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Chapter 14


Ron, Hermione, and Harry had finally received their letter from Bill late Saturday evening when Bill's screech owl tapped on the window outside the Gryffindor tower. Ron quickly went over to the owl and took the letter. The trio gathered around the fireplace to read the letter. They all frowned at the news.

"That wasn't very helpful at all," Hermione commented while frowning and thinking about what was said.

"What do you mean Hermione? He told us that they are evil and should not be friends with them. What more is there to say?" Ron asked.

"Seriously, Ron sometimes you can be so thick." Hermione said disgustedly. Ron just looked at her in confusion.

"Well he did confirm that they are shadow mages." Harry piped in trying to stop the impending fight that could happen.

"True but he didn't tell us why they are here, what did they do to catch the attention of Bill and Professor Dumbledore in the first place, what shadow magic is, and if they are dark mages then why have they not been turned into the Ministry of Magic? It makes no sense why the professor would protect dark mages. I don't even understand why Vol..Voldemort is even after them. They certainly don't seem to be working for him." Hermione stated what she had been wondering about for a while now. Nothing added up.

"We don't even know if the mages know why Voldemort is after them. We do know they are not here willingly but they don't seem like such bad guys. I mean Atem and Seto seem really intense, Marik does seem a bit off is rocker, Ryou is kinda weird I mean one minute he seems shy and quiet and the next he seems as crazy as Marik, but then there is Yugi and Mana who seem completely innocent." Harry said to the others.

"I guess what we really need to decide is if we really want to help them escape. If they are evil as Bill says we should not help them and I suppose trust that Dumbledore knows what he is doing." Hermione rationalized.

"Dumbledore kidnapped people and even Remus and Snape helped…It just seems so wrong… but…he is trying to save the Wizarding world…" Harry said eyes shaded in doubt about the mages.

"C'mon mate even if you don't like what Dumbledore is doing you have to realize we are on the brink of war and like you just said he is just trying to save our world. Besides I would think that we could trust my brother, why would he lie about them?" Ron asked logically in his mind.

"Oh Harry, we just don't have enough information to go on. We should just stay friendly with them and find out as much as possible. Once we have more information to go on we can decide for ourselves. I will dig deeper and see what I can find on shadow magic. Besides we have other important worries at the moment like the fact that we need to be ready for our O.W.L.S., Professor Umbridge is hindering our learning, and she also is trying to ferret out the D.A." Hermione finished slightly exasperated.

The boys nodded in agreement and dropped the topic for the time being, each deep in thought as they headed to their rooms.

Mages Dorm (Sunday, January 25th)

The email Seto received the weekend after their detention was not good news. He let the others see and realized his mistake immediately.

Marik was livid after hearing everything that had happened to his sister. He began pacing and ranting in Ancient Egyptian. He swore up and down that he would kill Bill (maybe even with a sword) if he ever saw him again. He was relieved that his sister was ok but he was also worried of any spells that still might be lingering on her from that red headed fool. He briefly told Seto to remind someone to have her checked for any spells and then went back to ranting.

The others just let Marik rant. They felt he had every right to be upset.

Remus came downstairs ready for the morning and ready to start tutoring the mages as soon as breakfast was over. Once he got down to the last step he hesitated and then almost went right back upstairs to his room. The Ishtar boy was having a fit and speaking in a language he did not understand. Wonderful thought Remus what could possibly have the mages riled up at this time of morning. It's not like anyone had seen them yet.

Seto quickly put his laptop away, keeping Lupin from seeing him use it and smirked a bit. The stupid wizards still seemed to have no idea they were using his laptop to communicate with the outside world. The only one who had any idea was Snape.

Mana and Yugi were sticking close to Atem watching Lupin's reaction to Marik nervously. "I think I am gonna head down to breakfast. Wanna join me Mana?" Yugi said softly thinking that leaving and letting Atem and Seto help Marik calm down might be the best plan of action.

Mana looked to Atem in question who nodded his head and she quickly agreed to go with Yugi. Atem mentally asked Bakura if he would watch out for Mana and Yugi so the three quietly exited the tense dorm and headed down to breakfast.

Severus was heading towards the mages dorm and saw three of the mages heading for the Great Hall. He nodded his head towards the three in acknowledgement and continued on while wondering where the others were. He was especially surprised that Mana was without Atem. She seemed to stick by the boy pretty closely since she arrived at the castle. He wondered this until he foolishly walked into the dorm.

Atem and Seto were speaking in a language he did not understand while Marik was yelling in a language he didn't understand. Severus and Remus were trying to figure out what had the violet eyed mage so upset in the first place. Trying to question the mages was useless they just ignored their captors and continued on with their own conversation.

Meanwhile in Dumbledore's office…

Bill had finally escaped the Medjai warriors and had made it to Dumbledore's office. He was currently reporting everything that had happened in Egypt. Dumbledore had a grave look upon his face and was concerned by the news he was hearing. The Ishtar girl was a shadow mage and was attacked for a gold necklace that matched a picture Bill saw in the book she was hiding in that secret room of hers. He really hadn't paid much attention to the boys gold trinkets or so he thought that's all that they were. He would have to take the items. They were completely dark and evil. He wondered what powers these magical items possessed though he refused to tinker with them once he attained them. Dark objects like those were better off destroyed. He assumed the mages were not the ones who created the items but it was possible. Most likely their ancient ancestors sacrificed all those people and handed the items down as heirlooms. He had also discovered that the girl had lied about her last name. That she was a ward of the Ishtar clan. And the worst news of all was the mages acknowledging their royal blood to magical Egypt. He had not anticipated that. There were so many questions with no answers in sight unless he could get the information from those mages.

"I am going to confront the boys and see if I can find any information out. I also want to see if they are somehow communicating to Isis and the others," Bill declared while grumbling about the loss of Isis.

