This is another tmnt pairing fan fiction but this time I am attempting to create one about a triangle of April O' Neil, Casey Jones and Raphael Hamato. This is will be a ficcy before he finds his true mate; Mona Lisa of course. But in this one, raph will have to make a choice; either to try to keep April as he wanted in the beginning or let her go to allow her to be with Casey then begin a relationship with Mona.

This will be my first attempt to put this as a series which this will the first then "the contest of the heart of Venus" then lastly "Mona's journey home."

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Raphael's Destiny for True love!

Written by TR-H
nd July, 2010

Prelude-Flowing with change & The rescue mission of April O'Neil.

In the sewers where four mutant terrapins lived an old bricked burrowed that father had assembled when they first became what they are 15 years before. Training in the ways of bushido and honor. Kneeling and held a small lit candle upon his walking stick.

"Remember to be a true ninja. You must become one with the shadows, darkness gives the ninja power; while light reveals the ninja's presence. Now, can you extinguish this flame without revealing yourselves?" splinter asked, closing his eyes and held the lit candle as he waits for the first practice attack.

Donatello leaped over master splinter, hoping he'd extinguish the flame. Only to ram himself into the wall on the old rat's left.

Donatello grunted as he rammed against the brick wall; almost knocking himself on conscious.

"Too noisy, Donatello." Master Splinter told the purpled clad terrapin, softly smiling and opened his eyes as he looks to his right where Michelangelo waited attempt the mission.

Michelangelo swung his nunchucks, running towards master splinter and flipped forward but the old rat stood up, stepped swiftly backwards and held the candle high from the orange clad terrapin's reach as he tumbled towards Donatello and landing upon him. Both Michelangelo and Donatello grunted and groaned.

"Too clumsy Michelangelo." Master splinter stated, kneeling and returned his hand holding the candle front of him.

Raphael snuck up behind the old rat, attempting to extinguish the flame. Leaping over his head as the old rat leaned down to avoid the red clad terrapin's air assault tantic. Raphael landed then turned around facing the old rat. Master splinter stood up and started walking to the shadows behind him.

Raphael swirled his sai's before he attempt again to try extinguish the candle, running towards the old rat not realising that he was faster than he is. Master splinter waited til Raphael came close enough before kneeling down and held his stick out to trip the red clad terrapin, making him fly to his brothers that sat in the corner of the darkness. As he landed they all grunted and groaned irritably and frustrated as they failed the task.

"Poor choice, Raphael." Master Splinter told him, glaring him with disappointment as he stood up and held the candle.

Waiting for his last student to attempt the task which he was hiding above him in the shadows. Holding himself between the water pipes. Remained silent and still until his chance to attack came for an opportunity to do so.

Opening his eyes, studying the candle position then released his hands as he fell and unsheathed his twin katanas; swiftly slicing the candle in the middle making it fly in the air as he landed. Standing up and held the sword out so the candle will land still lit until he blew the flame out, completing the task.

The room went dark then master splinter switched on the lights to congratulate the blue clad terrapin.

"Well done, Leonardo."

"Teacher's pet!" raph snapped, pointing the finger

"Ninja drop out." Hissed back, throwing the candle half to Raphael.

Raphael caught the candle half; clenching his hand making the candle to break into pieces as he growled and glared the blue clad terrapin. While both mikey and don edged him on from behind, giggling. Raphael stood in Leonardo's face giving him the glare "You Jerk, wanna piece of me".

Master splinter holding his stick between his elder sons ordering them to stop before doing something that they might regret.

"My sons. If you want to become true ninja; you must work harder. Your path in life will not be an easy one. The outside world will be a friendly place for you; you four are different in ways that the surface dwellers will never understand. To survive, you must master these skills that I teach you, ninjitsu powers of stealth, strength and secrecy. You must become cardy skilled warriors and you must never be discovered by the outside world." Master splinter told his sons as he stood before Michelangelo that caught a fly between his hands that was distracting him from listening to his sensei's lecture.

Suddenly a slight tremble that occurred around them made them uneasy and wary of what was happening.

"What is that noise?" splinter wondered turning to his right. The four terrapins stood up, wondered curiously what to think if they were under attack or could be experiencing an earth quake.

"Whoa earth quake!" mikey cried

"In New York, possible but not likely." Don stated before jumping back when one piece of the brick wall fell in front of his feet.

"What are those things?" Leo asked unsure what to make of the robotic mouser

"New York City cockroaches?" mikey replied, scratching his head.

