Summary: Legends say of the nine tailed demon, the last of his kind, the one that brought forth destruction to the shinobi world and vanished without a trace…but, is it all true?

Pairing: Unknown at the moment

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Rating: Supernatural/Action (Adventure does not equal Action, FF please add a Action genre...)

Writer: DeExil

Last of my Kind – Chapter 1: Disco madness

"There is a legend among us monsters, the legend of the nine demons that roamed the lands bringing terror and destruction to both humans and monsters alike…" a woman with long pink hair said towards her daughter.

Both of them were in the young girls room, the girl in question was tucked in her bed ready for the night. She looked at her mother with great interest, it was the first time she heard about this legend, she never knew that once, there were creature more powerful than vampires.

"…they were nine in total, their power was measured by the number of their tails, but even the weakest, the one tailed raccoon was powerful enough to raze a city to dust and leave unscratched…"

"How is that possible mother?" the girl with awe evident in her voice.

The woman smiled and laughed softly at her daughter. "They were not monsters, they were demons, no one knows for sure what their purpose was on Earth or why they roamed the lands but they all knew to stay clear of them…" she said as her eyes darkened.

"…yet…humans tried otherwise, they first tried to kill them and failed miserably, they then resorted to control them in which they … relatively succeeded…" once more the young girl was amazed by the news, her mother smiled and shook her head telling the girl to let her finish.

"…humans, back then had the ability to control their spiritual and physical energies to create techniques of great power…they were known as shinobi…" the girl's eyes lit in recognition at the name.

"Just like today's shinobi?" she asked as the mother shook her head as she smiled.

"Today's shinobi can't control that power anymore for you see their ancestors tried to play God and in the end they failed. To control the nine demons they decided to seal them into newborn children, these children were hated by those around them, their life was harsh and most grew up hating their own kind and succumbing to the demon within them…"

"Human's are despicable…" the girl huffed as she glared towards the ceiling and the mother laughed softly while kissing her on the forehead.

"…the last containers of the nine demons were hunted by powerful shinobi, for what purpose, no one knows…while the first seven fell to them, the eight and ninth container fought to defeat them…but in the end, they failed…" the mother said with sadness.

"Mother, where the … containers close to each other?" the little girl asked as the mother nodded.

"Being hated by humans, the containers considered themselves a different race, they sought comfort with each other and became brothers and sisters…" a knock was heard on the door as the woman turned towards it. A blond man stepped inside; he bowed slightly towards the woman.

"Akasha-sama, lord Akashiya wishes to speak with you…" he said as the woman nodded and stood up.

"But what about the story?" the girl asked with sadness as the woman looked at her with a small smile.

"I'll continue it tomorrow, I promise." She said as she bent down and kissed her on the forehead. She smiled as she stood up and walked towards the door, as the blond man turned to leave the girl called for him.

"Naruto-nii…do you know the story?" she asked as the blond turned towards her and raised an eyebrow. He smiled as he nodded slightly and walked in the room.

"You want to hear the rest of it?" he asked as the girl nodded vigorously. "Well…what people don't know is that the last containers managed to warm up to humans in the end, before their final hour. When the eight was captured and killed the ninth made a pact with his inner demon…"

"How do you know this?" asked the girl amazed as the blond chuckled.

"Lets just say…I've seen more then I tell…" he told her with a wink as the girl glared at him for not telling him what she wanted to hear. "…but as I was saying, he made a pact with the demon, the demon agreed with it and gave his power so that he may crush the one that brought so much harm to the containers and their friends…"

"…but in the end…" the blond grew silent as his face turned into a sad frown. "…the power was too much for him to control, he lost his mind and was consumed by rage, he crushed the man responsible for everyone's pain but then he turned on the shinobi…killing them all…"

"…for years he roamed the lands howling to the heavens, destroying the land and killing anything that got in its way…the monsters knew better then to get close to it, they hid and waited for him to stop his rampage…but in the end, he vanished, the ninth vanished without a trace. No one knows where it went or where it is now, some say it died a long time ago…"

"What do you think nii-san?" the girl asked as the blond looked up and shrugged.

"Legends are legends, for all we know it might not be true…but if it was true…he may be sleeping somewhere, or he may be walking amongst us and we may not know it." He told her as she squirmed in her bed.

