Later that very evening...in the lair

Rushing to help Mona, before she lost any more blood as Don prepared to operate and stop the bleeding while April and Casey rushed over, asking what had happened. "Mona is injured." Leo answered. "It isn't serious I hope." April wondered, worriedly.

"I hope not but only time will tell." Leo replied as he carried and placed Master Splinter down the couch and knelt down beside him. Mikey followed Don in the infirmary, also carried the naked terrapin then gently placed her down on the other bed. Gently brushed the back of his knuckles across her delicate terrapin face and wondered what her name could be. Softly sighed, turned on his heel and walked out of the infirmary—allowing his brother to do what he can to save Mona. He stopped and stood in the doorway, looking over his shoulder and saw that Raphael hesitated to leave the room.

Paced back and forth then bounced his worrying knee as he forced himself to sit while Don tried to operate on Mona's wounds. Mikey left then stopped for a second when hearing Don ordering Raphael to leave as his pacing was not helping and distracting the operation. Raph did what he was asked, allowing Don to do what he can and when as stopped...standing in the doorway of the infirmary, witnessing that Casey reached over and had grasped April's shoulders, reassuringly.

Mikey looked their friends and then back to his brother, suspiciously wondered but confusedly blinked then shook his head, trying to figure the situation. Raph grumbling brushed past him, almost knocking the orange clad on his shell. Letting it slide for the time being as he understood how his older brother felt. Pushing himself to his feet, brushed the dust particles off his plastron then walked towards the living room and leaned over the couch back and softly inquired. "Is he going to be alright?"

"He'll be ok...just has to." Leo warily answered, gazing the unconscious rat with wry glance. Slowly and abruptly sighed with a strange feeling that pierced his heart...Never once allowed a tear to run down his cheek as he realised that what he believed to have...wasn't real and meant nothing. How could he confront her without the others knowing his affair with April?

But he also noticed that he felt something else for Mona...could there truly be something there or is it just a concerned feeling for a fellow warrior even she is a girl. Nursing his injuries and bruises as he took his place beside the blue clad terrapin and prayed their father would be...alright.

...few hours later

Walked out of the infirmary, wiping the blood off his hands as he was approached by his brothers and concerned friends. "How is she? Is gonna be alright?" April asked. "She'll live—" Don cut off as when Mikey quickly inquired about the female terrapin that is yet to be named. "What 'bout—" Slightly gulped and cleared his throat and continued his inquiry. "Her?"

"Who's her?" Don confusedly blinked then immediately realised. "Oh...she's fine, sleeping."

"Excellent." Mikey said, rushing in the room. "Mikey seems to be glad and excited to know her name, isn't he?" Casey said, blankly watched the orange clad terrapin run in the room from afar.

"Hopefully we'll find out later when she wakes but my main concern right now is master splinter...talking 'bout Splinter, where is he?" Don answered.

"Over here." Leo called, never leaving his side. The purple clad terrapin, quickly examined the sleeping, injured rat and found minor injuries...no broken bones or internal bleeding which was very lucky. "Well?" Raph spoke softly.

"He'll live but needs rest as he was very lucky to the injuries were no more than minor bruising. Help me, to take Master Splinter to the infirmary." Don answered, requesting aid to gently carry the old rat to the infirmary, under observational care of the purple clad terrapin.

Raph turned and gazed towards Mona, lying in the bed across the room. Don noticed his older brother walked and sat beside the brunette haired beauty, covered his sensei then went to Raph's side. And gently grasping his shoulder as he softly whispery said. "We should let them rest now, do you need checking over?"

"Nah, thanks Donnie." Raph answered, looking over his shoulder and softly gazed up to the purple clad terrapin, standing beside him. Don softly petted his shoulder, turned on his heel then stopped and stood in the doorway. The purple clad terrapin watched his brother slowly stand up from his chair and softly gazed upon Mona, softly brushed his knuckles across her cheeks as she slept then left the infirmary.

Mona's eyes were still closed but a small smile grew across her soft red lips.

Mikey was sitting beside the naked terrapin, holding her hand gently. Then suddenly murmuring filled the air and his ears. Slowly opened her eyes, looked around the room until her gaze met Mikey's dreamy baby blue eyes. "Where am I?"Venus murmured softly.