"Now Mr. Weasley you may do as you wish, however I do not foresee this as a successful venture nor a wise choice..."

Bill didn't really care. Those mages would tell him where Isis was. "Good day, Headmaster." Albus let the fiery red head go. He assumed Remus and Severus could handle it.

Bill stormed down the hallway and up many sets of stairs to get to the mages dorm. He entered the room ready to interrogate the mages but did not get very far. There was this brief moment of dead silence as everyone looked at the newcomer in the dorm and then all Hell broke loose.

"I will kill you!" roared a psychotic looking Marik as he lunged for Bill as soon as he saw and recognized the red head.

Severus and Remus immediately jumped up from the couches to intervene. Remus had almost made it to the struggling boys when a voice interrupted him.

"Do it and you will regret interfering," Seto threatened harshly as he stood and squared off with the werewolf with a shadow bolt erupting from his palm.

Remus kept going ignoring the threat readying himself to dodge anything that came his way and still managed to get slammed into the opposite wall from the impact of the shadow bolt. Seto had hit him dead on. Severus had his wand out with a spell on the tip of his tongue when Atem sent a wave of shadow magic at the dark professor and knocked the wand out of his hand.

Marik and Bill continued to wrestle on the ground while Remus got back up and Severus headed to stop the mages. Seto was feeling the drain already but he would be damned if their babysitters were allowed to interfere with Marik. He briefly checked on Marik and the Pharaoh while the werewolf was recouping. Remus noticed the distraction and pulled his wand out sending a stunner towards Seto. Atem turned to see the stunner go off just in time to warn Seto who promptly dodged the spell and cast two shadow bolts consecutively at Lupin. Remus crashed again and fell to the floor unconscious. Seto felt a wave of dizziness but stayed standing long enough to throw out a warning to the Pharaoh of impending danger from behind before passing out from exhaustion. Atem turned to face the potions master and dodged a red beam of light. He quickly rolled to one side and crouched low ready for another attack.

"This is foolishness. Let me stop them," Severus bit out while readying for another attack.

"I cannot let you do that. This is Marik's fight and you will not interfere."

Severus growled in frustration. He knew he had to end this standoff soon before the Ishtar boy killed Bill. "Arretica," Severus cast the spell at Atem in hopes of stopping the boy without harming him.

Atem quickly dodged the net coming out of Snape's wand. He cast a shadowflame which quickly surrounded the dark professor. Atem felt the drain of power for holding the hot purplish flames but he was not ready to give up. He was determined to keep Snape busy for as long as possible.

"Do you honestly think you can win against me? You foolish child you chose your shadow magic instead of going for your wand. How long do you think you can honestly last before you lose consciousness?"

"Hopefully long enough for Marik to Kill Bill." Atem quipped while being forced to allow his shadowflames to finally flicker out. The energy cost was too high with the bracer draining all his energy.

Severus dodged a couple shadowbolts from the powerful mage who finally slumped to the floor out of sheer exhaustion.

While all this was going on Marik and Bill were pounding on one another until Bill finally fell unconscious. Marik called upon the shadows which created a pretty solid looking dagger made from pure shadows. He was about to attain his goal in killing Bill when Severus cast carpe retractum. Marik was too injured to put up much of a fight against the strong potions master so Snape forced him away from the red head. Severus quickly cast a sleeping spell on the crazed teen just in case he got another bout of energy.

"Dobby!" Severus called getting immediate results.

"Yes, Master Snape sir, how can Dobby be of help?"

"Get Madame Pomfrey here now!" Snape ordered while turning his attention to the three unconscious mages. He frowned in thought. Their instincts were to use their shadow magic no matter the consequences. He needed to get them to depend on their wands or they didn't stand a chance against anyone. He quietly took each boy up and put them to bed while waiting for Madame Pomfrey.

She finally arrived and frowned at the sight before her. "What happened here, Severus?"

"It's a long story. Can you please just take them discreetly to the infirmary without Umbridge finding out?" Severus asked silently pleading she let the matter drop.

Luckily she was more concerned about her patients and cast a concealment charm on them and took them to the infirmary without any further questions. Severus had Dobby bring some potions for the Ishtar boy to heal him up. He left the teens soundly sleeping to report everything to the Headmaster.

"I warned Bill that it might not be a wise decision to confront the mages,"Albus said as he sighed tiredly. "How is Remus?"

"He is unconscious at the moment but I believe he will be fine." Severus said tiredly.

Albus frowned but continued on. "Severus have you noticed any gold trinkets the boys have on them?"

"I know Atem wears a golden pyramid around his neck and Marik also seems to wear a necklace of gold with Egyptian symbols. I am not sure about the others, Headmaster."

Albus clasped his hands together in deep thought. Bill had mentioned seven trinkets. One was in Voldemort's hands. The mages definitely had two others. He was curious as to where the others might be but as long as the mages didn't have them he was satisfied. "Alright Severus while the boys are sleeping I need you to retrieve those items and bring them to me. Be careful though we do not know what dark powers they hold." Albus dismissed the potions master who went back to the dorm to retrieve the items before the others got back from breakfast.

Severus went to the mages dorm and quietly went back up to their bedroom. He removed the pyramid easily and the weird eye necklace. He then went over to Seto. He didn't see anything blatantly obvious but he figured he should search the boy. What he found was an interesting rod like thing with the eye of Horus on it. He took all three items and returned them to the headmaster's office.

"Ah thank you Severus I will put these somewhere safe until I find time to destroy them." Albus said as he took the three dark items from his potions master. "Please keep an eye out for any of the other mysterious items. The mages might have them hidden."

"As you wish Headmaster." Severus stiffly replied as he exited the office to go back to the dorm and explain what happened to the three conscious mages.

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