"Don't worry…" he said laughing slightly "…if he was still among us he would have gone on a rampage long ago…but that did not happen, now did it?" he asked with a grin as the girl giggled slightly.

"Now, I think its time you sleep Moka-chan…" he said as he turned to leave.

"Nii-san…you'll always be here right?" she asked as the blond turned and looked at her strangely.

"Why do you ask that?" he questioned her as she looked down at her blanket.

"I heard you talking with father once…you said you would leave one day…" she said as she looked back up at the blond who smiled reassuringly.

"I won't leave any time soon and if I do leave…I promise I will always come back…" he said as he closed the lights and walked out the door.

The blond smiled as he remembered, ten years had passed since then. "Despite what I said…I never kept that promise." He said to himself as he looked at a picture of a young Moka and him, it was taken three months before the incident. The blond pocketed the picture and looked up, beyond the canal. He could see the building he was supposed to enter in the distance.

He moved his hands to his handguns and checked them; he then traced a finger on the shotgun strapped to his back and smirked. He loved using that gun, one shot could kill even a vampire and the bullets he usually used were more then enough to tear through his target and erase their existence completely.

"Naruto?" he heard a feminine voice in his comm.

"I'm here." He said crouching down on the buildings roof and staring intently at the small structure in the distance.

"We have a problem, apparently the police are moving in on your target." The blond groaned as he heard that, if the police reached before he finished cleaning up it would cause quite a commotion, if they got there when he was doing his stuff it would shed a whole new light over the world, something that no one was ready for yet.

"ETA?" the blond asked as the woman relied to him that they would arrive in one minute or less. In the distance he could hear the sirens and he knew that he would not have enough time to clear the structure.

He sighed. "You aren't going to do it right?" the woman asked with concern as the blond stood up and jumped down from the roof, landing in the canal and one the water.

"It has to be done I'm afraid, the world is not ready to know about monsters, not yet." He stated as the woman fell silent, he started running on the water towards his destination when he heard her.

"Take care then…and come back quickly, I have a important job for you." She said as the blond nodded and closed the link between them.

As he reached the end of the canal he jumped up and looked towards his destination, police cars were in front of the entrance, a few officers were waiting outside behind their vehicles, he would have to deal with those first and then deal with those inside as well as his general targets. He slowly made his way towards his first set of targets; he offered them a small prayer as fire appeared in his right hand.

They never saw it coming, one moment they were focusing on the building in front of them making sure that no one ran away then the next they were falling down one by one. A strange tendril made out of fire wrapped around them from the shadows, burning them to death or ripping them to shreds. No matter how much they screamed or how loud no one came to their aid. They were after all the ones that were supposed to aid those inside the building if things went out of hand.

A few of them tried calling for backup from headquarters, they never got the change to pick up the radio as someone always shot them down. It took no less then five minutes to kill thirty police officers, fully armed with response gear, pistols, shotguns and submachine guns. The blond stepped in the light looking over the carnage he himself made, a small frown appeared on his face, if only they had known someone would try to contact the local police department they could have stopped them and none of this would have had to happen in the first place.

He shrugged; it was not his problem in the end. Raising his hand, he snapped his fingers and fire burst around him igniting the corpses, burning them down to ash. He looked towards the large building in front of him, he could hear the bass from inside and he thought he could hear gunfire as well. He smirked as he took out one of his Beretta's and walked towards the entrance. With a kick the door was flung open and the stench of death invaded his nostrils.

Naruto cringed a little at the smell, no matter how much he enjoyed killing the stench was sometimes too much for his sense of smell. Taking out his second pistol he walked inside and followed the sounds of gunfire. As he walked the blond scanned the area around him, the walls were already painted with the blood of humans, the corpses of both monsters and humans were scattered all over the floor.

"Please…" he heard someone mumble; he stopped walking and looked around. His eyes rested on an officer, he was laying on the floor. One of his arms was missing and a good part of his leg was bitten off, probably one of the werewolves. "Help me…"

"Sure." The blond said as he pointed the gun towards the man and shot him in the head, the life left his eyes in seconds as the blond turned around and continued his walk towards the main floor.

It wasn't long before he reached a large door, behind them he could hear the music. "Huh…Phatt Bass…they have some taste at least…" he thought as he kicked the doors open just as the music pitched.

