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storyline - "Sessions"

prompt - gushy

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Time passed fast. Too soon, too fast.

Our idyllic existence of sun and sand and salt and sweat drew to a close as the last day faded into the last night.

We enjoyed dinner with Carlisle in the most romantic restaurant the hotel had to offer. Knowing we'd be going with his father the night before leaving, Edward and I had gone on our own as well. We wanted the experience, the dreamy perfection, the fantasy. Humuhumu was built in such a way that it looked like it was floating over the lagoon.

Carlisle didn't know we'd already eaten there. We let him think he introduced it to us, not wanting to ruin his fun. And fun it was - and delicious. I ordered completely different things than I had the night before, going for as unique an experience as possible.

Toward the end of the meal, right as dessert was being brought out, Carlisle took a phone call. He excused himself and slipped away, leaving Edward and me alone for a moment. I watched Edward sip at his drink, still not used to the gushy feelings swirling inside of me all the time.

I'd been completely blindsided by the intensity of our new relationship.

I'd had crazy crushes and I'd had good, even great, relationships. But never had I experienced this. I remembered my mother explaining love to me, saying that when I found the One, I'd "just know". It had sounded like such a pithy little platitude at the time but now I could see how accurate it was.

It wasn't just the sex, although that was beautiful. It was everything. The way he looked at me when he woke up, or how reverently he held me when he kissed me. How we connected when he played songs for me. The amount of time we spent in laughter. The only other people I enjoyed spending this much time with were Alice and Rose, and this had the added benefit of sexual satisfaction.

"Thinking about going home?" he asked, his eyes sliding over to me.

"Not really." I shook my head and took a sip of wine. "Thinking about how awesome this trip has been. And how well we… get along."

He arched an eyebrow. "We get along pretty well, don't we?"

I smiled, taking his hand across the table. "When I think about the first time I saw you…"

"- you were sitting on Embry's lap," he interrupted, an impish grin flashing across his face.

"Ugh, don't remind me. And Jess was on yours. Anyway, stop it." I smacked his hand, frowning. "The first time I saw you I had no idea I'd end up feeling this way. And I definitely didn't think you'd feel the same."

He nodded, threading our fingers together.

"I guess I just feel really lucky." I finished quietly. A little overcome, I shifted my gaze to the water, smooth as glass and lit up from the just-set sun.

"Me too," Edward said. "I have a feeling this kind of thing doesn't happen to everyone, not always, and not this early on."

We ate banana crème brulee and made moony eyes at each other until his father came back.

Leaving our suite the next morning was emotional.

On one hand, I was actually looking forward to going home. I missed my mom, my bed, Al and Rose. I missed our beaches, cold and rough as they were. It was home.

But on the other hand, I was sad that we were leaving our love nest. We'd been floating in this perfect bubble and now we were venturing back into the real world. I trusted that our relationship was deeper than romantic dinners and breathtaking panoramas, but being together in the daily grind of back home was going to be a far cry than being together in paradise.

No matter. We had to go.

We'd been up most the night anyway, fooling around. It wasn't like we hadn't made good use of the room and its luxurious bed.

I took one last wistful glance before Edward shut the door. I hoped we'd come back one day, although there was really only one set of circumstances that might make that happen.

And it was a bit early in the relationship to be thinking of that.

Edward slept a lot longer in flight than I did. I had a rough time getting comfortable enough on planes to sleep well, even in first class. I dozed on and off until finally I got a book from my bag and started reading.

Approximately five and a half hours later we began our descent into Washington. Edward had woken up a little while before, exceptionally chatty. I was glad at least one of us was rested.

We chatted most of the way home, stopping quickly at McDonalds to grab a late lunch before continuing. By the time we made it to my house I was desperate for a shower and a change.

"I'll call you later," Edward promised, kissing me at the front door. He waited until I was inside and then walked back down the steps and into the car.

All of the emotions of the day, and the whole week, came crashing down.

I called my mother at work to let her know we'd landed and that I was back at the house. I took a long shower and then threw on a sundress I'd bought in Hawaii.

After dinner, my phone rang.


"Hey baby. It's me."

"Hey!" Warmth flooded through me. "What are you up to?"

"Going to bed – I wanted to say goodnight."

"Oh," I said, vaguely disappointed even though I too was on the verge of falling asleep. "Okay…good night."

"Good night, Bella. And open the door."

I nearly tripped in my haste.

"What are you doing here?" I gasped.

"Can't sleep alone," he said, shrugging. "Either you come with me or I'm staying in your bed tonight."