Note 1: NCIS and Stargate SG-1 are two of my favorite shows, and I always loved to read crossovers, so I just had to give this a shot. As you will notice, the time-lines don't match; by the time NCIS started SG1 was around season 8, I think, and that doesn't work for me, so I guess this is slightly AU. Except for the time-line I'll try to stay in canon, though. If you don't know at least the main characteres from either of the shows it's gonna be a bit difficult…

Note 2: I am most definitely a Sam/Jack shipper, but it doesn't seem realistic that any of them stayed celibate for years, and I don't see Sam as the 'one night stand' type. The fic is the result of that "revelation".

Disclaimer: NCIS and Stargate SG-1 are not mine, wish they were…

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs raised his head from the tangle of pillows and sheets, eyes sweeping over the sleeping form lying next to him. With only the top of a blond head and a long shapely leg visible, face scrunched up in the pillow, the woman still looked gorgeous. He was one lucky bastard, he thought, or was he?

Chapter 1

They met at some official crappy shindig at the Pentagon some months ago, both of them looking like they would rather scrub toilets in Alaska then be there. He had his whole team in tow and of course it was DiNozzo who inadvertently started the conversation with one of his practiced flirting lines. It was met with an indulgent half-smile and an icy look, but the Air Force major stayed and chatted with them for a while, not offended but also not impressed by Tony's attempts. She was used to men trying pick-up lines on her, Gibbs thought, especially in situations like this one. Lots of shiny stars, military brass from all branches, politician types with big bellies and even bigger egos, wives with expensive dresses and way too much jewelry. Gibbs had to admit the woman looked really good in her Air Force blues. He scanned the medals on her chest and had the sudden urge to stand at attention. His eyes snapped back to her face, searching for an answer. She had to be some kind of special forces, he thought, there was no way she earned the Air Medal, for instance, doing some radar space stuff… whatever she said earlier. She was listening to his team's antics, clearly amused but never actually relaxed. Every few seconds her eyes scanned the room, unconsciously assessing the threat. Or maybe planning an escape route, Gibbs thought, snickering internally, he could definitely go for that.

He was snapped out of his mussing when she turned towards him, a knowing smile gracing her lips. "Having fun, Special Agent Gibbs?"

"Oh yeah, I just love these… friendly gatherings" he deliberately ignored the fact that he was caught studying her. To her credit, she didn't rub it in.

"Can I get you anything, Major?" he gestured towards the well-stocked bar in the corner.

"Coffee would be nice, I'm afraid I'm too beat for anything else. And it's Sam"

"Jethro. One coffee coming up"

When he came back she was engaged in conversations with various important people, some of which Gibbs recognized, some he didn't, so he decided to hang back for a while. There was the Air Force Chief of Staff talking to her and, gee, what do you know, the Secretary of the Navy. Who is she? Gibbs thought, more than puzzled. Then there was this older, bald major general and another Air Force major with whom she appeared at ease.

Her eyes searched the room and zeroed in on him. He couldn't help the very male pride at the looks he was receiving from some of the brass when she took the coffee from his hand and leaned in to whisper in his ear. "You look like the type to rescue a damsel in distress. How about we go get some real coffee?"

Well, Gibbs had to admit he was more then ready to leave this place, and the prospect of learning more about the mysterious Major Samantha Carter was rather appealing.

"See you tomorrow" he threw over his shoulder towards his gaping team, not before Tony's not really whispered "Fraternizing with the Air Force, boss?". He glared at the younger agent but relaxed as Sam only laughed and waved them good-bye.

They walked for a while and stopped at a small café. She was smart and pleasant and easy to talk to, but he didn't know much more about her then a couple of hours ago, Gibbs thought.

"So, not a big fan of parties, are you?" he tried to restart the somewhat stalling conversation.

"Well, not this kind, anyway. The rest of my team couldn't make it, so I was the lucky one chosen to accompany General Hammond"

"He's your CO?"