All eyes turned towards him, there were more then fifty monsters inside if the blond was right and they were all staring at him. He titled his head to the side and grinned. "Lets dance." He pointed each gun towards a nearby monster and shot them. They pierced through their heads leaving a smoking whole, the bodies dropped lifelessly on the floor.

"You fucker!" he heard someone scream from the crowd as a large number of monsters charged towards him. He ducked as a werewolf jumped over him, not even bothering to look back he pointed his gun towards the monster and shot him. A thud was heard; he smirked knowing he had hit the target.

Raising his hand the blond blocked a powerful kick from one of the vampires in the group; he narrowed his eyes at the man before grabbing his leg and slamming him on the floor. He ducked under other hit and pulled the vampire he was holding towards him, he flung him in the air like it was nothing and raised both guns. Two shots were heard as the bullets pierced the vampires' skull through his eyes.

As the body dropped towards the blond he grabbed it by the leg in the last second and threw the dead man towards a group of monsters making them fall on their back from the unexpected weight. He turned his head towards his right and slowly bent his head backwards avoiding a claw; before the monster could retract his arm the blond grabbed it and pulled the monster towards him. He raised his gun which ended up in the man's mouth, his eyes widened in fear as the blond pulled the trigger blowing his brains out.

With a swift motion the blond turned the body around and used it as a meat shield blocking attacks from the rest of the monsters. "You retards!" someone shouted in the crowd. "Stop going towards him one at a time!" he roared as three werewolves jumped towards the blond. Naruto bent backwards raising the dead body over him, one of the werewolves smashed into the body while the others landed behind the blond, they spun around and slashed towards him.

Their attack missed as the blond jumped out of the way, spinning in the air. He landed a few feet away and as soon as he landed he swiped the legs of two monsters behind him. He jumped, landing behind them and pointed his guns at their heads; again he pulled the trigger taking the life of two more monsters. Naruto smirked as he crouched down avoiding a kick, he slammed in the monster in front of him taking her down on the ground. Before she could react he slammed his fist in her face, grabbed her by the neck and hurled her in the air.

He grabbed two of the three werewolves from before as they tried to pounce him, he slammed their heads on the floor and finally snapped their necks; throwing the lifeless bodies in the crowd he raised his guns up firing them once more. Blood dripped on his head as a body crashed behind him moments later. With a soft sigh, the blond closed his eyes and listened to the beat of the song, he could also hear the monsters charging towards him. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as he opened his eyes and pointed his guns to the side, he fired once taking down two monsters, he moved one gun behind him and another in front of him firing again, two more thuds.

Naruto spun around with both guns in front of him as he fired four shots, two out of each pistol; all four bullets hit their targets. Narrowing his eyes, the blond ducked under a monster's kick and pointed his gun at the monsters face, the second gun was pointed to his left as he pulled the triggers simultaneously. The monsters dropped dead on the dance floor, the blond crouched down and raised both guns to the side and fired once more, two monsters were flung back by the power of the shot, a hole present in their heads.

He spun around coming face to face with a vampire, his guns pointed at the man's face whose eyes widened in horror. He pulled the triggers and a click was heard, the blond raised a curious eyebrow as the vampire grinned and tried to punch the blond in the face. Said blond bent backwards and kicked the vampire in the air, he back flipped and threw his guns in the air as he spun around and moved his hands behind him. Naruto ducked under several punches from the vampire in front of him, he grinned as she suddenly tried her luck to hit him and moved her body too close to him. Reacting fast, the blond brought his hands out and slammed a wooden pike in her chest electing a gasp.

The blond drew back his fist and punched the pike, the sheer pressure from the punch made the pike drill through her body and hit the monsters behind her, leaving holes in at least three of them. All three dropped lifelessly on the floor as he raised his hands in the air and caught his pistol. With a quick twirl, he took out the empty clips and reloaded the guns before raising them in front of him and shooting two more monsters. He moved to the side and grabbed another ones arm, he threw him through the crowd, curiously, he slammed in the DJ's booth, changing the song. "Power indeed…" the blond thought with a grin.

"Two can play that game asshole!" someone shouted as the blond turned around and his eyes widened, one of the monsters was holding an assault rifle.

