Getting Over Your Past…

Oliver stared at the couple in front of him his jaw clenched. He was supposed to be one of his best friends and she had been his girl. Sure it had been a really long time ago but he knew how Oliver had felt about her and yet there he stood one hand on the small of her back the other holding a glass of champagne as they announced that he had just proposed to her, and she had accepted.

The two of them dating hadn't bothered him that much. Granted the small touches and inside jokes they shared was the hardest part, but at least then there was still the chance that the two of them wouldn't last.

But he knew her well enough to know that her accepting his proposal was the end of the line for her. Now he would never get his a chance to win her back.

Lois Lane would be Lois Lane-Kent.

He knew she would still use her last name as well as his she was too independent not to. That was just one of the many things that he had loved about her. She was strong, smart and sarcastic, and now she was his.

The sight of the two of them here like this was like a knife to his gut. He had lost her. The way she looked at the other man made that completely obvious.

The way she had looked at him had held only a fraction of the admiration she obviously held for Clark Kent.

He couldn't watch this anymore.

His turned away from them and toward the bar to order another drink. Something strong. Something that could numb him and make him forget, at least for a few hours, the pain of this whole evening.

He made his way through the crowd of people all joyously celebrating the news of Clark Kent finally biting the bullet and 'making an honest woman' of Lois Lane.

When he finally managed to reach the bar he called over the bartender and ordered a glass of their most expensive scotch and downed it in one giant gulp and pointed to, "another." He told the man.

The man behind the bar poured him another and made his way to serve the other people who were waiting.

His eyes drifted over all the other party goers until they landed on a petite blonde several people away ordering a drink from the bartender.

His gaze ran over her from head to six inch heal clad feet. She leaned her elbows on the bar giving the man behind it her order. He cocked his head to the side to get a better look at the woman but was instantly distracted by how far the hem of her dress had ridden up her shapely legs.

It was then that he had a thought. What better way to get over the events of this evening then to get under some random sexy blonde.

It was time to revert back to his old ways. Playboy Oliver Queen, that's who he was supposed to be, and starting tonight he was going to be again.

He picked up the glass from the bar and downed the remaining contents before making his way down to her.

But when she turned slightly he was taken aback for a moment. This was not just some random woman like he was hoping. This was Chloe Sullivan. Watchtower, and sidekick extradionaire.

He stood grounded in one spot realizing his plans for the evening had defiantly just changed. He couldn't sleep with her to dull his pain she was more important then that.

He turned back toward the bar and ordered his third drink of the night, but drank this one slowly as he watched her. She was probably the only other person as upset by the turn of events that had taken place that night as he was.

She really didn't seem to be happening the announcement any better then he was. A fact that was made obvious by the two double shots of tequila she ordered and downed in less then a minute before anyone but him could see. He'd never seen her drink before at least not hard liquor. Just an occasional glass of wine at a few of the dinners Senator Kent had invited him to at the farm.

Truth be told those dinners were really the only time he spent with her outside of anything JL related.

Everything he knew about her he had learned from the 'happy couple'. Lois hadeven been the one that had told him about her unrequited love all through high school for the groom to be.

He kept his eyes on her as she made her way over to them and hugged them both, a fake smile plastered to her face the entire time. She was defiantly good at pushing down her pain, he had to guess that it came from years of loving Clark Kent and being ignored over and over again for Lana and then Lois.

She kissed them both and talked to them for a few moments longer then turned and made her way back to the bar, and sat on one of the stools ordering another drink. He watched as she placed her hands over her face for a moment until the bartender set another shot in front of her which she swiftly downed.

He made his way over to her. He may not be able to take her home and take her to bed like he wanted to when he first saw her, but he knew that the two of them could offer some kind of comfort from one another, even if it was just a friendly ear.

"Chloe," he said simply when he reached her. He moved in between her and the seat beside her and leaned one elbow on the bar.

"Hey Oliver." she answered her attention on the small glass in front of her.

