Two hearts, neither can survive alone. They are destined to be together. Their owners know what their hearts tell them. Yet they listen to their minds instead of their hearts. Now one owner has decided to follow her heart, but will the other follow their lead?


Chapter Three

Night Three

Yori-Chan and I decided that the best thing for me to do was hide out in our dorm, and of course skip the rest of my classes. It was weird being back. I didn't have quite the patience I did before... I was a vampire. I was slightly annoyed at everyone staring at me, and the teacher always stuttering and losing his voice, every time his eyes landed on me.

We walked slowly back to the dorm, planning to spend the rest of the day catching up on each other's lives, everything going on at Cross Academy, and of course Zero.

Everyone stared as we walked down the halls, going the opposite direction of everyone else. We simply ignored them, to wrapped up in our own little private bubble. When we got to the dorm, Yori-Chan didn't waste a second. She pushed open the door and basically threw me into the room.



"Oh my good gosh!" she gasped. "You mean to tell me you haven't been outside since you left Cross Academy?"

"Yes, Kaname said it was safe for me, being a newly-remade-pureblood-vampire-princess, and his little sister, and of course ex-fiancé." "What the crap? That's such bullhockie. You can handle yourself, and with Artemis by your side and it's new beautiful form, you are basically undefeatable ." She gushed in one big deep breath, checks slightly red, and eyes wide. I blushed.

"Well... not really. I'm still not sure about the whole Vampire thing, but I'm slowly learning. But I hate and I mean hate the blood, and the uncontrollable and unbearable blood thirst, that will never go away."

"Okay... I don't understand, what do you mean uncontrollable?" I sighed. I knew I should have never brought that up. I don't know what I was thinking. I didn't want to have to admit that again! At least Kaname wasn't here to hear me. It felt good to be getting this off my chest, finally.

Taking a deep breath, I spoke slowly pronouncing each word carefully, weighing each one,

"Only a Vampire's thirst can be tamed by the one they love."

"So... Are you saying that Kaname's blood..." She gulped and continued. "Wasn't want you were craving? What you wanted? Are you saying you don't love him, like you thought you did?"

I sighed. "Yes... I don't want or will ever want Kaname's blood. I just don't love him."

"Does he know?"

"Yori-Chan, how... how can I tell my brother... My BROTHER, that I don't love him. That I don't want him… I don't want him near me. How can I break his heart? Yori-Chan how!"

"I don't know Yuuki. I just don't know... Wait do you think he will show up here?"

"Oh of this I have no doubt, what so ever. I'll just have to wait and deal with him when he finally does show up. He won't be here for a while. I'm sure, and until then, I am going to focus on Zero. Speaking of my idiotic and stupid partner, who is probably going to try to kill me tonight, what has he been up too? How has he been?"

She looked at me, then looked out the window. Ignoring me. I could feel worry and discomfort stream rolling off of her. "Yori-Chan, what's wrong?" Her eyes locked with mine. Dark fearful eyes meet mine and I felt fear. What had Zero done? She looked away.

"After you left, he didn't come to school for about a month after you left. Everyone thought that he was with you, where ever it was you had gone. So imagine our surprise when Zero showed back up again. Taller, Darker, and if possible scarier. It took a while, but finally people started asking him questions, all of them, of course, were about you. But then someone had the nerve to say you had gone with the Night Class." She paused remembering something, that maybe just maybe I didn't want to know about.

"I have never, never been scared of Zero, not ever. But there was something about that Zero, that made me terrified of him. That would be the first and only time, I was scared, the very first time he's ever looked like a Vampire. He was about ready to take those girls heads off, but instead he simply walked away. But I caught a glimpse of his eyes before he disappeared. They were black, solid pitch coal black. It terrified me Yuuki. I was so scared. He didn't come back to school for two weeks after that, and when he did come back. He was colder and harder, heartless. The rare smiles he would so rarely give you are completely gone. I wonder if the old and real Zero is still in there. Yuuki, you may have destroyed that boy for no reason."

My mouth dropped. I felt my eyes water up. Zero... My Zero! No wonder he hated me! I destroyed him, I knew everything he had gone through. I knew everything about him. I knew how much he had depended on me, whether or not he showed it, and I left him. I left him and I hadn't planned on returning. I had to save my Zero.

I sat lost in thought, not really looking at anything. Just staring off into space, I nearly jumped out of my hard ice-cold skin, when I heard a knock on the door, and before either Yori-Chan or I could open the door; it burst open and in ran Aidou followed by... bats.

Yes big, fat black bats! Wait, I know that smell. Great Aidou I'm going to kill you. I jumped up and pulled Artemis out from its home on my thigh. As soon as I thought the word extend, Artemis was at full-length and slashing threw all of the Kaname bats. Making sure I got all of them, not leaving a single on behind.

"How long have they been following you?"

"I don't know. Since I was coming up to see you!"

"Damn it, Aidou!"

"I'm sorry, Yuuki!"

"You're sorry? You are sorry? Well I don't fucking care if you are sorry or not. If Kaname finds me this early, I will hurt you."

I didn't know what was happening to me. I felt this warmth radiating threw me. I felt an uncontrollable energy. Before there was no breeze in the room, but now there was almost hurricane winds. "Yuuki calm down." I heard someone yell.

I felt my feet lift off of the floor, all I could see was red, what was happening?

"Yuuki! STOP!" I heard the voice I had been wanting to hear all day. Everything went dark, and I fell.