"Ya're in my home." Mikey answered, softly smiled. Looking around once more and tried to push herself up then whinced as her body trembled with pain. "Ouch!"

"Ya ok? What is your name?" Mikey said, immediately aiding the bruised terrapin. "Venus...Venus de Milo. You?" She answered. "Venus." Mikey dreamy smiled. "Your name is?" Venus asked again. "Mikey." He answered. "Konnichiwa Mikey-san. Pleasure to meet you." Venus said

Mikey smiled and stood out of his chair then softly said. "I'll be back...I bet ya're hungry."

"Alittle." Venus replied. "Would peanut and jelly toast with cold glass of water, do it?" Mikey offered. "That sounds really nice." Venus answered, softly smiled. "Be back in a flash." Mikey stated, rushing out the infirmary.

Venus shook her head, softly smiled as she wondered where does this terrapin get his energy when she turned to her left and saw Mona laying in the bed beside her. Wanting to get up and walk to her side but couldn't as she was badly bruised herself. "Do not fear...it will be alright." She reassuringly whispered. "I'm back." Mikey said, standing in the doorway and carried a tray with what was promised. Averting her gaze to the doorway, where Mikey stood then slowly walked to her side. "Thanks mikey. Could you leave it on the table, please." Venus said, softly requesting. "Sure." Mikey answered, leaving the room.

Venus smiled and reached for the glass then sipped the water as her mouth was dry. Meanwhile walking to the living room, with a huge happy grin on his face but still very wryly for Splinter as he sat down and held both hands behind his head and softly allowed a relieving sigh. "What are you so happy about?" Don asked, blinked confused. "I know her name." Mikey answered. "Who's name?" Don wondered, confusedly. "Our new friend, her name is Venus de Milo." Mikey replied, grinning.

"Heh...yeh sure, mikey. I think you have been hit on the noggin too many times." Don snorted in slight laughter. "Whatever, Donnie. Ya'll see that I was right when ya ask yarself." Mikey grumblingly snorted.

...One week later...

Venus only endured minor injuries; mainly bruised and Master Splinter also recovered from his minor injuries which weren't fatal, two days earlier. Mona-Lisa was still in the infirmary when she opened her eyes and looked around the infirmary and found she was alone...looking down to her bandages and softly caressed where the wounds...sat. Letting a short sigh as she placed her feet down on the cold floor...grabbing her leather jacket, pink bandana and quickly but carefully tied it in her hair despite her gashes on her chest, slightly stung. Slightly whinced and ignored the pain as she grabbed the belt then buckled it around her waist.

Walking to the doorway of the infirmary and noticed that the lair was quite, quickly went to the kitchen and had a glass of water while she wrote a short letter to Raphael then folded it up and went to his room...softly knocked on the door and found it was empty. Walked inside and placed the letter down on the blanket then left before she was discovered.

As she made her way out the door, she heard distorted voices drawing closer. "Oh man...I don't think could do any more laps. I so could sleep for a week." The purple clad terrapin stated. "I hear ya bro." Raph answered afterwards. "Not me, I want to eat right now since didn't get to eat before training." Mikey said, rushing past his older brothers. "Where does he put it all?" Leo wondered, following behind them. "The answer is...it all empty spacing up in his head." Raph said, pointing to his head and grinned. "I heard that." Mikey called back over his shoulder.

"How could he hear that?" Raph asked. "He must have used special ointment to grow ears." Don said, sarcastically grinned and giggled. "Yeh may be yer right, bro." Raph chuckled.

Mona stood silently in the shadows as she listened to the older brothers taunt his baby brother. Covering her mouth and silently giggled, taking in a deep breath then continued her way out of the lair and disappeared. To search for a way to maybe change herself back to normal or learn to adjust with her new appearance and help others that need confidence coaching and understanding.

Looking back and wondered to herself, is she doing the right thing by leaving even though she wants to be with Raphael but also knew that she had back away and allow things happen on their own time and one day if fate sees it as fit, they will come together as they should be.

Averted her gaze and continued on...disappeared.

