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"Len, why are we going to a sweet shop?" Rin whined. They were supposed to go home and study, since there was an upcoming test.

"Len, hurry up! Mr. Gakupo would be angry if he knew we were slacking the whole day, instead of preparing," Rin continued, with a pout this time. Len saw the pout and gave her a lopsided smile.

"Patience, I'll be done soon, and we can go home, alright?" Len smiled at her. The response was a slight frown, but nevertheless, Rin nodded.

A few minutes later, the pair walked out of the sweets shop, with Len carrying a bag while Rin clutched his other arm.

"Let's go home!" Rin shouted out loud, while dragging Len along. The action of hers earned many stares. Len sweatdropped, as he was being dragged back, all the way from the shop to home sweet home. Reaching the door steps, he took out his key and opened the door. The instant he opened it, Rin ran in and went straight to their room. Len walked in at a much slower speed and also entered the room. Both of them took out their books, laid on the floor and started to revise for the test.

Halfway through, Rin yawned, "This is really boring..."

Len smiled and reached for his bag, which was beside him. He pulled out the bag of sweets he bought earlier. He tipped the contents out, revealing it to be a numerous amount of sweets, but only with banana and orange flavor. Rin's eyes instantly lit up. Len then took some of the orange sweets and gave it to Rin.

"You bought these sweets for me?" Rin asked him, looking rather moved.

"Yeah. I guessed that you liked oranges a lot," Len nervously scratched the back of his head. Rin smiled fondly at him.

"I'm thankful to have a great boyfriend like you... Who happens to be my roommate... Sometimes I think that I'm not worthy of you... Like, the fact that I'm quite mean to you..." Rin was blushing and looking downwards, as she suddenly found the wooden floor very extremely interesting. She gasps as she felt Len's fingers on her chin. Len used his finger to tilt Rin's face up, so that she was looking at him.

"Don't say that you are not worthy, you're a really sweet person. Like this sweet here!"

Len grinned as he dangled a sweet in front of Rin. She stopped blushing and stared into his blue eyes. Rin started to giggle at the irony. Len then reached out to her, and pulled her in, hugging her fondly. He looked down, and kissed Rin's head, making Rin blush again.

After a while, they went back to doing their work, while eating the sweets that Len bought.

Throughout the whole study session, they shared the same thoughts.

All about sweets.

Anyways, my brain crashed with the ending. It sucks to me. So far, this is my first Vocaloid story, though I have written D. Gray-man fanfiction. So yeah... rather new here. Please tell me your thoughts to whether I should continue, okay?

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