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Pairings: Tyki x FemAllen, Liang x FemAllen (one-sided)

~~~ Tyki Mikk ~~~

~~~ One day later and four days until the wedding ~~~

His tanned lips were pulled in to a deep frown, his light brown eyes staring but not seeing. Tyki sat slouched in his chair, a opened bottle of scotch and a half empty glass sitting on the table next to him. The sky was becoming dark, the sun just about to set.

The sight should have been beautiful, but Tyki only frowned deeper.

His heart hurt and twisted in his chest, doubt about the news that he had learned not even a week ago. He couldn't believe it, and the news was just now truly sinking in. Tyki reached over and downed the rest of his glass. The strong alcohol burned his throat, then burned like dull fire in his stomach. The Third Child growled in irritation at the fact that he could still feel that reached doubt, that he could still feel his nerves fray. He had been never felt so confused and never had he doubted himself so much before.

Ellen Walker would be his in just four more days, he would have her for the rest of their lives. His beautiful Ellen would be by his side, but then that wasn't the problem.

A baby.

Tyki was thrilled, terrified, and guilt ridden. The Noah of Pleasure was thrilled that Ellen Walker was pregnant with his child, and what man wouldn't be? The knowledge that the woman he loved more then anything was going to bare him a child…

That horrible guilt twisted his gut, the guilt over the fact that he was the reason for his Ellen's failing health, that pain was by for the worsted that Tyki had ever felt. Guilt as heavy as lead weighted his heart down as the Noah was also forced to realize that he was twenty six…

And Ellen would just be turning sixteen in late December. True, she was considered marrying age at fifteen, but still. And how much time would she have left? The Earl had pointed out the fact that Ellen Walker was a parasitic Accommodator, that the young woman that had stolen his heart was slowly dying from her Innocence…

He felt guilt because he had never once thought about children, the Noah of Pleasure hadn't even thought about starting a family. What if Ellen died in child birth? What if she died from her Innocence before the child was grown?

Tyki wouldn't have a clue as what to do with a baby!

Those ideas were terrifying, the idea of having a little boy or girl running around that had Tyki's and Ellen's genes was thrilling yes, but it was also terrifying. Ellen Walker was going to give him a son or daughter

Tyki Mikk was going to be a father.

Tyki grunted and reached for the bottle of scotch when a white gloved hand snatched it away. The Noah of Pleasure tilted his head back, his almond colored eyes narrowing at the one standing behind his chair. "Good evening Sheryl." He spoke in a smooth, though slurred, voice.

His brother raised an eyebrow, his darker brown eyes glancing at the bottle in his hand and noted that it was already one/third gone. Sheryl's tanned lips twitched down just slightly and Tyki found himself fixed with a bland look. "Tell me this is your first bottle?" his brother asked, his voice in no way amused.

Tyki blinked innocently, before his lips stretched into a wide grin despite his best effort to keep them fixed in a frown. "That's my first bottle." He drawled out. Sheryl sighed heavily and his broad shoulders sagged.

"You're a horrible liar." The Fourth Child breathed out and moved around his chair. Tyki's grin faded and his heart ached. No, he was a good liar. Tyki Mikk was an excellent liar. He was an even better chea, but Tyki couldn't cheat his way out of this, out of the fact that he would be a horrible father.

His brother pulled a second chair around in front of him and took a seat. Tyki cocked on eyebrow at him, his lips twisting into another deep frown. Sheryl blinked at him and then smiled. "What? If your going to drink yourself stupid you should at least have company."

Tyki chuckled and offered the Noah of Desires his glass with a sly grin. Sheryl took the offered glass and filled it up and drank the amber liquid down, before filling it again and handing it back to the Noah of Pleasure. Tyki took the glass and with out a second thought downed its contents.

A few hours and another few bottle of scotch later, found Tyki sitting before his brother with a wide grin plastered on his face, five black and white playing card held in one hand the other keeping his head off the table. Sheryl sat slouched in his chair across from him, the man also held five cards, though the Noah of Desires was trying very hard to fight back a fit of giggles.

"Go Fishh~!" The Fourth Child of Noah giggled with amused glee and downed another glass of alcohol. Tyki snickered, leaning back in his chair also. His snicker turning into a fit of laughter, his cards almost falling from his numb fingers.

"We're playing poker you idiot." Tyki managed to get through his drunken laughter. Sheryl only huffed, though his lips were still pulled into a wide amused grin.

"Don't tell your loving big brother what we're playing!" Sheryl chuckled out. "I'm the oldest, so I say we are playing Go Fish." his brother added with a slight slur, before his face twisted into a more serous look. Tyki poured himself another drink, and had no sooner brought it to his lips when Sheryl spoke again. "So, are you going to tell me why we're drinking?"