"Yeah, the base CO, not the team's"

"Kinda figured that much. Cheyenne Mountain, huh?"

She laughed. "Hard to shake those investigator instincts isn't it, Special Agent Gibbs?"

He managed to look bashful. "Don't worry, I'm way too familiar with the whole 'Need-to-know' idea. So, if you don't mind my asking, why me?"

She smiled again. "Give yourself some credit Jethro, you can be quite charming…"

"Is she flirting with me?" Gibbs thought, rather surprised.

"And, to be honest, I wanted to meet you" she continued.

"You did?" This time he was really surprised.

"See, a while back we had a … situation which required some investigating. You were among the very few considered for the job- apparently there's a Homeland Security Deputy Director who thinks very highly of you"

"Director Morrow"

She nodded. "We managed the situation without any external help in the end, but let's say I was… intrigued. And other situations can always occur"

"So she's not flirting, she's assessing me" Gibbs thought, oddly disappointed.

"I have no plans to change my status at NCIS, Major"

She shook her head. "This is not a job interview, that wouldn't be my call anyway". Somehow he doubted that. "I really just wanted to meet you. As I said, I was curious"

"And you say I can't shake the investigator instincts…"

"I meant more of a …personal curiosity"

It was his turn to smile. "So, disappointed?"

"Not in the very least Jethro, in fact…" Her cell phone chose that very moment to start ringing.

"Hey Daniel… yeah, I'm fine, why wouldn't I be? Oh, I'm not in my room yet… You're checking up on me, Daniel? Uh…okay. Hi Sir. No… Washington is not that bad, you know. Why…. Oh, I see… No, no problem, I kind of expected that. They didn't… then it's fine, I'll take care of it... I did not get in any trouble sir! I'm fine, really. Yeah. Thanks, you too sir"

Gibbs let her finish before raising his eyebrows questioningly. "Your team?" She nodded. "They seem to be quite…protective of you"

"They are. But then, so is yours, apparently"

He frowned, confused. "What does my team have to do with this?"

"Well, somebody was just now doing a background check on me from an NCIS server. To their credit, and luck, they didn't try to get into the … less then visible parts"

Gibbs laughed, unashamed. "Yeah, they know better than to do that without a get-out-of-jail free card. Didn't know to avoid your alert system, though" he added, ruefully. Searching for his phone, he pressed a number on the speed-dial. "McGee" he barked "stop what you're doing. I just do, McGee. We'll talk about that in the morning"

"Well, that's gonna add to the 'Can't hide anything from Gibbs' legend…"

He paused for a few moments. "I figured you people must have a file on me, but just how in-depth is it?"

She lowered her eyes. "Yeah, that's enough of an answer…" Gibbs thought, not enjoying the feeling of being in the disadvantage.

"My team is unaware of some … aspects concerning my personal life. I'd appreciate it if it stayed that way"

She just nodded, no clarification needed.

They walked to her hotel, the night warm and pleasant, the silence more comfortable than Gibbs expected.

"So, how long are you gonna be in town?"

"I have a presentation at the Pentagon in the afternoon, so probably till tomorrow evening"

"Think you could delay that flight and maybe have a drink with me or… more coffee?"

She gave him a full smile. "Yeah, I could probably do that. Call you when I'm done with the presentation, then?"

He leaned very close to her, just short of touching, enjoying the sparkle of electricity between them and the subsequent reaction of his body "You do that Samantha"

She shivered slightly and drew in a sharp breath, surprised at the powerful surge of attraction. It was almost like… No, she absolutely didn't want to go there and start seeing the similarities.

Her voice was low and shaky when she spoke. "Good night Jethro, see you tomorrow…" She fought the urge to grab him and slam him against the hotel wall, instead turning and hurrying inside.

Gibbs shook his head, trying to clear his mind. This was one dangerous woman, and he didn't mean professionally.

Chapter note: Well, except for the obvious, I don't know where this is going, I just want to play with them. So, if you have any suggestions I can try to go in that direction. No promises though.