Dear Nichole,

Today was a long day for daddy. We got another red john case. Every smiley face I see, brings me back to the night when I found you and your mommy dead. It makes me upset. This time it was a little girl about the age you were. He's sending me a message. I know it. Baby girl, it drives me mad. I begin to believe that I should give up on the bastard. But I wont give up, I'll never give up. He hurt you and your momma and I'll never forgive myself. You'd be ten years old right now. I try to picture you in my head but, I keep seeing that damn smiley face. It haunts me day and night. I hide it in the back of my head but, its still there. When I come home from work and see that smiley face, I go and get your favorite teddy bear and your momma's locket and I cry. I cry every night. It kills me. And it will continue to kill me. Little by little and, soon I'll be gone. I love you.

With all my love, your father.


Patrick Jane puts down the notebook and pen as he climbs into bed. He knew it wasn't healthy to write to his dead daughter but, he didn't care. It helped him. He will continue to write his daughter forever because, to him, she was still there with her momma at the store. They'll come home. He hoped soon because, it was getting late and you know what they say about the night. Its dangerous.

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