Meanwhile Don thought to check on Mona {that happened already left}, when he got to the infirmary. Don assumed that Mona could be somewhere in the lair, possibly in the bathroom so he decided not to intrude as she may be indecent. Walking out of the infirmary and went to the kitchen, made himself a cup of hot coffee when he lightly bumped into April. "Sorry April. How are you?" Don apolitically said.

Yawn softly..."Little tired but not what a hot cup of coffee couldn't fix, y'know." April answered, half smiled. "I sure do, there is fresh batch waiting." Don replied, sipping his coffee. "Wonderful, thanks Don."

"No problem." Don answered, sipping his coffee once more as he walked away to his lab. April opened the cupboard, took one mug out then poured the coffee and sat down. Blowing the hot steam, flying out of the mug as she held the cup with the palms of her hands...enjoying the warmth on her skin as she slowly sipped her hot beverage.

Raph walked in the kitchen, not saying a single word to April as he was hurting after what happened at the farmhouse before the revenge against Shredder. The awkwardness between them was taking it's toll on both them. With April breaking his heart as she tried to tell him gently that their relationship couldn't be any more than it should. April loved the red clad terrapin with all her heart but as a brother and sister love...nothing more.

Raph was becoming quiet and appeared alittle abnormal to his family but he tried to behave as nothing had ever change before and even after the conflicts with the Shredder. But his body language was showing a different message, Master Splinter watched over his son very closely as he witnessed the connection between both triangles...Raph with April and Mona...Raph and April with Casey.

The old rat knew that his son was hurting and went to his room. While working out on his arms in the privacy of his room. An unexpected knocked at his door, brought him out of his subconscious thoughts. Holding the dumbbell against his shoulder as he looked up to find Master Splinter standing the doorway of his room, a soft warm grin tugged on the corners of his mouth. "Can I come in, my son?" the old rat softly asked

"Yes sensei." Raph answered, as he leaned down and placed the dumbbell down on the floor. Master Splinter walked in the room and held his walking stick, between his feet. Raph knelt before his sensei. "Is everything alright, my son?" Master Splinter asked, concerningly.

"Yeh, thing's fine sensei." Raph lied, softly answered. The rat's ears twitched slightly and sensed that he was fibbing. "Are you sure, Raphael?" Splinter asked once more. "I'm sure, sensei." Raph answered.

Silence and pause then turned on his heel and slowly walked to the door, stopped in the doorway as he said over his shoulder. "Love is a wonderful, powerful feeling and mysterious. We all feel it, find it and keep it but sometimes there are times we are heartbroken...We are here for you Raphael. Always remember my son. We are here for you. Always."


April was having a hard time to adjust with the decision and thought maybe it would be best to go stay with her sister for awhile, until everything had cooled off especially giving Raphael some space would be good for him as much it would be for her. Pushing the chair out and stood up, walking to the sink and placed it down after quickly rinsing it.

Quickly paced out the kitchen, packed what clothing she had left after the fire and lowly exhaled, sighly. Zipping the bag close as she held both hands on the suitcase, closed her eyes for a second and thought about the times she could had told him...earlier, much earlier not before the confrontation with Shredder. She was as the blame for his broken heart and bruised pride.

Grabbing the handle and placed the bag by the doorway before she left the lair, April wanted to say goodbye to Raphael but suddenly realised that may only hurt him more. Pacing back and forth, thinking about whether she should or not to farewell the terrapin. Then she heard Leo, Mikey talking as Raph walked to the living room. April remained hidden in the room while they talked.

"Hey bro." Leo greeted. "Look what the cat dragged out?" Mikey said, jokingly teased. The blue clad terrapin, gazed his baby brother and gave a stern glance. "Hey guys...where's Mona?" He answered.

"I hadn't seen her...have you mikey?" Leo replied, looking to the orange clad terrapin, curiously. "Nope. Nada." Mikey answered.

While flicking through the channels just when Raph noticed in the corner of his eye the staring glances from his brothers. "What?"

"Nothing." Both said together in unison. "Why did you's staring at me like that for?" Raph lowly snapped. "You look concerned and seem maybe...y'know."

"Well yeh I'm concerned—Wait ya guys think? Only just met the girl, bro." Raph confirmed, lowly snapped again. "Oh c'mon bro, we know ya better than that and look. She is pretty, don't you think?" Mikey softly assured, grinning.