She glanced at him for just a moment then and gave him a quick smile, but he noticed it wasn't her regular one, the one she got when the team would sit around after a mission and just relax. That was the kind of smile that always seemed to light up the whole room.

"What are you doing?" his concern for her overpowering the jealousy he had felt just moments before.

"Drinking, you wanna join me?" she asked pointing to the vacant seat next to her.

He sat down slowly and waved over the bartender, "What can I get you." he asked when he reached them.

Oliver pulled out a few large bills and slammed them on the table, "a bottle of tequila and two shot glasses, and we'll be over there." he answered pointing to an empty table in a nearby corner.

"You got it." the man said picking up the money and leaving them.

"Come on." he told her. Standing up and grabbing her hand.

He pulled her through the crowd and walked her to the table.

She sat down slowly, watching him closely, "So what was wrong the bar?" she asked her eyes wide when he sat down across from her.

"Nothing. I just thought we could use a little privacy."

"All right, what's this all about Oliver, because if this is some work thing I would really appreciate if we could talk about it tomorrow." she told him sounding completely defeated.

"This has nothing to do with work Chloe. I just thought you could use some company, and I know I could use some. So here we are."

"Isn't there some saline and silicone enhanced woman around here you can spend your time with." She looked around at all the people until her eyes landed on a busty brunette a couple of tables away, "Isn't she your type?" she asked him cocking her head in the direction of the woman.

"I'm really not interested." he said not bothering to look.

"Really?" she asked her eyes wide.


"Here you are sir." A waitress said as she walked up to the table and set down the bottle he had ordered and the two shot glasses. "Is there anything else you need?" she asked him leaning down slightly to giving him a straight shot down the front of her shirt.

"No I'm fine." he told her turning his attention back to Chloe. "What about you?" he asked her.

"I'm good." she told the waitress who never even looked her way.

"We're good." he told the woman.

She watched the scene in front of her trying not to laugh and started to once the woman stormed away, annoyed by Oliver's blatant brush off.

"I'm sure she would like to be your company for the evening." she told him.

"I'm not interested in her anymore then whoever you tried to pawn me off on just a few minutes ago." He opened the bottle of tequila and poured them each a shot, "You know you keep trying to get rid of me and you might start to have a negative affect on my self esteem." he said with a small smirk.

"I think we both know there's no way to bruise that super sized ego of yours."

"Ouch. You wound me." he said pulling his hand up to his chest over his heart.

She laughed at that. Her real laugh and he couldn't help but smile at the sound.

"I thought we were drinking." she picked up the tiny glass in front of her and slammed it back quickly then poured herself another and downed that one as well.

He followed suit and did the same.

"So why are you drinking?" he asked already knowing the answer but not wanting to bring it up until she did.

"Same reason you are." she answered not missing a beat. She shot her gaze at Lois and Clark then quickly back to him.

"Right," he said not bothering to deny it.

They continued drinking shot for shot in silence. Five shots later she finally spoke.

"What's wrong with me?" she asked not looking up from the table. She spoke so softly he barely heard.

What was wrong with her?

He stared at her for a moment. There was nothing wrong with her she was beautiful, smart, and if he was being completely honest sexy as hell.

He'd be lying if he said he never noticed that she had some very appealing assets, especially during the league meetings when she walked around in those tight skirts with the slits halfway up the back of her she was Chloe. Watchtower, Clark's best friend and Lois's cousin. So any time his mind had wondered to thoughts of her as more then that, he had pushed them away, but tonight the way she looked in that dress and those damn heals it was getting difficult to ignore.

"Nothing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you." he said leaning across the table and placing a hand on her arm.

"Yeah well then explain to me why I'm always overlooked." she took a deep breath and finally looked up to meet his eyes, "everyone wants the Lois and Lanas if the world. They want the beautiful and sexy women, not some over caffeinated, workaholic."

"You don't think you're sexy?" he asked. He wished he could say that he was surprised by her revelation, but he really wasn't. No matter how ridiculous it seemed to him there were plenty of reasons she had to think that. The biggest was that she had spent years being overlooked by Clark Kent.

