Hiroki and Nowaki's house, 10:30 A.M

Nowaki woke up in his and Hiroki's bed, yawning. He looked down at his older lover, and smiled. Hiroki was smiling in his sleep, seeming like he was having a good dream. Nowaki ruffled his hair and kissed him softly.

"You're so cute Hiro-san."

"You romantic pervert." Hiroki said, turning away from Nowaki.

"You're awake." Nowaki said. Hiroki nodded slightly and got out of bed. He started to get dressed and asked what time it was. Nowaki looked at the clock on the nightstand. "It's 10:30."

"I'm late! Goddamnit! This is all your fault!" Hiroki yelled, getting dressed faster. He ran in and out of the bedroom, to the bathroom, and to the living room.

"I thought your class wasn't until 12?" Nowaki called, getting out of bed and getting dressed.

"I still have to prepare for my materials and considering the professor, he'll have me doing more work if I'm late!" Hiroki got all his stuff together and was about to rush out of the house, before he turned to Nowaki.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Well. I know how fast you can ride your bike… And I'll be even more late… And I can't believe I'm doing this… But can you give me a ride on your bike please?" Hiroki asked, furiously blushing.

"No problem Hiro-san." Nowaki smiled, with a smile that said, "I'm so happy."

A couple minutes later…

"I can't believe I'm doing this…" Hiroki said, holding onto Nowaki's back while riding on the bike.

"It's fine. I'm enjoying it." Nowaki smiled as he rode his bike down to M university.

"Of course you are…" The assistant professor mumbled, glaring at anyone who dare look at him.

"You don't have any work today, right?" Hiroki asked Nowaki.

"Yep. Free all day. All your classes are over at 5, right?" Nowaki asked Hiroki.

"Yeah, only 2 classes today. " Hiroki said, looking at the school as they approached.

"Then… Do you want to go to this new karaoke bar that just opened up? We haven't had a date in forever Hiro-san."

"No way." Hiroki said, bluntly denying it, as much as he wanted to go on date.

"We're here…" Nowaki said, stopping at the school gate.

"I'll be home later."


'He's doing it again! I won't let him jerk me around like this, that brat!' Hiroki thought, glaring at Nowaki.

"See you lat-

Before Hiroki could say goodbye, Nowaki grabbed him for a goodbye kiss. College students looked at them and silently snickered.

"You jerk! Why-

"See you later Hiro-san." Before Hiroki could say anything else, Nowaki hopped on his bike and rode off.

"I'm going to kill him later… He did that on purpose that brat!" Hiroki mumbled under his breath. He started to walk into the school, until he heard some of his kids giggling at him. Hiroki turned to them and glared.

"Mention this ever, and I'll fail you for the rest of time!" Hiroki said. They all stopped laughing and became pale in the face. Hiroki walked to his office in silence and began to get his materials ready.

"At least the professor isn't here… I can work in peace." Hiroki said, beginning to work.

1 hour earlier, 9:30, Shinobu's apartment

Miyagi woke up and yawned. He looked around the room, then down, to see Shinobu holding onto his arm. Miyagi pondered for a moment, to wonder why he was in Shinobu's apartment.

"Oh yeah, now I remember."


Upon arriving home , drunk, Miyagi stumbled into Shinobu's apartment, without thinking he had the key with him, getting them mixed up. Shinobu was waiting at the door, and when he saw the older man, he immediately stood up and hugged him.

"You've finally come over!" Shinobu said, excited that Miyagi finally came over on his own free will.

"Why are you in my apartment Shinobu-chin?" Miyagi slurred. Shinobu, realizing he is drunk, sighs and leads Miyagi to the bathroom.
"Well, it's better that your came to my house drunk, then not coming at all." Shinobu starts to clean him up, but Miyagi slowly touched Shinobu.

"What are you doing? Stop it." Shinobu cried. Miyagi shoves him against the wall, kisses him and he does this and that to him, making Shinobu moan while he does so.

"M-Miyagi, stop it! W-wait until later… Ah!" Shinobu cried, small moans escaping his mouth in the process.

"But this little guy doesn't want me to stop." Miyagi said, smirking.

Miyagi then proceeds to cart Shinobu to the bedroom, to have better sex.

"Thus bringing us to now…" Miyagi once again looked down at his younger lover and sighed.

"So this is what his house looks like…" Miyagi examined his room. It was dull, with nothing on the walls, and no clocks anywhere.

"Wonder why there's no clocks… Maybe I'll get him one…." Miyagi said, drifting back to sleep.

2 hours later…

Shinobu woke up, thinking back to last night and blushing. "I wonder if is he has work today."

Miyagi, upon being a light sleeper, shot out of bed, and quickly ran over to his apartment.

"I'm guessing he does." Shinobu got up out of bed, quickly got dressed, walked out, and went to Miyagi's apartment.

"Agh! It's 11:30! Kamijo's going to kill me!" Shinobu glared in the distance as he thought of Hiroki and Miyagi doing stuff in his office.

"Hey! I have no classes today, and you have no "homework", right? So we're going to this karaoke bar tonight. Okay? Okay. I'll be in the car." Shinobu called, obviously jealous. Miyagi's mouth dropped open, and he thought, 'Terrorist! Stupid terrorist!'

Back at the university, 11:50

'Where the hell is he? Class starts in ten minutes!' Hiroki thought, pacing back and forth, like a worried father whose daughter stayed out to late.
And at that moment, Miyagi burst into the office, with a small teenage boy in tow.

"Where have you been professor? Class starts in 9 minutes!" Hiroki scolded Miyagi, as they both gathered their materials for the class.


"Bother me later Shinobu!" Miyagi said, dragging Hiroki off to class, as Shinobu sat there in the office, alone.

