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The New Namikaze Clan Prologue

Minato Namikaze stood atop his faithful summon, the chief of the toad clan, Gamabunta. He was facing a sight which would, and had, brought many of the most powerful shinobi that he knew, trembling to their knees. The Kyuubi no Kitsune, legendary king of the demons and likely the most powerful being on the planet, was heading towards him.

Suddenly two puffs of smoke appeared beside him. He didn't have to look to see who it was, there were only two people it could be.

"Jiraiya-sensei, Sarutobi-sama." he greeted calmly, though inside he was anything but calm.

"Are you sure this is the only way Minato-kun?" Sarutobi, the previous Hokage asked desperately.

"I'm afraid so. We all know that the Kyuubi cannot be killed. The only way for the village to be saved is for it to be sealed." the blonde replied determinately.

"But why does it have to be him? The boy has already lost his mother, and with you acting as the sacrifice, he will have no father also. Will you really place another burden on an orphan, and your son no less!" his teacher, the legendary Jifraiya of the sannin shouted angrily.

"What would you have me do? I can't ask some other family to give up their child when I am not willing to do so myself. And even if I could, there simply aren't any other viable candidates. He was the only child born today. I have no choice." he said sadly.

"But what kind of life will the child have. As much as I love this village, the people will not accept the child. If he is lucky, he will suffer only scorn and mental abuse, but frankly I won't be surprised if the council is calling for his corpse before yours has time to cool." Sarutobi stated with loathing and disgust written through his tone.

The young Hokage sighed wearily. "I know. As much as I'd love for him to be treated as a hero, the hate and torture he will face if he stays in this village will be too much to allow. That is why I asked for you to be here sensei. I need you to leave the village with my son and keep him safe."

The white haired sage paled considerably. "ME? You can't be serious! I-I can't raise a kid." he cried frantically.

"Please sensei. There is no one else. Sarutobi-sama has to stay here to take care of the village and Kushi-hime died giving birth." the blonde pleaded desperately.

Jiraiya sighed and hung his head dejectedly. "Fine. But none of this, hiding his heritage bullshit. This gaki is growing up a Namikaze, and I don't give a fuck what Iwa or anyone else has to say about it!"

Minato gave his infamous grin, "Thank you sensei. I know you will raise my Naruto to be a strong and noble man."

"Just like his father." the toad sage muttered before he and the Sandaime leapt clear so the Namikaze's could meet their fates.

Two minutes and a brilliant flash later, both the Yondaime Hokage and the great demon were gone. And both of their legacies were held in the fragile form of a crying child, barely an hour old and already sporting a head of sunshine yellow hair, and an ominous black spiral on his abdomen.

Sarutobi and his student silently walked over to the boy, the younger of the two picking him up and awkwardly cradling him in his powerful arms.

"What will you do Jiraiya? Will you actually take the boy?" Hiruzen asked skeptically.

"I have to. Regardless of whether or not I agree with what Minato did, I will be damned if I let their sacrifice be in vain."

Sarutobi smiled at his student's words, glad that he was going to do the right thing, overcoming the old man's expectations for once.

"Glad to hear it Jiraiya. But what should we tell the council? They're not going to be happy about you leaving with the child."

The usually jovial sannin's face turned dark. "This boy will be raised as Minato wanted. And god help anyone who tries to stop me, because I will not tolerate anyone harming my grandson."

The Sandaime smiled warmly as they began making their way back to the village, with Jiraiya still cradling the new jinchuruki protectively.

For the years that followed, Jiraiya travelled with his adoptive grandson.

At first he was terrified of the proposition, but, as with most things, he was a fast learner and quickly proved himself to be more than capable for caring for the child.

As time passed, the boy grew quickly, constantly being on the road forced the boy to learn to walk and run at an early age. By the time he was four, he could already keep up with most gennin and had developed a keen interest in all things ninja.

On his fifth birthday, Jiraiya relented to the endless nagging and bought the boy a dull set of kunai and shuriken so he could start his training. Of course, the boy didn't realise that the sneaky sannin had already started his training by forcing him to develop his speed, stamina and flexibility through their daily activities and games. Their playful sparing had also given Naruto a solid base for his taijutsu.

After only six months, the child had already mastered the use of his weapons and could hit the bull's-eye every time. Naruto was eager to take up a more advanced weapon, but as Jiraiya had never had any interest in weapons, he didn't know how to teach him how to use anything as complicated as a sword. The only weapon he knew anything about was a staff, since his sensei had used one.