Tyki choked, his eyes watering as his throat burned. The pain in his chest renewing at Sheryl's question.

Sheryl must have noticed the pained look in his eyes, because his brothers own dark brown looked apologetic. Tyki sighed, his light brown eyes turning to glare at the moon. "When… you and Tricia adopted Road… after you both found out that Tricia wouldn't be able to have children…" Tyki hated bringing this up, because his brother always got that sad look in his eyes, but…

"How did you know… if you'd be a good father?" The Noah of Desire blinked at his words before his lips pulled down into a sad frown. His eyes flashing with understanding. Tyki chuckled sadly, that retched guilt and terror once again raising. "Ellen's pregnant." he spoke just under his breath, his grip on the glass tightening until the glass cracked. "I don't know what to do. Our father-"

"You are not our father, we are not our father. That man's good and dead and in the past." Sheryl interrupted him in a cold tone, this was yet another topic Tyki didn't enjoy bringing up. Sheryl hated their father. He despised him, and while Tyki hated the man, and while Tyki had more reason to hate the man then his brother, his hate didn't go as deep as Sheryl's.

Tyki heaved another heavy sigh, his light brown eyes still starring at the moon. His mouth still set into a deep frown. "You'll be a good father Tyki." His brother continued after a long moment of silence.

"Sheryl, If I wasn't Noah- if we weren't Noah…" his grip on the glass relaxed, his eyes sliding closed as he took another grounding breath. "I wouldn't have any of this, I wouldn't even have a chance of having her, I'd still be-" Once again Tyki found himself cut of as his chair twisted and buckled backwards, the next moment found the Noah of Pleasure on his back and his foggy head spinning.

Howling laughter filled the night, filled the garden of the Kamelot Estate. The sound so sudden and completely amused that Tyki was taken off guard…

Sheryl Kamelot -his brother- had just used his powers on Tyki's chair, and was now laughing like a drunken idiot, the man looking like he was about to laugh his way out of his own chair. "You're an idiot baby brother. ~" Sheryl giggled out between fits of laughter.

Tyki pushed himself up from the ground to glare at his older brother, but his glare lost its anger at the look that was now in Sheryl's dark brown eyes. The laughter died and silence filled the night, the Noah of Desire sighed and smiled, when the man spoke Tyki could barely tell that his brother was almost falling down drunk. "You'll be a great father Tyki."

A sly smile twisted Sheryl's smile wider a second later. "Now, I believe I win! ~ " his brother proudly explained, showing Tyki his hand of cards. Though, this time the Noah of Pleasure didn't have the heart to tell his hopeless older brother that they still were not playing go fish…

And that his cards, as far as Poker went, didn't beat his four of a kind…

~~~ Sheryl Kamelot ~~~

~~~The day after, three days until the wedding ~~~

His head was killing him.

Sheryl Kamelot frowned, his dark brown eyes narrowing at the man that sat on the other side of his desk. Inspector Leverier sat with his gloved hands folded and in his lap, the man looking totally and completely apologetic. The Noah of Desires fought down his need to break the mans neck, or a limb, because the man didn't need all of them, really. The Minister forced a half smile on his lips and sat back in his chair. Killing the human wouldn't do anyone any good…

For the moment.

The Fourth Child of Noah wouldn't let this happen, he couldn't let the Black Order out of their deal.

The Minister chuckled and then sighed, his lips twisting at the corners as this caused the human to frown just slightly. "I don't see why there would be a problem Inspector." The Noah spoke in a smooth tone, his brown eyes narrowing even more when the man did finally allow his frown to grace his face.

"It could stain your families good name, Minister." Inspector Leverier said, the man schooling his face back into a apologetic smile again. "The Black Order would be completely willing to reimburse you-"

Sheryl's left eye twitched as his headache grew. His desire to just kill the human here and now growing, just a little twitch of his finger and that would be the end of it. Sheryl's smile pulled wider, his chair turning to the side just a fraction. His keen eyes remained on the Black Order Official and fixed the man with a sharp look. No, he couldn't just kill this human. The Clan still needed him for their plans after all.

But like hell the Four Child would let anyone stand in his way. "That is not necessary, the engagement is still legal. It works out perfectly actually, we can just say the baby was born early." the Minister said, his tone sharp and telling the other man that he wasn't going to change his mind.

Not now and not ever, the wedding was only three days away after all. He was so close to getting his little brother married of that he could taste it!

