"Zo zo zo. Hey, A." B says as he appears before A, after placing a Death Note in his lap.

A's eyes widen. "B? What? What have you become? You look awful."

"I'm a shinigami now. It's what comes along with the eyes… well at least if you're born with them anyway."

"Do you mean to tell me that I'll become one too when I die?"

"Most likely."

"What are the chances?"

"What are the chances of a human having shinigami eyes? What are the chances that two non-related people who don't have Death Notes would both have shinigami eyes and would encounter each other? What does it matter? I just came to see you and let you know that L is Kira."

"I figured as much. But why are you telling me this? If you're a shinigami, can't you just kill him yourself?"

"I could probably kill him myself, but I figure it's more fun to let the humans deal with this situation. As for why I'm telling you this, I imagine that the look on L's face, seeing you alive and me as a shinigami, would be priceless."

"So you just want to mess with him? And what's with this notebook? A 'Death Note'? Is this the type of thing L's been using to kill people? And you better not expect me to use this thing. I have no interest."

"Yes and I know."

"So you just want to follow me around as I try to expose L as being Kira? What if I don't have any interest in that?"

"You've always claimed that you don't like to get involved in things, but we both know that isn't true. There's no way you won't try to do this. And with the knowledge that you'll still exist even if L kills you before you can expose him ensures this. The only thing holding you back was the fear of death and now you have no reason to fear death, so why not?"

"I see your point. Very well then. I accept the challenge."



"Yes, Megan?"

"You know how a while ago when I spoke with L and he asked if you were still upset over what happened and I said that you weren't?"


"Well, are you? Are you not upset? I know you like to put up a cheerful front so others don't feel awkward. If you aren't okay, that's okay. You can talk to me about it. It wasn't your fault."

"Thank you for worrying, but I'd rather not talk about it right now. Is that alright?"

"Yes. Just know that I'm here for you."

"I'll let you know when I'm interested in talking about it. Now, there is something that I do want to talk about."

"And that is?"

"Apparently criminals are dropping dead in an unusual fashion around the world, and in high numbers. Now, I know that L has said that he's taking care of this case, but something just doesn't feel right. There's also the mystery around those samples he sent us. The particles are not of known origins and the substance used to make them is strange. These deaths are peculiar and so are these particles. I wonder if somehow they are connected. Granted the media attributes the deaths to someone they call 'Kira' but it seems more likely to be some sort of worldwide governmental conspiracy. Perhaps some organization is enacting the killings. At the same time though, it's peculiar how L sent the samples to us himself rather than having Watari do it for him. I know this to be the case since if he were to have Watari do it for him, he would have had us tell Watari where to send the samples rather than have us tell him. L doesn't like to do things that he can have Watari or someone else do for him as his time is important, and things like mailing something are boring and tedious for him. This means that he didn't want Watari to know about the samples or he couldn't have Watari do it for him. If Watari was incapacitated or dead, we would know as Roger would have notified you. This means that either L or Watari is in cahoots with 'Kira' or whoever is doing the killings. Watari could be, but that doesn't seem likely. We probably would've known if he was connected to 'Kira' as someone would have told us. More likely, L is connected to 'Kira'. However, if someone L knew was 'Kira', the case would be solved and done with by now, which means that there is a great chance that L is Kira… I could be wrong, but that seems to be a reasonable conclusion."

Just then, Megan receives a text message that she knows is from A. It says: L is Kira.

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