"..." Powder Pants was at a loss for words. How did everyone miss a fucking house?

"...so...you've been living next to me this whole time in a building I never noticed." Crow said in disbelief.

"Yes.. that's why I used to walk to school with you a lot," Seto frowned, a bit sad. "You did not notice me since I was the dork and you were the jock."

Shin shrugged. He's seen weirder shit happen, like when he caught a giant squid and it introduced his self as 'Steve'. He wanted to keep Steve, but his girlfriend, Sai, threatened to call PETA on him for not buying Steve apple juice when he asked for it. Shin hated apple juice. There was always too much juice and not enough apple.

Crow looked sad for a few minutes. "Oh, sorry man."

"It's okay! We're friends now and thats all that matters!" Seto gave Crow a reassuring smile.

They walked down Seto's steps into the cold damp basement. "I don't have a TV down here, but I have a radio. I think it should do 'till the tornado warning is over."

Crow reached over and grabbed 3 flashlights. "Good thing you have a bunch of...hurricane relief items? Man..we're in the middle of the continent and not near any oceans."

"I felt like they prepared for hurricanes the best, so I bought the kit for it."

Shin sat down on one of the old chairs Seto had. "... this place is disgusting," he stated plainly.

"Good job, captain obvious. You gonna tell me about how the grass is green now?" Crow asked sarcastically.

"Well.. the grass is green because the sun reflects the pigmentation off of the chloroplasts in the leaves, if you were that curious."

"Mr. Smarty Pants~" Seto teased as he changed into his pajamas and hugged a pillow. "I thought it would be less stressful if we had a slumber party,"

There was a small 'boom!' before the room was basked in complete darkness. The trio was quiet; save for a meep that came from Seto. The silence continued for a full minute enabling them to hear the storm outside. It was when another clap of thunder startled the poor shota boy before a word was said.

"Crow..." Seto called his friend out meekly. "... is God pissed at us?"

"...Yes, Seto. I believe he is. And it's all Shin's fault!" Crow responded, accusingly pointing a finger in Shin's general direction. It was meaningless, though, seeing as it was pitch black and no one could see a thing.

"What?" Shin stood up. "How the hell is it my fault? I didn't do anything!"

"You doubted God's existence and now he seeks revenge!" Crow grabbed Seto's pillow (or what he thought was his pillow) and threw it at Shin.

"Why Shin, why?"

"I didn't- gah!" Shin didn't get a chance to finish his sentence as he was interrupted by a pillow smacking into his face. He kicked it out of the way angrily and hissed as Seto shined his flashlight into his eyes.

"Ouch! Quit that!" Seto diverted the light to Crow who sat there, obviously unhappy. A strong wind blew making the house creek, and the rain got louder as the storm went on.

"Oh no!" Seto cried. "I think God just growled! What do we do, Crow?"

"We should pray!" Crow suggested. Seto got on all fours and crawled closer to his birdy friend, a glimmer of hope settling in his eyes. He knelt and clasped his hands together, looking up to the ceiling.

"God... " he started. "Please don't kill us!"

Silence filled the room again. Nothing happened, the storm just seemed to get worse.

"See, I told you he doesn't exist," Shin stated, plopping down on the floor and crossing his arms like a four year old (though no one could see). "If he did, he would have done something a long time ago."

"W- wait, maybe I did it wrong," Seto squeezed his eyes shut and tried again. "Santa Claus, please don't kill us!"

Crow hit Seto on the shoulder. "Stop kidding around and get serious!"

"I am serious!" he retorted. "If God is as important as you say he is, don't you think he wouldn't have time to mess with us? He probably sent Santa instead!"

"He is a busy man..." Crow scratched his chin in thought.

Shin let out an agitated sigh, "Can we just get over this? You guys are acting like retards."

"Of course, Shin wants us to die... you're a cruel guy, Shin." Crow gave powder pants a look, and Seto nodded in agreement.

"If you dieing means I don't have to listen to this then be my guest." Shotaboi gasped in disbelief. "Y- you don't really mean that, do you...?"

"How about we play some games to ignore the storm?" Crow changed the subject, not wanting Seto to get anymore upset then he already was. "Do you have any board games, Seto?"

"What a stupid idea. It's not like we'd be able to see what we're doing." Shin rolled his eyes at Crow's inability to think things through.

"Aww... you're right..." Crow sighed in defeat.

Seto remembered something. "I have a kerosene lamp upstairs. We could light that and play a board game!" Seto said excitedly. He leap up with a flashlight and slammed the basement door open. The darkness consumed the whole house. Seto searched the area, looking for his lamp.


"Oh my god!" he cried. "there's blood on the wall!"