"Whatever they are, they have picked the wrong party to crash." Raph said, leaping to destroy the machine

Michelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo followed his lead and aided him in the destruction of the mousers. Trying to reach their sensei that was trapped by the mousers cornering him in the other side of the lair.

"We must help master splinter." Leo told his brothers, running to the rat's aid but were stopped by the falling ceiling that may crush them instantly. Separated from the collapsed brick ceiling, the remaining mousers were destroyed. The room was filled with dust smog.

The terrapins ran to the brick pile, calling out to their sensei. Hoping he will answer their plea.

"What the shell are those things?" mikey asked, crouching down gazing the fascinating robotic mouser.

Raph walked up beside the orange clad terrapin and kicked the mousers after been crushed with his foot. "Whatever they were, they are junk now."

"Guys; splinter! We gotta find master splinter...Master splinter can you hear me? Donatello, any way if you...what are you doing?" Leo said, turning to his left, gazing the purple clad terrapin, wondering what he was doing.

"Shell cell. I am contacting master splinter...I hope." Don replied, as he waited for master splinter to answer the phone.

On the other side of the cave in. Master splinter could hear a ringing sound as he laid on his stomach, opening his eyes after been on conscious for a couple seconds. Quickly pushed himself and knelt on his knees then took out the ringing phone from his pocket. The phone opened and lit up.

"Hmm...which one of these buttons do I have to push to answer this thing." Splinter stately humed

The worried terrapins waited to hear their sensei's voice when they did. The worried dread disappeared. Leo took the phone from Donatello and tried to asked if his father could hear him or not.

"Master Splinter...are you alright?" Leo asked

"Hello?" splinter said, not knowing he had answered the phone.

"Master Splinter." Leo called again

"Stupid device." Master splinter grunted

"You don't need to push any buttons master splinter; you've already answered it." Leo assured him. While his brothers stood around him but Raphael wanted to be a torment and pushed Michelangelo away, making him fall over onto his shell.

"Ah...Leonardo. Whatever those mechanical things were; they have eaten through the structures of our home. Meet me at the old drainage junction." Splinter requested.

Donatello grabbed the pipe junction map from his bag and blew away the dust from the map.

"If we take this way to the south conduit; this will intersect the tunnels." Don stated as he felt mikey's hand sitting on his left shoulder while he stood between him and Leonardo laying his other hand upon Leo's shoulder. "What did he say...what did he say? Did he mention me?" mikey asked playfully.

Raph smirked and pushed the orange clad terrapin again, making him land on the brick rubble pile getting covered in dirt and dust.

Mikey stood up, brushed away the dirt and dust then face the back of the lair; stating his last goodbyes to the home he thought will never have again. "Goodbye broken pipe. Goodbye grudging pay phone. Goodbye dented old man hole cover. Goodbye home sweet home."

"Hello cruel world. C'mon." Raph said, excitedly then grabbing mikey's bandana tails

Walking out the lair and down a couple metres down the sewer tunnel until came to another cave in blocking their usual way to the south conduit. So they decided to go up topside and looked for the nearest man hole but their way down back to the sewers was blocked by an armoured car suddenly arrived in the alley.

The stubborn red clad terrapin tried to push the armoured car alone before the criminals that were known as purple dragons happened to be inside the bank; stealing the money.

"This way hurry raph." Leo said, waving

Raph ignored him and made the choice jumping into the truck as he felt trapped and didn't have enough time to leap up on top of the truck instead of jumping inside. Hiding in the back when the punks threw two bags filled with money and closed the doors as they bragged about the people they held up, how sheepish they were as they trembled in fear while handing the money to them.

"No." Both don and Leo whispered, worried for their brother's safety.

Mikey slapped his head. "Poor choice, Raphael." He said, sheepish

Attempting their first brotherly rescue mission and taking their skills across the rooftops in the shadows as they followed the armoured car to reclaim their own before he is discovered. Waiting for the punks to leave the vehicle so they could get Raphael out then retreat without been discovered.

Mikey leaped down behind the purple dragon gang member after kicking a trash can near by to get his attention.

"Hey, this is no parking zone. Here is your ticket and here your fine." Mikey told the gang punk as he kicked him to the wall while Leo and don leaped down.

"Nice work mikey." Leo told him, smiling and giving him the thumb up.

Don quickly studied the advanced code lock. Grabbing his screwdrivers out from his bag and started to work out to open it. While mikey whined and teased Raphael that happened to be trapped inside.