As the monster pulled the trigger the blond raced through the crowd of monsters, their ally was doing the job for him as his friends were going down from the constant steam of bullets. He looked towards the side and grabbed a nearby monster by the arm; he spun with him and threw him back towards the crowd making five of them crash on the ground. He ducked as a hail of bullets wheezed over his head and blinked as he looked towards the monster with the rifle. He turned to his side and jumped over the bar and ducked behind it, bullets flew over him smashing the bottles of beer, whisky and whatever they had there.

He sighed as he holstered his pistols and took out his shotgun, a Remington 870MCS in 18"-barrel. "And I thought I wouldn't get the chance to use it." He said to himself with a grin.

"Open fire!" a voice was heard over the song, soon followed by gun shots. The blond raised his head over the bar and peeked to see what was happening. He blinked as he saw at least twenty SWAT troopers appearing on the dance floor, shooting the monsters and taking them down one at a time; that is until the monsters turned their attention towards them and started attacking them.

Naruto sighed as he turned around and dropped on the floor. He looked to his side with a bored expression as he caught a hand which was holding a large knife. The woman looked at the blond with fear in her eyes as he pushed the shotgun's barrel on her chest. With a smile the blond pulled the trigger and let go of her arm, her body was thrown towards the wall. She coughed blood and slowly slid down on the ground, a hole was present in her chest.

Standing up he pointed his gun towards the nearby monsters and pulled the trigger blasting them away, he spotted the one with the assault rifle and turned his gun towards him. The monster was distracted by the cops; it was a good opportunity to take him down. His eyes narrowed as he jumped over the bar once more, a butcher knife was impaled on the bar, the monster holding it sneered as it tried to take it out. The barrel of the shotgun suddenly appeared in front of his eyes which widened in fright. Before he could react his head was blown off, a stream of blood burst out as the body dropped on the ground lifelessly.

Slowly, the blond stood up, his eyes narrowed. He turned around and pointed his gun to nearby groups of monsters taking them down; a few of them realized what was happening and turned to face him. Naruto twitched as he turned around and raised his gun blocking a claw. Before he could move it to kill the monster a bullet wheezed through the monsters head, his body dropped lifelessly on the ground. He looked up, a cop was aiming his submachine gun towards him. The man suddenly fired towards the blond who cursed under his breath.

He grabbed a nearby monster and pulled her in front of him, the bullets pierced through her making the monster scream in pain. Placing the shotgun on her shoulder the blond charged forward with the soon to be lifeless monster in front of him. The cop's eyes widened as he started moving backwards while firing. A click was heard as the man's eyes widened in fear, before he could even change his magazine the blond appeared in front of him with the shotgun's barrel in his face. The cop slowly raised his hands in the air; the blond pulled the trigger blowing his head off.

He threw the lifeless body of the monster on top of the headless human and scoffed; he looked around, monsters were pretty much ignoring him now and ripping the cops to shreds. He strapped his gun back on his back and turned towards the fighting, fire appeared around his right hand forming a whip. The blond slammed it on the ground a few times before grabbing a nearby monster with it, he lifted him in the air and slammed him on top of a cop smashing their heads.

The fire whip intensified encompassing the blond's right arm. Fire crackled around him as it shot towards all directions piercing through the bodies of demons and humans alike, tendrils wrapped around the buildings support and started constricting it. Inhuman screams echoed in the night as the fire burned the monsters and humans, they could not stop it, they couldn't move. One by one they collapsed on the ground, their bodies turning into ash before the blond's eyes.

He scoffed as he pulled his arm and the buildings support collapsed as the tendrils were recalled towards the blond. The entire place started shaking as the blond turned and calmly walked towards the door; behind him the building started collapsing. In just a few minutes the entire place fell to the ground leaving nothing but ruins and ash, no bodies whatsoever.

Naruto collapsed on his knees panting heavily. He grabbed his chest and closed his eyes trying to ignore the pain going through his body, it was bad enough that attack drains most of his power but the erasing is more then he would have ever wanted. The blond cursed the Shinigami and his cruel jokes; he cursed him and the way he made him remember what he had to do.

Lifting his head up he grabbed the doorknob in front of him and opened the door. He stepped inside the house like a drunkard, staggering left and right, trying to find a point of balance. He fell on his knees hitting a table on the way to the ground and making the vase with roses fall on the ground, shattering.