"She alright but—"

"But what?" Leo softly prompted

The red clad terrapin remained silent as he pushed forward, leaned on his knees with his hands clamped together and reverted his gaze to the floor. Leo stood up, walked to his side and placed an understanding, reassuring grasped upon the red clad terrapin's shoulder and said. "Think 'bout raph...when will we ya get a chance like this again." Leo told him softly then walked away.

Raph knew his brothers were right but he had feelings for April...strong feelings. After seeing her hand entwined within Casey's, he wasn't sure. Leaving the living room and went to his room.

Unaware he had brushed past Donnie, nearly bumping into him with the screwdriver and CD player that he was fixing for Mikey. "Whoa Raph, nearly knocked my arm...you alright?"

"Oh...Sorry Don. Didn't see ya." Raph answered, softly as he continued to his room. The Purple clad terrapin glanced his older brother with a surprised and concerned gaze as he made his way to the living room and said. "What's up with raph?"

"Don't know...think he's worried 'bout Mona." Mikey answered. "Oh?" Donatello prompted gently then shrugged his shoulders, sat down and handed the CD player to his brother. "Awesome, it's fixed! Thanks Don." Mikey snatched the player, inserted a disc and placed his earphones then pressed play. Closed his eyes and began tapping his foot while he happily listened to hip hop music.

Don lightly rolled his eyes and plumped himself in the couch and happily flicked through the channels until he found a documentary to watch. April peeked out the doorway and saw Raph walking up the stairs, so she soon followed after writing a note...letting her friends know that she had left the lair and was going to stay with her sister up, North.

...Few minutes later...In raph's room...

Raph opened the door, walked inside and took his elbow, knee and wrist pads off and let his belt with the sai's to just drop to the floor as he walked to the hammock and laid down, as he pulled the blanket over himself...a small yellow folded piece of paper fell to the floor. Reaching for it and unfolded it then began ready it.

'Dearest Raphael

Where do I begin...?

Ever since I first laid my eyes upon you during the time up at 'What's for face's name is' grandma's farmhouse. I fell deeply in love with you. I believe now when people say that fell in love from very first sight and it is true. I love you but after seeing you with her, April. It hurt...really hurt. So I have left so you and April can be together but if there was ever a chance for us to be together. I'd wrap my arms around you and never let you go...ever! The case is that I'm not the one, you want. So I'll be seeing ya...when I'm back in New York, I promise to drop by and visit. Love always Mona-Lisa.

Xoxoxo kisses and hugs...see ya round Raphie. I'll be missing ya.'

Raph folded the letter in half again and let it drop to the floor, laying his hammock once again and nursed his wounds. Not physical...but emotional wounds. Tears welled up in his eyes as the strange breaking feeling—deepened in his chest.

Thinking 'bout the times with April...did she really mean what she told him during those time when they made love. Or was it only to satisfy her benefit? Also thought about the letter Mona wrote, seeing she really cared and wanted to be with him, now she is gone...how could he even get the chance to find out. Inhaled then slowly let out a shuddering breathe as he closed his eyes and fell asleep. A few seconds later...Then the door opened and closed again as footsteps lightly paced towards the sleeping terrapin's side, kneeling beside him as a warm reassuring hand cupped his head. April knew it would come; she had to face the truth that she and Raph couldn't be any more than friends then later in time...family as brother and sister no more. She did love him but not the way he hoped. How will she tell him? Will she ever tell him that she was pregnant with his child?

Gently brushing her thumb across his terrapin's forehead, lightly biting her bottom lip as it begun to tremble and debating whether to wake the sleeping terrapin and confess her secret about the miscarriage of their unplanned foetus.

"I'm sorry Raph..." she whispered then slowly stood up and stepped back. April saw the yellow piece of folded paper on the floor, stooped down and picked it up then left the room— leaving the terrapin to sleep. Closing the door behind her, quickly read the letter and immediately realised that Mona cared for Raph. A tear fell down her cheek as she covered her lips and sadly frowned in shame.

"I hope you do come back, Mona. You can give Raphael what I can't." April murmured to herself as she left the lair also. Looking back and warmly smiled, walked in the elevator and pressed the button, waiting to levitate up to the surface within the warehouse and walked out until she got far as to the nearest curb before calling for a cab.

