they are bound to the royal family and have been for generations. She also told them of the wizarding customs and about house elves in general. None of the teens seemed thrilled with a race in slavery but it seemed that was just how it was here.

The teens enjoyed their summer in wizarding Egypt. Atem was quite content to be living in Egypt. He seemed to feel most at home here. Seto even seemed to lighten up a bit being there. They studied their shadow magic extensively and mastered it fairly well by the end of the summer. They had yet to learn any modern magic though Seto was very interested in re-learning the ancient sorcery he once knew when he was the Pharaoh's high priest. He had yet to try any of the ancient spells he remembered. Marik spent much of the summer teaching Yugi to read ancient hieroglyphs. Ryou and Bakura's relationship had grown and a trust had formed between the two. He and Kisara had also re-established their sibling bond. Kisara and Mana spent their summer learning about the modern world from Seto, Isis, and Odion along with working with their shadow magic.