"Well, I think the fact that I haven't had a date in months speaks for itself." she said with a small chuckle and the fake smile he'd seen on her face earlier when she was talking with Lois and Clark.

He could tell she was trying to make light of the whole situation but he wasn't buying it, and he wasn't about to let her start to feel sorry for herself.

"You're very sexy." he said locking his eyes on hers.

"Yeah okay." she said letting out a sad little snigger.

"You don't believe me." he said. It wasn't a question.

"Oh sure I believe you," she answered sarcastically, "You Oliver Queen think I'm sexy." She reached for the bottle and poured herself another shot and downing it quickly.

He stared at her for a moment trying to decide if telling her about his intentions toward her before he realized who she was would be a good idea.

He decided to go for it.

"You know earlier tonight I watched you at the bar."

"Yeah so?"

"Well before I realized it was you I really wanted to take you home with me. Use you to get over this whole Lois and Clark thing."

She stared at him for a moment shocked by what he had just said to her, but then it hit her. He was messing with her.

She started laughing at full volume, "Oh my god Oliver," she said in between howls, "You actually had me going for a minute there."

"You think I'm joking." he said. This was defiantly a first him. Telling a woman he wanted to take her back to his place and his bed and her not taking him seriously.

"Obviously." she answered when she managed to finally stop laughing.

"Chloe look at my face. Does it look like I'm joking?" he asked clenching his jaw, "I saw you tonight and I wanted you."

"But then you realized it was Me." she commented.

"Yes I did." he told her and paused for a moment, "but right now I'm trying to remember why that stopped me." his eyes fell to the neckline of her dress and the cleavage falling out of it.

It only took her a moment to realize what he was looking at. She leaned back in her seat and crossed her arms over her chest.

"So what you're telling me is that you wanted to take me back to your place and use it for me for a night of rumble tumble fun?" she asked clearly amused.

"Well I wouldn't word it like that but yes that's exactly what I'm telling you." he said leaning back and crossing his arms over his chest as well.

"To get over this whole thing, I assume." she said waving her arm at the party going on around them.


"That's very interesting." she told him taking a moment to consider what he had just told her.

Oliver Queen wanted to have sex with her.

Oliver Queen was supposed to be an amazing lover.

One night of fun with him might be something she could really use.

She grabbed the bottle and poured the remaining liquor into their glasses and placed the bottle back down.

"Forgetting the pain and having some fun doesn't sound so bad." she said picking up her glass and downing it.

His head shot up.

Had Chloe Sullivan just said she wanted to have sex with him?

"Chloe, you've had a lot to drink tonight." he said not meeting her eyes.

"I have." she said, and then leaned forward, "but not enough that you should feel guilty in the morning."

She stood from the table then turned to him.

"Are you coming or not?" she asked.

He looked up at her for a moment. Trying to decide if he should do this. Should he take Chloe Sullivan home with him? Could he really just have a one night stand with someone he respected as much as he did her?

Someone he worked with.

Someone who he trusted his safety to every time he went on a mission.

Someone whose best friend could kill him with one glare.

She placed her hand on the table and leaned down, "It's not a trick question Queen." she said soft enough that only he could hear. "Are you up for it or not?"

He stared at her for a moment his eyes traveling down her entire body.

He turned toward the table and picked up the glass in front of him and downed it quickly. He stood up and looked down at her even in those damn heals she still only came up to his chin, "Let's go." he said following her out.

She followed him into the penthouse her heart pounding. The surge of confidence she had felt earlier that evening when he told her he wanted to take her home with him had started to subside as soon as they got in the cab and made there way here.

He turned and looked at her, "Are you gonna come all the way in?" he asked when he realized that she had stopped, and was standing just outside the elevator.

She moved toward him slowly her teeth tugging on the corner of her lower lip. Was she really going to do this, have a one night stand with Oliver?

This was completely out of character for her she didn't do stuff like this but she wanted him. She needed to do this.

She stopped in front of him her eyes searching his to see if she saw the hesitancy she was feeling reflected in them.

