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I had no one to turn to now. I was reduced to a pile of tears as I sat alone in a deserted female restroom. No one ever came in here, so I figured it was safe to cry.

Victoria, that bitch, had humiliated me in front of my peers for the last time. Pulling on my hair was one thing, jealously ruining my clothes was another, but the way she humiliated me today was the last straw for me, the end of my reputation as I knew it.

I know, I sounded so melodramatic crying over my high school reputation but this was different. Now nobody would look at me the same, whether I was in high school or not. Nobody would treat me the same.

What hurt the most was that I wasn't sure if I was angry or not.

A part of me felt hurt, yes. A dominant part, confused. But a sliver of my being was…relieved.

A part of me thanked Victoria for doing what I couldn't do, but that still doesn't take back the things she said, the things she did.

Suddenly I felt violated and vulnerable and…alone.

Not a shoulder to cry on, no arms to wrap around me and no words of comfort whispered in my ear.

Emmett was at football practice with Jasper and Edward, their girlfriends, Rosalie, Maria and Tanya no doubt watching from the bleachers.

And after the horrible things I said to Bella, who knew if she'd ever even take a glance in my direction again.

I struggled with this information, sobbing louder as I remembered her face as she walked away from me.

How could I have been so stupid? How could I have said those things, hurt the one person that meant so much to me?

I didn't blame anyone but myself for this.

I'd pushed her away and it came back to bite me in the ass. When I needed her the most, she was gone.

And I was alone.

When the bell rang, signaling the end of the hour and a half afterschool block, I tried to quiet my sobs, listening for any students lingering from tutoring, performing arts or indoor sports.

When I was sure they'd all left and I was alone again, I released my pain. I could have easily run out to the football field and found Rosalie since the sports teams stayed afterschool for two hours, but I didn't have the strength or the heart to.

I didn't deserve comfort. I deserved to feel the pain I'd inflicted on Bella, and then multiplied by three. But this was simply a glimpse of what I'd done. I couldn't imagine how bad she was hurting. This was simply punishment for my heartless, selfish deeds.

At some point the door to the bathroom creaked open. I didn't have the strength to run and hide in a bathroom stall. I couldn't even lift my head to glare hopelessly at the intruder. I kept my head bowed, tucked between my knees, my arms wrapped around them and I sobbed.

The intruder walked up to me and I would have thought she was a staff member until I opened my eyes and saw a pair of all black Chuck Taylors before me, contrasting against my silver flats.

I still couldn't look up, though. The intruder reached down, placing her warm hands under my arms and pulling me effortlessly to her chest. My hands, squished between our bodies found their way around her waist and I pulled the intruder closer. I didn't want to be alone.

One of the intruder's hands reached up to stroke my hair gently as the other pressed me into her and held me there tightly.

She kept my head pressed against her shoulder, letting me ruin her shirt with my tears.

I still hadn't seen her face, but I didn't need to, I knew who she was.

She placed a comforting kiss in my undeserving hair and held me as I sobbed louder. She was being so nice. I shouldn't deserve this. She shouldn't be comforting me. I should be begging for her forgiveness.

I tried to pull away and apologize to her, but she was stronger than me. She held me in place and continued stroking my hair.

"I-I'm s-s-sor-ry" I stopped, burying my face in her shoulder. "I-" I tried to explain but the words got caught in my throat.

"Shh" she silenced me softly, lovingly. "It's okay" she whispered. "I'm here, it's okay."

I kept trying to apologize but she simply kept whispering "It's okay, I'm here" until my sobs had quieted to hiccups and then disappeared entirely.

She held me still as tears no longer ran down my burning cheeks, stroking and kissing my hair tenderly.

Not a word passed between us as she held me in her strong, loving arms.

I whimpered suddenly, knowing I didn't deserve to be here. She deserved better than me.

"Shh. I'm here, Ali. I'm not going anywhere" she said, holding me forever tighter to her fit body.

I nuzzled my face into her neck and listened to her sigh in content.

"Bella" I mumbled, holding onto her waist desperately. I never wanted to let go.