The little ball of energy was reluctant at first, since he really wanted something pointy or cool like the sword he'd seen a samurai using. But he was quick to change his mind when he heard that the Sandaime used one that was more than capable of defeating almost any sword.

Naturally, Jiraiya didn't want to give the boy a proper staff until he was proficient with it, so for the first few months he was restricted to a broken off broom handle.

By the time his sixth birthday came around however, the toad sage decided that he was ready for a real weapon and commissioned one from one of his contacts.

The kid damn near exploded when the pole was revealed. It was about one and a half times the size of the still growing child and was made of a light but sturdy metal, wrapped completely in black leather to make it easier to grip. Naruto also received some scrolls from Sarutobi, (via summon), on proper techniques and stances for the weapon to help improve his form.

For the six months after his birthday, Naruto had done very little but practice the stances and techniques of the scrolls, whilst modifying and adapting them into his own personal style, which Jaraiya had to admit, was quite formidable with its powerful and unpredictable strikes and fluid, adaptable defense.

At this time Naruto had gotten to the point where he only needed to train with his staff for an hour or so a day, so Jiraiya had started him on chakra control exercises. Partially because he planned to start teaching him jutsu soon, but mostly just to keep the frantic boy occupied.

It soon became apparent that he had chakra reserves ridiculously large for his age and, as a result, found the control exercises, even the most basic ones, incredibly difficult. Being a child, Naruto quickly became frustrated with the exercises. Seeing this, Jiraiya had used his secret weapon for motivating his young charge, tales of the Hokage's.

Whether it was due to his desire to be like his father or if it was simple hero worship, Jiraiya was unsure. What he did know was if you told the boy that the Hokage's did it, you could get him to do almost anything, from meditation to eating his vegetables.

Immediately, Naruto dove head first into his control training and by the time his seventh birthday had come he was ready to begin learning basic ninjutsu.

Since the boy would have to endure the gennin exams at some point, the old sage began by teaching him the henge and substitution jutsu, both of which he had mastered within an hour. He then tried to teach the boy the basic clone technique, and whilst he had been able to produce clones, the sheer amount of chakra that he possessed made it impossible for him to make less than fifty, even when using the smallest amount of chakra he could gather.

He decided that, since there isn't really any use for the technique other than the gennin exam, that he would teach him a more advanced version of the technique, the Kage Bunshin Jutsu.

Naruto took to it like a fish to water. The increased chakra requirement of the jutsu meant that he didn't have to focus as hard on limiting his output, which made it exponentially easier for the young ninja to perform. Whilst he could only make around a dozen of the clones at most, this was still very impressive and Jiraiya couldn't help but be proud of his grandson. As a reward, he took the boy out for dinner of whatever he desired. This seemingly innocent action resulted in what would later be known as "The Great Ramen Incident" when the young container discovered a love for the noodle dish that would later become renowned in legends across the world.

Two years later, on Naruto's ninth birthday, Jiraiya had decided that since he had mastered all the techniques that he had shown him so far, including some low chuunin level elemental ones, as well as his now perfected staff and taijutsu fighting styles, that it was time for him to learn summoning.

To say that Naruto was excited to be signing the toad contract, would have been the greatest understatement the world had ever known. Since he was old enough to understand words, his grandfather had been regaling the young blonde with tales of both himself and the boy's father involved in various exploits and adventures with the toad clan. The toads had even watched over the boy or acted as playmates when the old sage had matters to attend to that were unsuitable for young eyes. As such, mere seconds after having signed the contract Naruto sped through the hand signs he had seen his grandfather use countless times and slammed his palm to the ground.

This brings us to Jiraiya's current predicament. He had very nearly soiled himself when he felt how much chakra his grandson had poured into the jutsu and that feeling was not at all helped when there was an enormous cloud of smoke.

Before the cloud dispersed a booming voice roared throughout the clearing.

"Jiraiya you perverted little bastard! I thought I told you next time you summoned me, I would crush you!"

As the smoke cleared, Naruto found himself at the feet of an enormous, red toad wearing a blue vest with a gigantic sword at his hip.

Jiraiya gulped as he stepped forward. "Sorry Bunta, but it wasn't me who summoned you." he stated carefully, very aware of the chief toad's violent tendencies.

"Oh really, than who was it? The summon fairy?" the massive toad replied sarcastically.

Naruto couldn't help but laugh at the joke, his tiny voice drawing the attention of Gamabunta.