"Chloe, we don't have to do this." he told her gently as he placed his hands on her arms.

He wanted her, there was no question of that at this point, but he didn't want her to be with him this way and regret it tomorrow.

She rose to her tip toes and kept her eyes on his as she gently brushed her lips against his. Then pulled back.

"I want to," she told him simply.

She took several steps back and reached behind herself slowly pulling down the zipper of her dress.

He didn't move, "Are you sure?" he asked. He kept his feet planted where they were. He knew if he got any closer to her right now there would be no way he could stop himself from taking her.

"I am." She reached her hands up to her shoulders and slipped the thin straps from her shoulders letting the dress fall from her and pool at her feet.

He stared at her. Chloe Sullivan was beautiful. He knew she was, but seeing her in front of him in nothing but matching black lace undergarments was unbelievable. She was like a goddess with her full breasts and perfect curves. How was it possible that the woman in front of him didn't believe she was sexy?

He didn't move or say a word for what seemed like forever. His eyes never left her and she suddenly felt very self conscious under his gaze, "but your not." she concluded, feeling a wave of embarrassment come over her she lowered herself to pick up her dress.

It took a moment for her words and actions to sink in. She thought he had changed his mind. He took three large steps toward her and bent down; he placed his hands on her upper arms and lifted her to her full height.

"No, I haven't." he said lowering his head and crushing his lips against hers. He felt her tense for just a moment before her lips started to move against his.

Oliver pulled back for a minute and searched her eyes. He was silently giving her one last chance to back out. She seemed to understand what he was asking her because a moment later she nodded and started kissing him again.

His hand moved from her arms to her back and she felt herself shudder as he slowly moved then down to the small of her back and then rested them on her hips.

He tore his lips from hers and went to work on nuzzling her neck causing her to moan loudly. The feel of his soft lips and tongue on her was making heart pound harder then she ever thought possible.

"You know, I feel like you are way over dressed for this." She said breathlessly.

He pulled his lips from her and "Well maybe you should fix that." he told her with a wicked grin.

She lifted her hand to his chest and slowly ran them down until she reached the bottom button of his shirt. She undid them one by one until his shirt lay open revealing the hard lines of his sculpted abs and pecs. She stared at him for several minutes running her fingertips over his skin before looking up at him to find him with a smug smirk on his face.

She rolled her eyes and ran her hands up his torso until they reached his shoulders and pushed his shirt over them until it hung from his bent elbows.

He pulled his hands from her hips and shook the garment loose from his arms, then returned his hands to her hips before running them up her back until he reached the clasp of her bra and undid it in one flick of his nimble fingers.

He tugged it from her body and pulled back taking in the sight of her. She was perfect he had no idea how he had never realized that underneath all the professional clothes and snark was the sexiest woman he had ever laid eyes on.

All the quick moments when he had thought about her in this aspect didn't even come close to her actually standing there in front of him practically completely bare.

She felt it again, a surge of insecurity under his gaze. He was Oliver Queen. He slept with supermodels and Hollywood starlets and here she was Chloe Sullivan the overlooked sidekick standing in front of him almost naked she just felt so… exposed.

He watched as she tensed and moved to wrap her arms around herself, but he stopped her he grabbed her arms and pulled her hands up to mouth and kissing them tenderly, "Don't cover yourself in front of me," he said firmly, but softened his voice before he spoke again, "you are beautiful." he lifted his hand and tucked one of her stray curls behind her ear, then leaned down and kissed her again.

For some reason in that moment she felt everything that was making her question herself disappear and she gave in completely to the feeling of desire for the man in front of her.

She lowered her hands to his pants and made quick work of undoing them and sliding them down his legs taking his boxers along with them. He lifted his legs one at a time and shook them away. Then in one swift motion pulled her to him and lifted her in his arms causing her to giggle lightly.

He carried her to the couch and sat down pulling her into his lap one leg on either side of him.

The way she was sitting gave him perfect access to the breasts he had been dying to have in his mouth since the moment he saw her dress fall to the floor.