"Fuck!" he screamed slamming his fist in the floor as he clutched his chest in pain, tears dropped from his eyes as another wave of pain passed through his body.

"Naruto…" he heard a woman call his name, she seemed worried. He looked up and slowly stood up. He walked down the hallway towards the first door to the right; he slowly opened it and stepped inside collapsing on his knees once more.

He grit his teeth in pain as he looked up, one eye closed and the other red from the intensive pain. "I've completed … the task …" he said between pants, the woman gasped as she slowly stood up and limped towards him. "Don't…you need to rest…" he whispered as he closed his eye in pain and bit his lip trying to hold back his scream.

Moments later he found himself brought into an embrace, his hands shot out, wrapping around the woman before him. She held him close to her, waiting for the waves of pain to pass and for the erasing process to finish.

After a several minutes of excruciating pain the blond finally felt better, the pain vanished and he could start thinking clearly. The woman pulled away from him and moved a hand over his face; she pushed the hood away and looked at him. A smile graced her lips as she examined him.

"You look just like before now." She said giggling slightly as the blond gave a pained grin. She brought out a small mirror from her pocket and handed it to the blond; he looked in it and smiled as he realized she was right. The scars the Shinigami had left on his face were gone now; it was a good idea after all to start with those, even though finding the targets took so long.

"I can finally walk in the daylight…" he said with a small chuckle as the woman giggled and tried to stand up. "…don't…" he said sternly, narrowing his eyes. He stood up and scooped her in his arms getting a small surprised gasp from her.

"Naruto, you're still weak, put me down." She said sternly as the blond shook his head and slowly walked to the nearby chair she was sitting in.

"You shouldn't have stood up, you're body is still weak, still recuperating. You need your rest, I can handle the pain…" he said the last part with a whisper; he was grateful to her every time she stood up and helped him endure the pain.

He gently lowered her in the chair and took a few steps back. "You know…you won't always be here to help me." She said with a small smile as she looked down at the ground, the blond however titled his head to the side in confusion at her words. With a shake of the head she looked back up with a smile gracing her lips. "We're leaving for Japan today…" she said as the blond raised an eyebrow.

"What for?" he asked "We still have a target here in London." He was confused, why would they pack their stuff and leave now of all time? Maybe there was something important in Japan, but he wasn't sure about that.

"I found several more targets there, quite a lot, there must be something going down." She said, her voice hardened, he hadn't heard her talk like that for years. His eyes narrowed, it meant that she feared something and he learned to believe her in those matters, even if she had no proof. It was strange, with lack of proof things she feared always came true somehow.

"I see, what about Lord Akashiya?" he asked the woman, she shook her head meaning she wasn't able to get in touch with the man. He was the one that held the most power in Japan so he would know more. "When to we leave?" he then asked.

"Tomorrow, at the break of dawn." She said as the blond nodded.

"Then I think I'll go wash and prepare." He said turning around and walking away.

"Want me to scrub your back?" he heard her call, his face turned red as he vigorously shook his head and ran out of the room, he could hear her giggle, it brought a smile to his lips, she had been down for a long time and no matter how hard he tried to cheer her up it never seemed to work how he wanted. It was refreshing to know that in the end his efforts paid off.

As the private plane landed on Tokyo's international airport the blond couldn't help but think that there was some other reason he was brought here. He looked to his side at his female companion, she was wearing a funeral dress with a cowl covering her face and hair, she didn't want to be recognized by anyone.

He placed his hand on her, she didn't seem to react, it was like she was in deep thought. She was most likely still haunted by the memories of the past, the blond frowned as he took her hand into his trying to comfort her or snap out of her walk down memory lane. It worked as she looked up towards him with a surprised expression.

"You alright?" he asked as she looked back down and gave a weak nod, the blond frowned, still not pleased with the situation.

"We've arrived lord Naruto." He heard one of the flight attendants say; the blond looked up and nodded at the man. "Please make sure our baggage's are placed in the car." He said as the man nodded and turned around to leave.

The blond turned his attention back to the female and stood up, he offered her his hand as she gently took it and stood up as well. He helped her exit the plane and walk down to the ground. A small limo was waiting for them, he could see the flight attendees placing the luggage's in the back of the car.