The Inspector looked unhappy, his eyes narrowing and it was now that Sheryl turned his chair back to face the human. His dark brown eyes narrowing threateningly, the Noah once again wishing for all the world that he could twist this mans head right off his shoulders.

The Noah of Desires smile widened a little farther, the Fourth would enjoy that greatly. Nothing less for a mere human that thought that he could back out of a deal with him. He would not allow this human to ruin all of his carefully laid plans and waste all his hard work… not with how close he was to achieving his goal…

Not to mention the pain of the small little beating he had received for all his efforts. Sheryl fought down the need to shudder, the memory of that young woman's fury in itself was frightening. The Fourteenth's daughter most definitely had a temper, one that could almost rival the Earl on one of his bad days

No, Sheryl Kamelot would not allow anything to get in the way of him marrying of his brother. The woman that his baby brother wanted was the Fourteenth's daughter and that was the end of it. Also now that Sheryl knew that Ms. Ellen Walker was pregnant, well…

The Fourteenth's daughter and her child would be where they belonged soon enough, they would be with Tyki and the rest of the Clan of Noah.

"I told you before that my brother was fond of her, Inspector." The Minister added in an uncaring tone. Yes, Sheryl wouldn't let anyone get in the way of him being an uncle, no way in hell. "Didn't I tell you that their relations had already become physical?" The human quickly became angry and unconvertible, the Fourth Child let himself enjoy watching the man squirm for just a moment. "My brother has been smitten with Ms. Walker since first laying eyes on her at the ball. I will be forever grateful to you for inviting us Inspector."

"Minister Kame-" The human started but Sheryl leaned forward, his smile almost wicked, the Minister knowing that he had won. No one could out do him in any kind of debate. Sheryl always had angels to play, always had some way to get what he wanted…

"My family greatly appreciates the Black Order's work in its fight against the Earl and Akuma. I believe I should be compensating you for taking one of your prized Exorcists from the battle field, though I am sure once the baby is born, she can return to the holy war…" Sheryl smoothly said, his most pleasing smile on his face as Inspector Leverier frowned deeper.

Sheryl was always willing to lie and cheat to win. He would even kill if it came to it, no one would get in his way and no one would get in the way of his family's happiness.

Over. His. Dead. Body.

The Minister offered the man his own apologetic smile and pulled out what he would need to properly bribe God's holy Black Order, because after all, everyone had a price. "Tell me Inspector Leverier, what would be an agreeable amount for reimbursement?"

"Sheryl!" A voice called out interrupting the Inspector's response, the Noah of Desire's frowning when the door to his office swung open and a very well dressed older looking nobleman and came barreling in…

Oh no.

Sheryl Kamelot started to sweat when Inspector Leverier turned his head. The man's dark eyes narrowing in thought he looked at the nobleman that had just entered Sheryl's office with a very concerned look twisting his features.

Sheryl could practically see the wheels turning. Inspector Leverier was then pushing himself to his feet, the man looking confused and the Minister knew he was in trouble when the human turned to face their unexpected guest fully. "Do I know you? Your voice sounds familiar…"

The nobleman blinked in confusion, then his face was pulling into a wide smile a seconded later. The older man titled his head to the left and extended his hand to the Inspector in greeting. "Inspector Leverier, its so good to finally meet you." He said in a joyful tone, his light brown eyes looking sly as Sheryl smacked his forehead with his palm and sagged in his chair.

The Minister's headache became much, much worse.

"I'm Earl Adam. I have been a very close friend of Sheryl's family for years-" The nobleman started, then a despaired frown twisted his mouth down. "Sheryl! Its an emergency!" A plate was then being shoved into the Noah of Desire's face. Where it had come from, Sheryl didn't want to know. A slice of wedding cake was sitting nice and innocent in the center of the finely crafted plate.

Sheryl blinked and the Inspector looked lost…

"It's ruined!" the nobleman wailed mournfully pulling back and looking at the slice of wedding cake like it was worse then vile. "It's not sweet enough! We can't have it for Tyki-pon's and Ellen-chan's Wedding!" Sheryl sighed heavily at the others distress, his tone lined with irritation when he spoke. "Earl-" The Inspector's eye brow rose and the Noah quickly continued. "Adam, I am a little busy with the Head Inspector of the Black Order…"

The Millennium Earl, in his human form, blinked and turned his eyes back on the confused Inspector Leverier. The man looking at him hard and still trying to place where he knew his voice from. The Earl simply frowned and pointedly ignored the human. "But it's the Wedding Cake! It will ruin the wedding-!"

