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Possesive Lover

"Len, why the hell did you punch Rei?"


Rei had a crush on Rin, for a really really long time. So, it was Rei's lucky day today, or so he thought. He walked up towards Rin, and confessed. Rin however, did not really respond much. She was just shocked. As in really really shocked. Rei then decided to try and kiss the shocked Rin.

Bad news for Rei. Len just turned round the corner. He looks at Rei... And blam! Rei's face was against the lockers. He then grips Rin's wrist. Firm yet gently, and stalks off.

"Hello, earth to Len. Why did you punch Rei?"

Rin was waving her hands in front of his face.

"Can't help it. I am a possessive lover after all..."

I SUCK. Short one. Because I'm working on an multi-chaptered fic. About werewolf!Len. Coz' I got sick of vampires. ^^

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