The taxi cab pulled over and April opened the door to the back passenger seat and hopped inside. "Where to Miss?" cabbie asked.

"Airport." She answered.

"Travelling overseas for a holiday?" He asked. "Something like that." April answered, looking out the window as the car drove off.

...Meanwhile in the lair...

Leo went into Mikey's room where April was temporary occupying as offered. Carrying a glass of orange juice, freshly squeezed as she preferred. "April...you in here?" Leo called. No response, so he continued in and found the letter on the night stand.

Placing the glass and opened the letter when Mikey walked wondering what was so interesting since the sudden silence eerie in the lair. "Hey Leo, where's April?" Mikey said, when he too noticed the room was empty.

"April left this and said that she'd be back in couple of weeks." Leo answered softly. "Where did she go?" Mikey asked again, giving his elder brother and confused blink. "Gone to her sisters." Leo replied, leaving the room.

"Well at least I get my room back for the time been then." Mikey happily stated. The blue clad terrapin didn't respond, silently shook his head and left the room. Mikey rubbed his hands together, grinning with happy glee as he walked to his comic collection and assembled each comic booklet in order.

...On the plane to Europe...

"This plane will be taking off in momentarily, please feel free to the cool beverages and snacks before take off. And thankyou for taking Air London, we wish you enjoy your flight and hope you will consider flying with us again in the near future." The flight attendant announced through the speaker phone.

Looking out the window while she thought about the handsome red clad terrapin, Raphael. Feeling her heart begin to slowly break as she believed that he has made his decision and hopes he has the right one. The disguised mutant was taken out of her thoughts as she was kindly offered a drink and peanuts before take off. "Would you like peanuts or drink before take off, ma'am?" the flight attendant offered. "Peanuts please." Mona answered.

The blonde haired flight attendant smiled and placed an unopened packet of salted peanuts and continued on, offering the other passenger's food and beverages. Returned her gaze to the window as the last of passengers finally boarded the plane and were assigned to buckle their seats as the plane was preparing to take off.

As the plane began to go down the runway, she watched the clouds above formed into two figures of herself and Raphael. Could feel the soft tugs on the corners of the mouth, forming a smile as the old woman sitting beside her...softly spoke to her inquiring about the plans she had. "So young lady...first time flying?" the old woman asked softly.

"Not really." Mona asked.

"Off to see family? Or is work related?" the old woman asked again, softly smiled. "Work related." She answered. "Hope you have a nice young man, waiting for you." The old woman stated kindly.

Mona smiled and replied. "No...no man."

"He is out there; all you have to do is just bump into him." The old woman said, softly petting her gloved hand. "I hope you are right, love." Mona answered, turning to the old woman that happened to be blind. "I know I am right, sweetie. He's out there and all you have to do is just bump into him and you will know the moment you look into his eyes. You'll see." The old woman confirmed once more then inserted the earphones and watched her movie.

Mona turned back to the window and thought to herself. 'I hope you are right.'

...back in the lair...raph's bedroom...

While Raphael slept, he began to dream and saw himself sitting on the edge of a rock pool, enjoying the warmth of the water as light footsteps paced up behind him. "Lemonade handsome."

Looking up to the most beautiful woman he wished had noticed before, is now happier than he ever had been. "Come here." he asked gently pulling down on the tiny wrist of the skinny green forearm. Sitting beside him as she handed his beverage and leaned her head upon his shoulder while watching the sunset over the hillside horizon. "It's beautiful."

"Sure is...but not as beautiful as ya are." Raph stated, murmuring.

Tucking her hair back, gently brushed her cheek then cupping her face in his hand and leaned in. Kissed those full red luscious lips, deeply then gazed into her beautiful deep dark brown eyes and continued to gently brush his thumb across her cheek as he declared his love, murmuring whisper.

"I love you...Mona-Lisa."

Then the dream faded, went white. Raph opened his eyes and shot up from the floor as his hammock gave way. Scratching his bald head, confusedly wondered was that actually for real or just wishful thinking after reading her letter when it said that she loved him more than anyone ever could.

