With Bella curled up in my arms I allowed my mind wandered to where I so rarely let it, to fantasy.

Charlie's initial reaction to our engagement, that Bella was pregnant, would have been humorous in another life, instead it raised a sadness and a conflict that I had pondered so often since that fateful day in Biology. I was forever at war with myself, weighing up what Bella claimed to desire, Esme's and Rosalie's advice and my own selfish wants.

Shifting my thoughts away from the impossible, I listened to Bella breathe and drew a deep breath of my own, drawing in her scent – a mixture of strawberry shampoo, flannel, moisturizer and arousal. I smiled wryly to myself, as I wondered whether Bella realized how well I could read the fluctuations in her body and what they did to me. I absently began to draw slow circles on her inner thigh, as I carefully ran over in my mind how I would make love to my wife, Mrs. Bella Cullen, in just 18 days time.

Bella Cullen – The name alone fueled my already burning desire for her. I gently leaned into the back of her neck and breathed her hair in, attempting to stabilise my body and my thoughts. Bella murmured and shifted in her sleep, pressing her backside against me, which only increased my overwhelming desire and further questioned my resolve. I breathed in again, trying to steady myself, unable to allow her unknowing seduction to go any further tonight or I would be unhappily forced to leave the room.

Venom suddenly pooled in my mouth, hunger momentarily overriding my physical desire for her. It took a mere split second to realize why – Bella's period had started. I forced myself to focus and draw upon Alice's horrific visions of me killing Bella. In my most depraved fantasies I have thought about Bella's menstrual blood. Part of me wishes I had the courage to push her thighs apart and delve my tongue into her slick, wet folds. Tasting Bella's blood mingled with her arousal, whilst she clung desperately to my hair and begged for more was certainly on my 'Top Ten Things to do with Mrs. Cullen List'.

Lust was beginning to overpower me, as Bella bucked against me in her sleep. I realized my not so innocent light traces over her thigh had awoken an erogenous zone and she shifted once again in her sleep, her core seeking relief from my hand. Bella's warm back arched up against my cold chest and the blood thundered through her veins.

"Edward," she beckoned seductively, twisting around to reach for me as if acting out a dream. Her breath was ragged as she her lips met mine and in my desire I kneaded her left breast, as our kiss deepened, her nipple pebbling in excitement.

"Oh Edward," she breathed heavily in her sleep. "Fuck me. Please, Edward…"

In a shot I was up. This was too dangerous and I was a heartbeat away from being pushed to the edge. I forced myself to the other side of her room, as I had so many times before and steadied myself in the dark, remembering why I loved and respected this woman, why we were waiting and just how dangerous this whole situation was.

Bella, on the other hand, was completely oblivious to the expression of her night time desires. As had happened on previous occasions when I had pulled away from her enticement, she continued to beg for me to satisfy her needs in her sleep. I watched as she turned her body into the mattress, rubbing her breasts and clitoris against the friction of the bed as she moaned my name into her pillow. I watched as she snaked her right hand past the waistband of her cotton boxer shorts and her left hand under her singlet and sought to relieve the tension. As had happened, so many times before I gave into my resolve and convinced myself that mutual masturbation was acceptable when your fiancé was moaning your name as she worked to stimulate herself to climax.

"Harder Edward, I'm so wet for you baby. I want you to cum in me. Please."

We climaxed together. Me silently into some strategically placed tissues and Bella so loudly that I felt certain Charlie was going to wake up and come in with a shotgun and a bullet with my name on it.

Bella twisted on to her back and did a cat like stretch as she threw her head back on the pillows and settled back into sleep. Her hair was tousled around her beautifully flushed face, her lips and cheeks tinged crimson and her lean milky legs kicked out from under the sheets. Her thin singlet barely disguised the rise and fall of her developing chest and I was certain the naughty little minx knew the effect it had on me and purposefully wore it to test my resolve. The fact that Bella did all this to entice me, made it that much harder to resist her and I silently growled as I settled a safe distance away in her rocking chair, unable to ignore the blood at her finger tips.

Gazing longingly at her, I noted the changes that had occurred in Bella over the last year. Gone was her chaste-like, schoolgirl innocence. Her breasts had filled out into rounded mounds and under Alice's tutelage her style had adapted to a slightly sexier edge. I had distinct suspicions that the two of them actually worked quite hard to taunt me with the constant appearance of new fitted blue shirts and the slightest hint of black lingerie underneath playing against her perfectly white skin. Alice had been very careful about her thoughts around me regarding the wedding and honeymoon, but had suffered from a momentarily lapse one day whilst shopping online at Victoria's Secret. Her excited mental squeal had caught my attention from across the house and my mind had suddenly be assaulted by visions of Bella carefully smoothing a slinky black negligee over her body, her wedding band sparkling in the moonlight. The thought was so intoxicating that I had to bury deep within my mind.

The scent of blood was getting stronger and I was glad Bella had chosen black boxer shorts and darker sheets, so she wouldn't wake up in an obvious pool of blood. I tried to put my finger on the moment when my Bella had changed from adolescent to young woman and my thoughts immediately raced back to the night she had tried so earnestly to seduce me and then accepted my proposal. It wasn't her physical changes that had convinced me that this was the moment, rather her confidence and certainty in articulating what she wanted.

Settling back into Bella's rocking chair I fought the urge to lick the blood off her fingers, as my mind drifted to darker things, including what I was about to take from my love.