He lowered his head and took one pink nipple in his mouth and sucked on it hard causing her head to fall back as she let out a sudden gasp.

He released her with a light pop and blew lightly on her already hardened nub, then turned his attention to her other breast.

He couldn't help but smile when he felt her nails dig into his shoulder. He knew she was ready for him he could feel her damp against his hardened length but as much as he wanted to push her panties aside and sink into her, he wouldn't. Not until she asked him to.

He didn't have to wait long, just a few moments before he heard the words he had been waiting for.

"Oliver, please." she said, a sense of pleading in her tone.

"Please what?" he asked.

"I want you." she finally answered, "Now."

That was all he needed to hear he pulled his hand from her quickly ripped the side of her panties and pulled them from her. He then threw them across the room.

He heard her shriek with delight when he flipped them so he was now on top of her and in between her thighs.

His eyes met hers and stayed there as he sheathed himself in her in one swift thrust. He gave her a moment to adjust to him before he started rocking his hips against hers.

It only took a few minutes of being with her like this for him to feel his release coming, "Oh my god Chloe." he ground out through clenched teeth. She was so tight and the noises she was making were making it hard to keep himself together. He'd never had a woman make him come this quickly but the way she felt he knew he wouldn't last much longer. At least not the first time he took her tonight.

He moved his hand down her body until he found the sensitive nub between her thighs. He pressed his thumb to it and moved it in small circles.

He felt her inner walls clench and he knew she was almost there so he started moving faster and rubbing her clit harder and harder until he heard her scream out his name.

The minute he heard his name from her mouth like that he was done for it only took moments for him to spill himself inside of her.

He stayed over her staring in her eyes for several seconds then gently pulled himself from her. He stared down at her waiting to see if she said anything.

"Oh my god." she finally said breathing heavily.

"I know." he replied gasping

"That was…amazing." she told him.

"Yeah it was." he said leaning down and kissing her, "but you know it could be even more amazing."

"How's that?"

He sat himself up and pulled her into his lap and ran a finger down her neck to the valley between her breasts, "use your imagination," he said before bringing up his other hand around her neck and pulling her to him and kissing her passionately.

Chloe slowly opened her eyes and realized quickly that she wasn't at home in her bed.

No. She was in Oliver Queen's bed.

She turned her head and her eyes landed on the man still fast asleep behind her. She lifted her hands to her face. What had she done?

She slid from his bed as quietly as she could and made her way into the living room. The evidence of the night before was everywhere. After that first time on the couch they'd gone four more times once more on the couch, then on his desk, then against the door to his hidden Green Arrow room and finally in his bed before the both passed out from exhaustion.

The whole night had been amazing. In fact it had been the most erotic and satisfying night of her life. But while most women would be overjoyed at the memory of being up most of the night going at it with Oliver Queen she was not. She had managed to set herself up for heartbreak. Again.

He had made her feel alive.

From the first kiss she knew that she would never be able to be in the same room with him again without wanting to push him down on the nearest available flat surface.

But that could never be.

The night before had been a one time thing. She had said the words herself 'a night of rumble tumble fun'

Yes this had definitely been a very bad idea.

She searched the room and gathered her clothes before dressing quickly and leaving his apartment.

The morning sun hit his face through the window pulling him from his sound sleep. He turned over and reached out to the other side if the bed feeling for her. But he felt nothing but empty space.

His eyes shot open and he realized she was gone.

He should have expected it. Neither of them had made any kind of promises to the other but for some reason he hoped that she had felt what he had the night before.

Apparently she hadn't.

He stood up and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

He could handle this. So it really was just a night of fun for her there was nothing wrong with that. It was what they had discussed before they had even come back to his place.

Oliver turned on the water and stepped in the shower and let the scalding run over him.

A/N Okay so this was my first attempt at a piece with smut. I hope it didn't suck! LOL.

This was originally gonna just be a 2000 word one shot but it kind of got away from me.

I have some ideas for one or two more parts to this if enough people want me to.

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