"What happened to good old fashion padlocks?" mikey whined

"Ha, where's the fun in that? This one is all mine." Don chuckled then started to work on the keycode lock.

Raph thumped his fists upon the door windows and his muffled shouting could not be heard properly as the glass was sound proof.

"What was that Raphael? I can not hear you!" mikey teased, holding his hand around his ear. Showing that he was deaf even though he isn't. Raph grunted irritably and annoyed then punched the glass again.

"OK, I heard that." Mikey said, pointing the glass.

"I am trying to work here." don told mikey, peeved off as he was trying to work on getting Raphael out.

Meanwhile in the drainage junction, master splinter waited for his sons to arrive when he was surrounded by three robotic mousers that ate their way through the floor. Chopping their metal snouts before attacking. The old rat stood in defence, prepared to fight back against the mechanical menace.

He swung his tail against one, instantly breaking one mouser's head clean off from the robotic body while he swung his stick against the other two that leaped from his right. Hitting the robotic heads instantly breaking them down into pieces than relaxed before the floor crumbled underneath his feet.

The floor collapsed and he fell in the dirty tunnel below when he finally reached the end of the tunnel hole. Standing up, brushing himself then walked to his left down the end of the corridor and was astounded to what he had found.

On the surface...

Don finally got the key code lock to open and stepped back when the doors automatically opened.

"Hey raph! Welcome back bro." Mikey said, happily with arms open

Raph ran from the back of the vehicle, pushing the doors open then leaped towards mikey and tackle him to the ground. Giving him a quick beating for his smart mouth teasing game while he was locked up in the armoured car.

"Raph c'mon quit it! Ow! Ow!" mikey pleaded

"What a hothead." Leo stated, turning to his left, gazed Don.

Both don and Leo heard footsteps coming up from behind and they turned, prepared themselves to fight while their brothers wrestled.

"Ah, raph." Don called wary

"We dont have time for this?" Leo said, harshly

"Why not?" raph asked, wanting to continue his torture on mikey.

"Because we aren't alone." Mikey told him, looking over raph's shoulder. Raph release the orange clad terrapin and pulled out his sai's.

"Look at the freaks." One Purple dragon member said

"What is with the dwebbing costumes?" two tonne wondered

"This is not Halloween." Another purple dragon member stated

"You're going down, freaks. No one messes with the purple dragons especially wearing stupid turtle costumes." The group leader said, pointing the finger

The four terrapins kicked the purple dragon punks butts then they stood up and ran away when they were surrounded by foot ninja. Prepared for anything that was going to be their first fight.

Don worked on hot wiring the vehicle so they could retreat as they weren't strong enough against a group of unknown ninjas. Jumping into the armoured car and driving off, leaving the enemy behind.

Driving to the south port drainage junction where their sensei waited for them to meet with him. When they finally arrived; splinter led down the tunnel to their new home. Assembly their new digs and retrieved their belongings from the old lair before they wait until master splinter went to retire for the night so they could search for Baxter stockman; the scientist that invented the mousers.

The next evening

In the stocktronics...

April was working late when Baxter left the control room to his private quarters and discussed the plan with an mysterious financial banker. The Oroku Saki aka the shredder. While they were discussing about the plan and the process of the mousers progress. April stood outside the doors and tried to hear what her boss and the mysterious banker were discussing.

Baxter walked out of his office and told April that he didn't appreciate to pay over time even though he usually let it slide as she was a punctual and reliable worker and assistant.

"Good night April dear, try not to work too late. You know I don't like to pay over time." Stockman said, adjusting his tie as he walked out the automatic doors.

"Good night Dr. Stockman." April replied, waiting for her scientific employer to leave the room so she could go into his office and see what he was planning with the mousers.

As she hacked through the computer, it presented an icon unfamiliar to her memory. She clicked on the icon and the doors to a secret elevator lift opened. She walked inside and it automatically sped down.

Meanwhile in the sewers...

The terrapins followed the mouser, don re-programmed to lead them to the whereabouts of its master control. On the way, they were surrounded by a new batch of tougher mouser. Destroying every last one until they heard a shrieked that echoed down a sewer tunnel in the other direction. Running to the screams came from; saw a woman cornered by a group of robotic mousers.

They rescued April o' Neil from the mousers that were sent to destroy her for discovering her employer's plans that just recently fired her but fired her in a way to make her disappear.

Standing in the shadows as they gazed the red hair maiden with curiosity.

