Maybe I just like you

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I have the unfortunate attribute of loving the most under appreciated pairings in the world, but it's so fun trying to make them more popular. I love the Kagamine twins as siblings and not as a romantic pairing.

Husky. Cool. Moody. Suave. Charming. A little bit bitchy. Luka Megurine was the ice queen of the vocaloid group. From the day she arrived, she never opened up to anyone and she ignored most questions posed to her. All she said was that she was there to sing and that was it.

Sure vocaloids were meant to be singers who entertained, but they didn't dedicate their entire existence to their voices. But Luka displayed a surprising amount of seriousness to singing. She had to be the one who reached the top of the charts and earned a reputation as the 'bustiest' and sexy vocaloid. The pink haired girl also seemed to develop a rivalry with Miku and striven to be better than her.

Some vocaloids were startled by this. Meiko thought Luka was nuts. Rin thought she was too boring and never bothered to stay in the same room as her. Kaito was too nice to show any signs of being bothered and Kamui respected Luka's passion while keeping his distance.

Len liked to encourage Luka.

The others thought that was strange. Why did Len want to encourage her to be so serious? When Rin asked her brother this, he just shrugged and said, "Maybe I just like her."

Luka tolerated Len at first. Soon toleration turned into appreciation. And that turned into Luka needing Len around or not being able to sing.

She wondered why. If she asked him why he stuck around her, he always would say the same thing.

"Maybe I just like you."

Then it happened. One cold day in winter, Len came down with the flu and something changed in Luka. While the others kept away from Len's bed, Luka was acting like the perfect nurse. She traded her combat boots and long dress for some ragged clothing that she didn't mind getting dirty. The pink haired girl went back and forth to the kitchen, the bathroom and Len's room for various things Len needed. If his bowl was filled with vomit, Luka would wrinkle her nose and flush the contents down the toilet. If the blond was hungry, Luka would bring food to him and even take the dishes back later. If he was bored, Luka would turn on his video games with him?

Len gave her a bright smile every time she did a small favour for him. That smile was good to see and Luka loved bringing it out.

As she turned on his Wii again and handed him the controller, Len looked up at her curiously.

"No one else will come near me because they're afraid of catching what I have. Why are you being so nice to me, Luka?"

"Hmmm..." Luka paused and then smiled. She wrapped her arms around the sick blond and whispered the same words he had been saying a lot ever since she arrived.

"Maybe I just like you."


This warrants an explanation. You see, I was going to start a collection of random LenxLuka stories, drabbles, oneshots and stuff and this was the first thing I wrote for it (at two in the morning...), but then I changed my mind and decided to do an alphabet challenge for Vocaloid pairings instead. However, I couldn't just LEAVE this on my here it is. ._. I'm sorry. I know it's short. That's why it's called a drabble. There will be a lot more better things in the alphabet challenge when I start working on it (which is when I'm done the 100 themes challenge).

I couldn't change it either. Everything I tried just...failed.

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