Living Dead Girl.

The young girl picked herself up off the cold wet floor, her legs we bruised and her clothes were covered in blood. The room was dark, only one door and no windows. She ran to the door, trying to open it. She wanted out of this place, she wanted to be home in her bed. The sound of the door opening washed away the thoughts of her home, a man stepped into the room and said "hello my dear Emily." She said "my name is not Emily!" The man grabbed her by the throat and threw her into the hard, cold wall. He then said "Your name is Emily, are you going to lie again?" Emily shook her head and crawled to the corner, trying to get away. The man grabbed her leg and dragged her back, he turned her over and ripped off her shirt. He then whispered in her ear "I'm David."

*5 years later*

Emily woke up with the sound of David's heavy breathing in her ear. He had been laying in her bed with her since she was 10. David liked little girls, and he wanted Emily to stay one forever. She had grown out of the little frilly dresses he liked her to wear. She estimated that he would kill her soon. Emily was 15 and would soon be dead. She had thought of many ways to kill herself in the 5 years she had been with this monster. A cut on the wrist, she would bleed to death. A knife through the heart, it would hurt but only for a couple seconds. She could never actually go through with it though.

Everyday at 8 David would leave home and go to work, he left Emily there until he got home at 4. She laid on the couch and thought about the day he took her. It was a warm, sunny day her parents normally didn't let her go anywhere by herself. This day was different, they lived a couple houses down from the park. It was so warm and she was going to meet friends there, her parents let her go. Emily was walking down the street, skipping and humming. A man walked up to her and asked if she had seen his puppy, she said no and began to walk away. He tapped her shoulder when she turned around he grabbed her and that was the last time she saw her neighborhood, and the last time she saw her parents.