3 hours and 20 minutes earlier, 8:30, unknown

"Ugh… Where am I?" Misaki asked himself, looking around the room, slowly becoming mortified as he found out where he was. Usagi's toy paradise. Toys were still everywhere, random bears and what not on the bed. Random toys hanging from the ceiling, and not to mention the eerie atmosphere just admitting from the owner of the house.
"Oh crap…" Misaki mumbled, looking down at Usagi. The boy slowly got up, but before he could get even two feet away, he had stepped on a talking toy, slowly awakening the nightmare, that was Usami Akihiko.

"Damnit…" Misaki looked back at Usagi and frowned.

"Misaki…" Usagi mumbled

"Y-yes great lord Usami-Sensei?" Misaki's face paled.

"Where do you think you're going?" Usagi asked, pulling the boy back onto the bed.

"Ah! No! Don't do that! I'll do anything besides this!" Usagi smirked at his panicking lover.

"Well then, do you want to go to a new karaoke bar tonight? I just finished work."

"Karaoke? I love karaoke! Let's go!" Misaki smiled, not only trying to get out of this situation but also trying to do something fun tonight besides having sex with Usagi.

"Alright. I'll pick you up from your class later then." Usagi said, proceeding to have fun with the younger boy.

"Hey! Wait! You stupid lying rabbit!" Misaki yelled.

1 hour later

Misaki was in the kitchen cooking breakfast for him and Usagi to eat together, like they would normally do every day. Misaki was in a bad mood, due to Usagi having his way this morning and jerking the younger boy around still. Usagi however, entered the room with a uncharacteristically good aura emitting from him and a happy smile on his face, unlike usual mornings. Misaki glared at him.

"Hey, when's your first class?" It's at 12." Misaki said, flipping an omelet. "Oh really?" Usagi smirked and walked over to the boy. "No! I mean 10:30! Ah-"

Usagi then proceeded to do this and that to his lover, once again. An hour and thirty minutes passed until Usagi was done pummeling, sucking, and groping the boy. They ate breakfast in the thirty minutes they had left, until Usagi had to drop Misaki off at the university. When Misaki was exiting the car, Usagi promptly reminded Misaki about the date, and how he'll pick him up later. Misaki nodded, and hastily and angrily walked off to his class. Usagi smiled after him and drove off.

M University, 12:00, Literature department

Miyagi is in a bad mood, as he grades papers for Hiroki, as Hiroki teaches the class, once again being stuck with all the work.

'Why am I stuck with all the work? Again!' Hiroki thought, glaring at the professor with a sideways glance.

'Why does Kamijo do all my work? Now I have to go to that stupid karaoke bar, with stupid Shinobu, and I don't want to! I'd rather go with Kamijo, because then we can drink together!' Miyagi thought, as he mumbled under his breath.

The kids in class, instead of paying attention to Hiroki, stared oddly at Miyagi, whispering.

'Usually Kamijo's in a bad mood, but today it's Professor Miyagi…' Misaki thought, sighing and paled in the face.

Unknown to everyone, Shinobu is outside the door, stalking Miyagi (obviously), and mumbling how that stupid assistant professor of his is going to steal Miyagi away and how he hates him.

After class, Miyagi had no work for Hiroki, so Hiroki went home to his complaining lover.

"Hi Hiro-san…"

"I'm not going to give in to the face Nowaki. Forget it."

". . . . . ."

"Nowaki?" Hiroki looked at Nowaki, seeing his dejected face from being rejected by him. Hiroki turned away and sat on the couch.

". . . . ."

"Nowaki! Stop being a brat! It's not that important!" Hiroki yelled at his roommate, still denying the date he wanted to go on. The only reason he didn't want to go on the date, because of bad drunk parties he would have with the professor at karaoke bars.

". . . . . . " Hiroki looked at Nowaki once again.

"Sorry Hiro-san." Nowaki said, going into their room, with his dejected face still.

"Did I do something wrong?" Hiroki asked himself, worried that his lover might hate him. He hesitantly walked into their room. Nowaki was sitting on the bed, with his face in the same expression. Hiroki looked at him with sad eyes, and walked to his lover. Nowaki looked up at him, and soon became surprised as Hiroki straddled him.


"D-do you really want to go on that date?" Hiroki asked, looking into Nowaki's eyes. Nowaki nodded, and wrapped his arms around Hiroki to bring him closer to him.

"It'd make me very happy…" Nowaki whispered. Hiroki sighed.

"…fine…" Hiroki mumbled, embracing the younger boy back.

'He's so cute when he gives in.' Nowaki thought, grinning. "Thank you Hiro-san."


M university, Miyagi's office

"Why do we have to go Shinobu-chin?" Miyagi asked, annoyed at Shinobu.

"Because I want to go on a date with you!"

"Is this because of Kamijo?" Shinobu blew up in a blush.

"No! We're going on that date, whether I have to drag you there or not!"

"Yeah yeah." Miyagi waved his hand to shoo Shinobu away, so he could finish his work.

"We're going tonight Miyagi."

"I know. I'd like a date with you. Even though I don't want it to be karaoke." Miyagi said.

Shinobu's face turned scarlet, and he sat down on the couch and remained quiet, as Miyagi did his work.

Usagi's house, Misaki's room

"What do you want Usagi-san?"

"Just wondering if you can read something over for me."

"Are you teasing me?" Misaki looked at Akihiko.

"Nope. Can you read this over?" Akihiko handed a manuscript to Misaki, and smiled. Misaki skimmed the first page, and scowled at his lover.

"You bastard! Now I'm defiantly not going on that date with you!" Misaki said, throwing the manuscript back to Akihiko. Akihiko laughed and caught his lover in an embrace.

"You're going. You know you want to."

"No I don't! Stupid rabbit!" Misaki yelled, struggling in Akihiko's grasp.

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