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Pairing: Tyki x FemAllen

This Story will also have other pairing to, just for fun.

Timeline: this story starts at the point when Tyki and Allen had just meeting for the first time.

On with the Show?

It was just another day, just another mark. Lord Tyki Mikk, or as of right this moment since he was in his white form, just Tyki, was traveling with his human friends dressed for his life as a traveler, going to the next dig site to earn some much needed cash.

Tyki, John, and Cole had convinced this tall, very gullible, vampire looking type man into a game of poker. The group of vagabonds had just won all his belonging, except his boxer shorts, when the compartment door to the train cabin they were in slid opened.

Tyki didn't pay any mind to the new comers at first, his dark brown eyes peering through his thick, black framed glasses at his hand of cards. It wasn't until one of the new comers spoke up about offering their coat lined with silver buttons as collateral, for a chance to win back their friends stuff, that Tyki bothered to look up.

His brown eyes became locked on the beauty before his eyes. This intriguing individual was nothing but white. Pale cream colored skin, snow white hair and challenging silver eyes was all Tyki really took note of first off. Though, after a short moment Tyki was able to take in the rest of this person's appearance. The man's first thought was that this young looking individual looked like a boy, but Tyki quickly took note on just how feminine this petite 'boy' was.

As the 'boy' took his seat on the old wooden floor, Tyki found himself fascinated by every move the 'boy' made.

After a second Tyki wasn't fooled by the 'boys' disguise any longer. He knew the boy was definitely not a boy. His brown eyes slid up and down the girl's body as she slowly took her seat before him and his human friends. The Noah of Pleasure could not take his eyes off the female exorcist until more cards were dealt and a new game started.

It wasn't all that hard for him to figure out that while he had easily seen through this girl's masquerade, her friends had not. With his abilities Tyki could have won, though he would have been very hard pressed, (she was just that good at cheating) the rounds of poker that followed.

But no matter what 'form' or what persona he was in, Tyki liked to think of himself as a gentleman, and he didn't want to force the delicate and weak looking girl into such a situation as being stripped down almost naked in front of five men. While he found himself craving to see more of that white milk colored skin that was just not his style.

And god only knew what vile things her two male companions might do to her once they parted ways. Even if they were part of the church, they were humans and the Noah wouldn't put it below them of raping a fellow Soldier of God.

On his travels Tyki had heard stories of such vile and sickening acts.

He had seen it himself with his own eyes how dark the so called 'holy' could be before he had awakened as a Noah, when he had first started to show the stigmata. Anyone that was willing to harm another, just because their religion said it was right or they had the power to do so, deserved to be wiped of the face of the earth.

Yes, Tyki's view of humanity was naturally a very dark and bleak one.

Men with power you could say were always corruptible. You should always fear men who had power. That was something that he had learned long ago.

Especially humans who thought they were backed by their almighty 'God'.

He shook his head to forget such things as he lost yet another hand, Tyki sighed deeply, regret heavy in the sound, as he remove his old shirt. Only once he pulled it off and added it to the female Exorcist's growing pile of winnings, did Tyki happen to glance up again.

Silver eyes were looking him over, almost shyly sliding over his exposed skin. The Third Child of Noah blinked before he smiled slyly to himself. He continued to look at the white haired female until her stunning eyes happened to move up. Their eyes met and her pale cheeks colored to a fetching shade of pink, her shamed silver eyes darted back to her hand of cards.

But Tyki had caught her red handed. His smile spread across his face as he continued to leer at the white haired Exorcist, fighting the urge to chuckle in amusement over how poorly the girl was hiding her blush. He continued to smile as he lost yet another hand.

Soon the three miners were down to nothing but their pants. This young woman was definitely very good at her game of deceit. Her Poker Face was magnificent, almost as good as his, he would have to say.

They lay down there cards and, yet again, the petite Exorcist won. Their trousers came off and Tyki was very pleased to note the small crack in that gorgeous shield as her eyes snuck another quick glance at his person.

It was tempting to insist on one more game, one more chance to win and take her precious Exorcist coat and, maybe, see if he could win even more…

He sighed and his dark brown eyes watched this intriguing creature give her tall comrade back his belonging. The red-head, he had learned his name was Lavi, Krory, and the white haired girl gathered up the winnings and started to take their leave from the train car they had been playing in.

The urge to keep her close for just a moment longer rose to the surface and Tyki opened his mouth to demand that rematch, but the trains whistle blew signaling that the next stop was only moments away.

Tyki frowned and sighed as his human friends complained about their losses. It was going to be a very long walk to the dig site that they were traveling to. The Third Child of Noah blinked as the white haired Exorcist turned and offered them their things back, her smile no longer fake like it had been as they played the card game.

She personally handed back each of their things, saying that now that she had her friends stuff back, she didn't need theirs. When she came to stand in front of Tyki her silver eyes focused on his face with determination as she held out his belongings. Tyki tried not to let his smirk show as he reached out to accept the clothing, there was no way that he was going to refuse this show of kindness, not from her.

It was by complete accident that his fingers brushed across her white gloved hands.

Even with the material of her gloves separating skin from actually touching skin, the shock that raced from the tips of his fingers and up his arm was truly something. Tyki fought down a shudder as the shock then turned to burning heat.

It felt like his blood was practically boiling.

The white haired Exorcist didn't seem to be as effected by the soft touch like he was, and Tyki found that this feeling racing through his body was odd, yet pleasurable. The young woman pulled back and turned as Lavi called her name from the door of the train car.

His fingers ached to touch her again, his blood was already starting to cool and Tyki found the feeling of pure want almost over powering. He needed to touch her again, it was so tempting to reach out and touch…

Tyki frowned deeply and growled to himself as he gripped his clothing tighter. His dark brown eyes staring at the back of her retreating form as the door closed and he lost sight of her.

"Allen." He tried the name on his dry tongue. He would have to make sure that their paths crossed again, very, very soon.

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