Laying back down, and placed a hand upon his forehead...lightly scratching his head again. Thinking to himself. 'Could I be really in love with Mona-Lisa not April?'


...to be concluded in the next instalment...'the contest of Venus's heart'

I know this is weird and sad but it had to be as this is difficult to write as it would be difficult for Raphael understand where his heart truly lies and we will find that out in the next instalment. As we have seen there is definitely something between him and mona in this book but this was a lesson he had face and learn not every thing goes as hopefully planned...that is life.

Everyone experiences been heartbroken along the way...we all must leave the old in the past to make way for the new. Anyway...please stay tune for the instalment, read and review until next time...too—.


Letting a long abruptly sigh. "Who could that be?" *pushing the chair, stood up and made my way to the door then opened it to find Leonardo standing on the other side. "Hi Leo."

"Hey I thought you might want cuppa since you been in here working on your stories." Leo said, carrying a tray with two mugs of hot brewed herbal tea with a plate of egg and lettuce sandwiches. My eyes widen with delight and glee as I was impressed, how Leo guessed my favourite treat even though I am only tea drinker starter. But the thought that counts, giving the blue clad terrapin a warm small smile, opening the door and invited him inside. closed the door behind me after he walked and placed the tray down then he made his way to my opened book that I just had finished writing. "So how the fiction comin?" he asked

Rushing to close the book without showing any disrespect to my curious terrapin friend. "Sorry...not exactly ready to share yet, if y'know what I mean."

Leo gave me a small understanding smile and replied. "Of course...you still hadn't answered my inquiry."

Turning around to face Leo as I was hypnotically lost in his soft warm golden eyes. Shaking my head and abruptly answered. "I-Its coming well thankyou."

Gazing me with a warm glance as he walked over towards me and handed my tea, softly requestingly said. "I'll like to read them sometime whenever you're ready of course."

I smile softly and replied. "Sure...anytime you wish, Leon. I mean Leo."

Chuckling softly then said. "It's ok...Leon would be ok, just don't tell no one you called me that."

I smile and leaned back to my table, not realising that I had bumped the CD player then the song started to play. Let the walls come down by Johnny Kemp.

'Everyday you look at the evening news
What you see is the same old story
Depressing information always hits you in the face
Tell me where, where it ends..."

Leo glanced me then quickly averted his glance to the player and wondered. "Was that meant to play or are you just happy to see me?" he teased, cheekily smirked

"I don't know...what would you want it to be?" I replied, softly smiled

He smiled, took my mug and placed both mugs down. Gently grasped my hands, brushing his thumbs across my knuckles as he faced me, warmly smiled then gently pulled to the centre of the room and took lead...slowly danced to the song while sung along with the lyrics.

In the background
"People fightin' with their children
Children fightin' with their teachers
People fightin' with eachother
we got to compromise

And let the walls come down
that separates you & me
let the walls come down
We could be livin' in harmony
if we wanna see the future
we gotta stick together...right away."

"You know your singing is quite good for a turtle, leon?" I said, showing my impressed glance and softly smiled.

Music continues to play

"Y'know what. Now you have mentioned it, I never really sung before until now." he replied, twirling me around. "I like it, should sing more often." I told him, smiling.

"Don't tell no one." He whispery requested, pulling me close and leaned his forehead upon mine while deeply gazed into my eyes.

"Don't worry...these lips are sealed shut. Our little secret." I replied, brushing a kiss on his cheek and continued dancing to the song.

"They're saving all their guns for a rainy day
Just think 'bout it
Some are black, some are white
Who's wrong and who's right
Let's talk 'bout it
Tear down the fences that keep gettin' in our way

Leo released my left hand, twirled me around, once more then pulled me close and cupped my face, deeply kissed my lips.

And let the walls come down
that separates you & me
let the walls come down
We could be livin' in harmony
if we wanna see the future
we gotta stick together...right away."

We need communication; love and jubilation
tear down the fences that keep gettin' in our way

And let the walls come down
that separates you & me
let the walls come down
We could be livin' in harmony
if we wanna see the future
we gotta stick together...right away.

Let the walls come down." Fade out

Hope you enjoyed that song interlude...see ya guys around. Until next time...Tootles.