Ever since I first got into Naruto (recently, anyway) I had the idea of writing a story about the Sand Siblings when they were little kids. Then recently I had the idea of making a whole little mini series of oneshots with them throughout their lives. It's all in Temari's POV, and it's mostly about her view on Gaara over the years, but it does involve Kankuro as much as the others. His thoughts just aren't exactly featured. And before you start making judgements, I do love Kankuro. He's one of my favourite characters (though I'm not sure that says much 'cause I have many, many favourite characters). I'm sorry if they're not in-character, especially in the beginning oneshots since they're little. I also made up some of the stuff during their childhood and scenes I wrote about that weren't in the anime so if there's anything that doesn't match canon, please try to ignore that fact.

The oneshots are all in chronological order, so they'll be older in each scene (even by a day or two, as is the case with one of them). I have about half of them finished, but unfortunately for me the last half is all the stuff that's in the anime so I'll have to try to make it my own while weaving in actual scenes at the same time. I'm so excited.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Nightmares and Dreams

All was quiet in Suna. The skies were clear, as always, allowing the moon and stars to shine upon the village with their full beauty. The silver light poured into a small room through the exposed windows and onto a young girl no older than six sleeping soundly in her bed. Her sandy blonde hair was splayed across her pillow and her face was totally relaxed, appearing almost ghostly white in the moon's light. The covers moved up and down slightly as she breathed, but she made no noise. The entire scene was almost like the very essence of tranquility.

The peacefulness was interrupted, however, by three quiet knocks on the wooden door.

The little girl's face scrunched up and she rolled over, hoping that if she ignored the noise it would go away.

It didn't.

The three knocks came again, more urgently this time. The girl didn't move, instead called out, "Go back to bed, Kankuro. I'm trying to sleep."

"But Temari..." a little boy's voice whined from the other side of the door.

"Go back to bed," Temari snapped. She didn't want to have to deal with her little brother and his nightmares late at night.

At last all noise coming from the other end of the door ceased. Temari let out a silent breath and relaxed, soon fast asleep once again.

Unbeknownst to the sleeping girl, the door slowly opened. A brown-haired little boy dressed in black pyjamas and holding a doll-sized wooden puppet shuffled in and climbed onto his sister's bed as quietly as he could. He slid himself under the covers and made himself comfortable, before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

He woke not a minute later to being shoved off the bed.

"Didn't I tell you to go back to bed, Kankuro?" Temari asked angrily.

Kankuro's eyes began to glisten, moist with tears. "But Temari, I had a nightmare. I wanted to sleep with you."

Temari tried to hold her fury, but looking at her pathetic little brother about to cry she softened her gaze. "All right, you can sleep with me. But just for tonight."

The little boy's entire face lit up and he jumped up on the bed and latched on to his sister. "Thank you thank you thank you Temari!"

"Gt...ff" Temari warned, her voice muffled by Kankuro.

He quickly let go and began to make himself comfortable on the bed. Once she was certain he wasn't about to move, Temari did the same. They both fell asleep within a few minutes.

Less than an hour later a quiet knocking on the door woke them up.

"Go back to bed, Kankuro," Temari mumbled, forgetting he was beside her.

"But Temari, I'm right here."

Temari's teal eyes shot open. That meant there was only one person who could be at the door.

She quickly got up and went over to the door, opening it to reveal a little boy with messy red hair and pale green eyes surrounded by dark rings. He tightly clutched a teddy bear larger than his head.

Temari could hardly believe it. "G...Gaara?"

The boy nodded. He could speak, Temari knew, but he often chose not to. It was shocking to see her youngest brother in the doorway of her room because he was never around for her or Kankuro to see, both because of their father and by his own choice. Temari could only remember seeing him twice; the first was just after he was born and she and Kankuro had learned their mother had died giving birth to him. The second was only a few months ago when he had happened to be passing by in one of the hallways. Although Temari didn't know Gaara very well, she knew that he was rather anti-social and was only comfortable around Yashamaru, their uncle and his caretaker. For him to be in her room meant he trusted them or something bad had happened.

Knowing that asking why he was here would only be answered with silence, she took a different approach. "Is Uncle Yashamaru okay?"

The red-haired boy nodded.

"Is Father okay?"

He nodded again.

She hesitated slightly before asking the last question. "Are you okay?"

Gaara looked slightly confused, as if he didn't know whether to nod or shake his head. Eventually he settled for shrugging his shoulders.

Temari couldn't think of what could be wrong with Gaara. He didn't look sick or injured. He only looked slightly scared. And that's when Temari remembered Kankuro had had a nightmare. Maybe Gaara had had one too.

"Did you have a nightmare?" she asked gently, much more so with him than Kankuro. Since she knew Kankuro better, and knew that he was obnoxious and annoying, she decided to be kinder to her youngest brother.

The little boy looked down at the floor and nodded, clutching his teddy bear tighter.

Temari didn't know much about her little brother, but he looked too scared and helpless for her to just send him away to Uncle Yashamaru, and certainly their Father. She decided to ask, "Would you like to sleep with us tonight?"

Gaara looked up at Temari with something akin to hope and relief. He nodded vigorously, but didn't move. Temari realized he was waiting for her to guide him. He didn't want to enter her room until he was certain he had her full permission.

She almost smiled; who knew a three-year-old could be so courteous? Gently taking his hand, making sure it was loose enough that he could break free any time he wished, she brought him over to the other side of her bed, the side Kankuro wasn't sleeping on. She got up on the bed and pulled him up with her, setting him softly beside her. Kankuro just watched Gaara with mild curiosity and happiness. Temari guessed he was also glad that their little brother had decided to join them.

The blonde girl snuggled under the blankets and closed her eyes. She was surprised to feel her brothers snuggle up to her, and in response she put both arms around them. Temari felt happier than she could put into words. She had both her brothers by her side, and the three of them were truly together for the first time.

She decided that no matter what she would always protect her little brothers, and make sure no harm befell them. Her brothers were the most important things in the world to her.

In the morning she woke to her two brothers resting their heads on her arms, using them as pillows.