Sheryl sighed deeper and stood from his chair and proceeded to walk around his desk and snatched the plate out of the Earl's hands. The Minister quickly took a bite of the cake, Sheryl's intent was to get the Earl out of his office before the Inspector could place him, but the Minister's mouth twisted down into a displeased frown a second later. His dark brown eyes narrowing as the taste of the cake hit his tongue.

The Earl was right, the cake was definitely lacking in sweetness. Sheryl Kamelot's eyes narrowed more, his voice lined with his anger over the trash that the baker's he had hired were trying to pass off as food. "Excuse us for just a moment Inspector Leverier… I'll be right back."

The poor Inspector was left standing in the Minister's office looking completely confused…

~~~ Cross's Pov ~~~

~~~~ Night before the Wedding ~~~~

General Cross stood before the large window of his 'prison' at the Black Order. The man starring out at the dark night sky. A half glass of red wine sitting on the small table to his left. Cross frowned as the door to his room opened. The Exorcist General sighed heavily, the man had been waiting for hours. He didn't think they would make their move tonight, but then it didn't really surprise him...

A bitter smile twisted his mouth up, the man slowly removed the cigarette from his lips and blew out a cloud of white smoke. The red haired Exorcist turned just as slowly, the one that he knew would come standing only three steps behind him.

The Cardinal smiled cruelly, the gun in his hand rising and Cross's cold smile widened.

"Your just going to shot me huh? I thought I'd at least be worth a little more effort…" the Exorcist said in a even and smooth tone, his dark brown eyes narrowing when the one standing before him only chuckled and cocked the gun, the General making no move to defend himself.

"Your not even going to fight General?" An intrigued and familiar sounding voice called from the doorway. Cross's eyes slid from the gun that was still pointing at his head and looked to the one that had spoken, his smile falling from his mouth. "You could always call for your friend the Fourteenth to come and save you, if you did then Apocryphos could kill him instead of you. "

Cross chuckled, the sound bitter and uncaring. "Like you would actually allow me to live?" He said in a low tone, the man knowing that there was little he could do now, not with him here…

And like hell he would drag Neah into this.

If Neah Walker did come to help him, well…One of them would die just like this thing said… this bastard would kill both of them…


The young man was still standing in the shadows of the doorway, so Cross couldn't see his face, though the General knew by the voice who the man was. A low laugh sounded from the young man, the sound twisted and malicious. It made the red haired man's fingers twitch, his hands aching to reach for his weapon. Only the knowledge that Judgment was gone and that not even his magic could save him from this opponent made him pause.

Fuck everything to hell…

"Very true, Cross, very true. Though sadly, you have fulfilled you purpose as a good pawn…" The one speaking took a step further into the room, glowing green eyes narrowing and meeting his cold brown. The red haired General frowned deeper.

The young man was then pulling a pocket watch out of his black pants, making a show of checking the time, that malicious smile widening even more. "It's now one in the morning, General." that familiar voice spoke again, though now that voice had this dark undertone.

If Cross cared, it would have made him sick.

The young man lifted his eyes to once again meet his hate filled brown after a long moment of silence. That fucking insane smile widening even more. "Do you know what today is General Cross Marian?"

Cross frowned deeper.


Fucking bastard's, how could he not know what today was?

"It's your precious apprentice's wedding day." The young man said in a gleeful whisper, glowing green eyes narrowing to slits. Cross tisked and brought his cigarette to his mouth, the red haired Exorcist taking one last drag. The man's lips twisting into his own dark smirk. This fucking jack ass thought that he had won, that he had the checkmate. If he killed Cross or Neah, then he would be that much closer to his goal. This bastard's goal was to break Ellen, they were all just pawns to get at the Queen.

Mana was only the first pawn to be sacrificed…

No… that was wrong…

Maria had been the first. Maria had truly been the first pawn in this fucking sick chess game…

"That means you lost." Cross bit out, his eyes hard and burning with his hate for the one that now stood next to the still smirking Cardinal. "You lost your Queen. The Noah have won." The young man giggled, his mouth pulling into an even wider smile. Cross had once thought that a Noah's insane grin was bad, but this things smile…

It was truly filled with madness.

The Heart of Innocence was even more mad and insane then the whole Clan of Noah combined.

"The Noah have won nothing. Ellen will still be mine, that hasn't changed." The young man purred out wickedly, his glowing green eyes narrowing. "The more they try to take her, welcome her into that family, the easer it will be to destroy her will to fight me."

Cross tisked again, his own smirk bitter and cold. His brown eyes unforgiving as he continued to stare the Heart of Innocence down. "Tell me," The General hissed out from clenched teeth. "Just how long are you going to allow yourself to be used like a puppet, Liang Lee?"