"Who are you little one? You look familiar." the summon asked, lowering his head to get a good look at the blonde child.

Naruto puffed out his chest proudly and summoned his 'manly voice' "I'm Naruto Namikaze. Son of Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage. Apprentice to Jaraiya of the legendary sannin. Proud jailer of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and future greatest hokage. And I am the one who summoned you here."

Jiraiya couldn't help but smile proudly at his grandson's version of his famous greeting, though he was still upset that he chose not to do the dance, saying that it was stupid.

Gamabunta chuckled internally at the kid's antics, but maintained a serious expression on the outside.

'So Minato's boy has signed our contract huh? As much as I'd love to just let him summon us, the clan law says I have to test him.' thought the great toad.

"So child, you believe that you are worthy of summoning my kind?" he asked seriously.

Naruto grinned confidently, a sight that almost made the toad shed a tear at how much it reminded him of his dead friend and summoner. "That's right chief. I'm gonna be the greatest Hokage the world has ever known, and you guys are gonna help me."

Gamabunta had to fight back his laugh at how much the boy was like his father. "We'll see, little one. First you will have to pass my test to see if you truly are worthy."

Jiraiya paled, remembering what Bunta's test was from when he had had to complete it himself.

"Bunta are you sure that is nec-"

"Bring it on ya big bastard, I'll pass any test you've got." Naruto declared loudly cutting off his worried grandfather.

"Alright kid, all you've gotta do is get up to my head and stay there for an hour."

Naruto's grin widened. Pushing chakra into his legs he leapt up to the toad's knee, then to his shoulder and finally onto his snout, directly in between the toad's eyes.

"Ok so now what?" he asked with a cocky smirk.

"Now you've just gotta stay there."

Before Naruto could retort about how easy it would be, the great toad crouched low and leapt high into the air, surprising the boy and forcing him to use chakra to stick to Bunta's head.

As they were coming down, Bunta couldn't help but smile at the form on the end of his nose. Rather than being scared or at least serious as his father and 'grandfather' had been, Naruto was laughing maniacally, shouting with joy at the 'fun ride'.

This continued on for an hour, Gamabunta had tried everything he could think of to get rid of the child, even jumping into a lake and staying under water for a full minute, but nothing would make the boy even stumble and throughout the entire test the little idiot was laughing and shrieking like he was on a roller coaster. Shaking his head gently, the toad returned to where he had originally been summoned to find Jiraiya, obviously beside himself with worry. He almost had a heart attack when Naruto recklessly jumped from the head of the toad and did a flip before landing on his feet in front of the old man.

"How'd it go, Naruto?" he asked, though he could guess from the stupid grin and impressed look on him and the toad respectively.

"It was awesome! Bunta was jumping all over the place and even went for a swim, but I never even came close to falling." the blonde declared proudly before he abruptly passed out from exhaustion.

Jiraiya caught him before his limp form could hit the ground.

"That kid is really something. You've done Minato proud Jiraiya."

"Thanks Bunta, but most of it is him. I've never seen someone be so devoted or get so much enjoyment out of training before, even his father didn't do as much as him." he said proudly, looking down at the unconscious boy with a warm smile.

"And to be able to summon me and pass my test at his age is not only incredible, but unprecedented. Even Minato was thirteen before he was able to do it." the huge toad stated, his tone clearly showing how impressed he was.

For the next six months, Naruto continued his usual training regime, with a large portion of his time devoted to summoning various toads to become acquainted with them and their abilities. He developed a number of powerful combination attacks with some of them and simply became friends with others who were not compatible with his fighting style and techniques. He quickly grew quite close with Gamabunta's two youngest sons, Gamakichi and Gamatatsu. And the three of them could often be found playing games or simply talking.

Deciding that he had a reasonable level of mastery with his summoning, Jiraiya began teaching the eager sponge one of his father's techniques, the infamous Rasengan.

The old man almost fainted when he had mastered the first stage after only a day and actually did faint when he passed the second on his first try.

'I guess that makes sense with his tendency to overload everything with chakra. I doubt the last stage will be as easy though. Control always has been his weakness.' he thought as he watched the boy complete his victory dance.

The toad sage was proven correct when Naruto was still struggling with the last stage after two solid weeks of working on it.

That was, until he stumbled across something during a battle royal he was having with a hoard of clones to relieve his frustrations.

One of the clones had launched a fire jutsu, demolishing two more clones before it was heading straight for the original in his blind spot.