"Oh, thankyou so much. You have saved" April stammered gratefully

Mikey leaned down revealing his face to April and as he greeted her. "Hey, how you doin'?" mikey said, smiling

April was in shock to what she had witnessed and fainted. Mikey walked closer, picking her up in bridal style then turned around asked one thing.

"Can we keep her?"

Mikey carried the red haired woman as they returned to the lair and laid her down on the couch, standing around her and waited for her to wake.

April Wakeley humed and sighed as she opened her eyes assuming she must've fell asleep in front of the television again. Then realised she was in the terrapin's lair. Mikey stepped closed, smiling happily to greet the frightened, confused woman.

"Hi" mikey said, smiling

April shrieked loudly scaring the orange clad terrapin. Mikey also shrieked holding his hand up and pleaded her not to do what she just did that happened to scare the terrapin. "Aaaghh...Please don't do that. I nearly jumped out of my shell."

"It has three fingers. I am asleep. I am asleep." April cried, repeating she must be dreaming as she covered her head with the pillow.

"This is not going very well." Don worriedly assumed

"Hey, c'mon. We really hadn't had much practice with humans. This will take some time." Mikey assured don whiney

April uncovered her face to see if she was still having a nightmare and assumed she is asleep.

"I am so asleep." April repeated continuously.

Raph leaned in and tapped April's shoulder. "Hey You!" raph agitatedly said

"Wha?" April answered, uncovering her head.

"What do you know about those mousers things" raph asked standing up straight and folded his arms, waiting for an reply.

"Well, at first I believed that made them for the city's rat problem but then I became suspicious; uh oh I am talking to it." April said, realising she was talking to Raphael

"What?" Leonardo asked, raising his brow confused

"I am talking...TO YOU. Ok April, you are talking to a giant three fingered turtle. Only logical explanation is that you must be dreaming, so it is ok; hello." April replied, waving her fingers to Leonardo.

" are you...doing?" Leo stammered

"Ooh, I am great. Ha ha." April answered then she gasped in shock when she met master splinter when he revealed his presence.

"Well you must be ready to answer some questions." Master splinter told April

"You" April gasped some air as she passed out again from the shocked

Leonardo placed both hands upon his head and frowned.

"You sure have a way with the ladies, master splinter." Don said, surprised with his sensei's approach with humans.

Mikey walked to the folded beach chair and put on his ear phones then played his music cassette after he requested for the others to get him when she awoke.

When she finally awoke from her fainting, Leo gave her a cup of warm tea to calm her nerves so they could ask April questions about the mousers and who are responsible for the robots. But first master splinter had to make sure that they were in agreement of keeping the knowledge of their existence were kept secret.

When the old rat believed that April made a solemn oath that she will never tell a single soul about their existence. She began to ask a few questions of her own before she explained about her former employment and employer.

Master splinter told April about their past on how they came to be what they are now. When he finished telling the tale, she was ever more curious about their life story and wanted to know how splinter learned martial arts. Master splinter told April that was a story for another time until the television behind them broadcasted about a mysterious bank robbery.

Discussing about how they were invade the stocktronics building and destroy the manufacturers in it tracks that happened to be funded by Oroku Saki.

In the Foot headquarters...

Baxter was taken to Oroku Saki's private quarters and demanded for an explanation for why the task failed. Oroku sat as he listened to Baxter's inexcusable babble instead given a straight answer why and what happened to the project.

"The mouser plan was a minor set back. I'll be back on...I say on Monday morning." Baxter smiled, adjusting his glasses.

Oroku stood up and held his hand mid air and wore his gauntlet. "You must pay the price for failure, Baxter stockman." Oroku hissed

Hun walked up behind Baxter and dragged him to give him; the punishment.

"What...where you taking me? Let me go, you muscle head brute; you will regret this. No!" Baxter dementedly snapped

The techno foot member walked in his employer's quarter and brought along with an image projector. "We have the image from the mouser's optic memory system as you requested, master."

Waiting to see the image the mouser recorder; the image showed four large terrapins in inferred image.

"These are the ones who are responsible." Oroku Saki hissed, raising his gauntlet and slicing the projector sheet with agitated annoyance and disappointment.

To be continued in chapter one...

This chapter was based on the episodes "things change, a better mouse trap and attack of the mousers". How did I do? This was a prelude until what I think happened between Raphael and April before Casey Jones came into the scene later on in the next episode "Meet Casey Jones."

How does this romance blossom between a teen red clad terrapin and attractive red haired human?

Will splinter and his brothers approve?
Or is there another that also has the hots for April?

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