The young man's smile twisted and pulled even wider, the look of hate and madness looking so wrong on the younger Lee's face. "Is he really just a simple puppet when this is what he wants? I'm just giving my dear Accommodator what he wanted, it just so happens that what I want and what he wants are the same thing. The Noah are in checkmate, they just haven't realized it yet."

Cross's cold smile twisted wider, his brown eyes flashing. "To bad for you then," The red haired General hissed out, his voice lined with dark amusement. "Your playing the wrong game."

Liang's smile fell from his face then, those glowing green eyes opening a little wider. "You humans are just so disgusting, you're so willing to give up everything for 'love'." Liang's cruel smile returned as he gave the Cardinal a nod. "Kill him Apocryphos." The Cardinal smiled wider and pulled back the trigger, the following bang loud and unforgiving.

"Goodbye Cross Marian. ~ "

~~~ Ellen's Pov ~~~

~~~~The Wedding Day~~~~


All she could see was white.

Ellen Walker stood before the mirror dressed in her wedding gown.

The gown was sleeveless, the bodice hugging her petite frame perfectly, the many layers of the gowns skirt adding volume and hiding the fact that her lower stomach was growing more by the day. The skirt flowed all the way to the ground in a white sea of satin and silk very elegantly. The cathedral length train flowing out and trailed along the ground behind her.

Her wedding dress had layer upon layer of the finest silk and satin. Embroidering so detailed that it most have taken months to bead and sew all the designs lining the bodice and hem…

Ellen's equally white hair had been curled and pulled back into a lose bun, her white veil trailing down her back at the moment, though soon it would be time to pull the veil forward and hide her face from view. A single strand of pearls wrapped around her pale throat, another strand wrapped her right wrist, a simple pair of pearl earrings completed the overall picture of the perfect bride. A bride fit to marry a high class nobleman…

Her make up had just been finished and the Exorcist had been finally allowed to see herself for the first time today.

For the life of her, Ellen couldn't recognize the young woman staring back at her. The fifteen year old woman standing before the mirror looked like she was born a noble, like she was ready for what awaited her just outside the double oak doors behind her…

And all that Ellen could think of was that the horribly white dress must have cost a fortune, that she could probably pay off all of her master's debts with how much it must of cost to make it.

Ellen's second thought was that there was no way she would make it through the evening without staining it- or destroying it- or-


The young woman forced herself to take a deep breath.

She couldn't panic. Ellen Walker would not panic or think about all the people waiting for the ceremony to start. She would not think about the fact that this was the first time she had ever worn heels this tall and that she was almost guaranteed to trip before she made it halfway to the alter.

Here Ellen Walker stood…

Waiting to change her life forever…

The young woman stood before a large mirror within her new home. The young Exorcist closed her eyes and Ellen could hear the music from the court yard, could hear the voices of people chatting and laughing happily just outside the large window to her right.

She wasn't ready for this.

Ellen Walker didn't think she was ready for something this big. The young Exorcist looked at her reflection within the mirror and didn't recognize the young woman staring back at her. Everything was different then it had been not even a month ago. Ellen Walker was the child of a Noah and an Exorcist. Neah Walker, the Fourteenth Noah was her father… and Maria, the corpse that her master called upon and had bound to himself by magic, that woman was her mother. The corpse of the woman who had given birth to her had been just right there for over three year

Ellen's eyes started to burn with tears, but the young woman refused to let herself cry. She would not, she had been spending far to much time the last week crying. There was nothing that she could do about the fact that both her parents were dead…

A soft and caring hand reached out and touched her arm. The Exorcist turning her pained silver eyes to look upon one of the only two who were in the dressing room with her. Sherly Kamelot's wife, Tricia, stood next to her. The older woman looking at her with concerned blue eyes.

Standing at the door was the Noah of Lust. Lulubell and Tricia dressed in matching dark blue gowns…

Today was the day that her life would change forever. She was Ellen Walker, her mother was Maira, the corpse that her master had been using for years. Her mother, a Parasitic Exorcist that had slept with her enemy and had conceived a child…

Like mother, like daughter.

Ellen's gloved hands rose to come to rest on her lower stomach, her heart twisting and fluttering at the thought of her future. Today she would become Tyki Mikk's wife, in just seven months she would then give birth to their child. Ellen didn't even know how she was going to go about telling Tyki, and more importantly her insane, dead, Noah father…

The young woman swallowed and shook her head to rid herself of her fears, Ellen's silver eyes closing. Today was the day that Ellen Walker would become Ellen Mikk. After today Ellen didn't know what waited for her, but that was fine. All that the young woman needed was Tyki and their child.

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