As they reached the car the blond opened the back door and helped the woman inside, she smiled at him and gave a weak 'thank you'. Naruto smiled as he closed the door and turned towards the attendees who had just finished placing the last luggage in the trunk. One of them closed the trunk and turned towards the blond.

"Thank you for the help." He said handing them a briefcase.

"Always a pleasure lord Naruto." One of them said as they all bowed and gratefully accepted the briefcase. Once his hand was free of the object the blond walked towards the driver's seat and entered the car.

He closed the door and looked back at the woman, her head was down and the only indication of her being alive was the slow rhythm of her breathing. Naruto sighed, coming back here was a mistake, she wasn't ready and yet she insisted on returning, he didn't know why they had to come here in the first place.

The door to the passenger's seat suddenly opened as the blond took out his pistol and aimed it at the intruder. "Now, now…is this any way to treat an old friend?" the newcomer asked, a man with great wisdom and years to knowledge.

Naruto sighed as he holstered his gun and started the cars engine. "So you are the one we were supposed to meet." He stated as the man next to him nodded, he turned to gaze at the woman behind them and gave a sad smile.

"It's good to see you again my friend." He said as the woman looked up and gave a smile of her own; she nodded at him but said nothing.

As the car drove out of the airport and into Tokyo's streets the blond decided to find out more about what they were actually doing here.

"Tell me…is there a particular reason you are here?" he asked with narrowed eyes as he looked at the man for a second and then back at the road.

"I'm sure she didn't tell you all…" he said casually, like he wasn't standing against the most feared killer in the history of the world. "…yes there are some targets here, those that you hunt…but at the same time…" he took a pause here "…something interesting has developed..."

"Explain." Naruto demanded, his eyes tingled with curiosity at the man's words.

Said man had a smirk plastered on his face, his eyes tingling with mischief. "There has been an interesting development, I've already told her about this and its one of the reasons you are here now."

The blond stood quiet for several minutes to understand what he had been told. His eyes twitched as he heard someone honk him and a car drove by, he flipped the man yet he knew that the driver wouldn't see him flipping him. Shaking his head, he turned back to the man next to him.

"I don't think I understand…" he said with a low voice as he turned his attention back to the road.

The man however kept silent, the blond wasn't sure if he was testing his patience or not. But he didn't press on the subject, he did not care, sooner or later he would find out the real reason he was here. It wasn't until his female companion spoke that he understood just what was going on.

"I want you to…look after someone…" she said, the tone in her voice, it was like she was demanding him to go and kill someone they were not supposed to do. He raised an eyebrow at that. "…now you can…uphold what your Lord told you to…" she said to the blond who was once again confused by stating what Akashiya wanted of him, of the task he had been given years ago. He didn't like this, there was something going on and yet no one told him what exactly.

His eyes twitched as he looked at the school in front of him, Youkai Academy. After all these years he was here, doing Lord Akashiya's bidding, not that he had a choice in that matter. She was cryptic, more then ever, and it didn't help that the headmaster stood quiet about this situation. They both knew something yet none of them said anything regarding the matter. He felt a wave of pain and moved the cloth over his arm; he looked at one of the Shinigami's scars, it was pulsing. So one of them was here, maybe this was the reason he was here, but at the same time what would his target want with the daughter of Akashiya?

"Watch out!" he heard someone shout as he turned to the side and saw the wheel of a bike just before it slammed into his face. He crashed to the ground as the bike and the girl on the bike crashed a few feet away from him.

He groaned and rubbed his head, he scowled as he turned towards the direction of the bicyclist and shook his head. With a groan the blond got on his knees and opened to mouth to speak, only to be beaten by the one that hit him.

"Watch where you're…going?" he eyes widened as she looked towards the blond.

His eyes widened as well as he realized who was in front of him. "Kokoa?" he asked with wide eyes, last time he saw her it was before he left the home.

"No…" she stuttered as she took a step back in fright, or more like dragged her body backwards. He raised an eyebrow at her behavior, what was going on here? Why was she afraid of him? "Don't kill me…" she whispered, her voice filled with fear.

He tried to reason, he extended his hand towards her yet it only served to scare her more as she stood up and dashed away, leaving her bike behind. The blond stood dumbfounded there, wondering just what the hell happened, why was the girl afraid of him? Or more importantly, why would he kill her? She wasn't his target…she…wasn't…