Before it connected however, he nimbly leapt out of the way, completely unharmed.

Instantly, the fighting stopped as all the remaining Naruto's looked at the original with something between shock and amazement.

"How did you do that boss?" one clone asked.

"I'm not really sure. I was focusing on what I was doing when I suddenly knew that the attack was coming. It was like I'd already been hit by it. Only I wasn't where I was when it happened."

"Let me try something." one of the clones said before walking to another clone and whispering in its ear. He then smacked the other clone in the head dispelling it.

Naruto smiled as he suddenly knew what the dispelled clone had been told.

"So I learn everything that a clone does when its dispelled." he said thoughtfully.

"If that's true then we can be used for learning stuff." a clone said excitedly.

"Yeah. If I summoned fifty clones and they all worked on a technique for an hour, it'd be like I'd trained for fifty hours!" the original proclaimed loudly, earning a chorus of cheers from the remaining clones.

"So what should we do first boss?"

Naruto grinned and reformed the cross hand sign, summoning a fresh group of clones, bringing the total number up to one hundred.

He then pulled a bag of balloons from his pocket. Instantly all the clones were sporting matching grins as they each grabbed a balloon and began working on perfecting the last stage of the Rasengan.

Though it only took him another day with the clones to be able to form a Rasengan with the help of a clone, he continued working for another week until he could form the attack instantly without help.

Being the prankster that he is, Naruto decided not to tell Jiraiya outright about his mastery of the technique, choosing rather to surprise the sannin with it during their next sparring session. Needless to say, the toad sage was indeed surprised when his grandson snuck up on him and nailed him with a perfect Rasengan to the gut, sending him spiraling into a tree and cracking a few ribs.

After having Naruto explain just how he managed to master a technique in three weeks that took him a full year to master, he decided to step up the boy's training.

Every morning, at the beginning of their training, Naruto would create as many clones as he could. The clones would then be divided equally into four groups. One group would work on improving his taijutsu and weapon skills by having a battle royale. Another worked on completing his mastery of all the ninjutsu the boy knew, as well as improving his chakra control.

The third group began working on elemental chakra training, first the leaf splitting then water splitting exercises.

The final group was divided into two more groups. One, of about five clones would study various books and scrolls Jiraiya got for him, covering everything from math and history to sealing. The rest of the clones, and the original, were instructed to simply experiment and see what they could come up with.

This was by far his favourite of the training exercises he was undertaking, as it allowed him to use the creativity and imagination that often hindered his concentration during the more scripted training he undertook.

After two more years of this training, the event which many parents and guardians fear finally occurred, though when it finally happened Jiraiya couldn't have been happier. Naruto began puberty. Seemingly overnight the boy grew drastically, to the point he actually looked more like a seventeen or eighteen year old than his actual age of eleven. This was not what had made the aging toad sage happy, no he was almost ecstatic because his grandson had taken an interest in women.

He first noticed when they went to a hot spring after Naruto had an accident with one of his new techniques, a more powerful version of the Kage Bunshin Daibakuha.

This, of course, was just a cover so the white haired sannin could get in some 'research' for his next novel.

Naruto, having noticed his grandfather's great interest with whatever was on the other side of the dividing wall, decided to look for himself and see what was so exciting. What he would see that day would alter his perspective on life and the world forever. His young eyes were immediately drawn to the form of what could only be an angel due to its unnatural level of perfection. She was older than he, about eighteen, but that fact was quickly disregarded as he gazed upon the radiance that was her glorious form.

For almost five minutes, he stared silently at the ethereal beauty when he was snapped out of his stupor at the sound of his grandfather's perverted giggling.

Not understanding the situation entirely, the unknowingly aroused boy called out to his grandfather loudly.

The beating that ensued would, to a lesser degree, also be burnt into his memory forever.

Following what Jiraiya had labeled 'Naruto's rebirth', the sannin delighted in teaching his grandson 'the wonderful ways of the pervert'. By the end of that month, Naruto had already read through the entirety of the Icha Icha series once and was starting them again. He also had created a new jutsu and delighted in using it to put his sensei through both heaven and hell.

The next year passed in much the same manor. Naruto continued his training, mastering many new jutsu and creating a few of his own, as well as continuing his other training and helping his grandfather with his research.

Finally, in January of the year he would turn thirteen they began the trek back to their village of birth. It was time for Naruto to put his training to the test and finally become a shinobi of the leaf.

Chapter End

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