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Last of my Kind – Chapter 4: Three Regrets...

The sounds of chatter resonated in the academy campus from early morning as students flocked the entrance with their parents in tow. The vast majority were eager to share their experience in the academy with their family members, it was like a tradition for every monster to attend this academy. The blond scoffed at that however, apart from Kuyou he had yet to meet another kitsune, and kitsune's were still one of the most numerous monsters out there, he had made sure of that, his predecessor had made sure of that as well.

He looked towards the dormitories and shook his head, Kokoa was late and so was her sister. The blond wondered how the young vampire would be able to pry her sister away from that troublesome human, if it wasn't for the fact that Moka was emotionally attached to him – or at least her outer self – he would have made the boy vanish long ago.

Naruto was shaken out of his thoughts as he saw Kokoa in the distance running towards him and dragging her sister after her. The blond smiled at them, the red head gave her own smile yet her sister tried her best to look anywhere else but at him. He frowned at that, he would have to make her understand – somehow – that he wasn't out to hurt her. There was one thing however, he never liked the Rosario, he never liked that idea that the real Moka had to be sealed away and he most definitely never liked the appeared that the seal gave to Moka when wearing it.

Maybe it was what the young girl wanted to look like, to be the exact replica of her mother, he wasn't sure about that, but he didn't really like it. Despite all that however, he never showed any ill intent towards the pink haired girl, she was after all his sister, she was part of his family.

"So you finally made it." The blond stated while tapping his foot on the ground in mock frustration. The red head gave a cheeky grin as she rubbed her head.

"It was a bit hard to trick him in falling into my trap." she replied as the blond shook his head in amusement.

"Shouldn't we … make sure he's alright?" Moka asked, her sister looked at her with a curious expression and dismissed her worries with her hand.

"I'm sure he's fine, someone will most likely find him before the blood clogs in his head." She casually remarked making the blond wonder in what kind of trap she caught the human boy.

"But still…" her sister tried to argue only for the younger one to shake her head vigorously and turn to face her with anger written all over her face.

"Can't you just once, just this once forget about him?" she asked in a harsh tone, the blond decided not to butt into this conversation and let the red head clear whatever problems they had. "You are always next to him, today at least spend the day with me and nii-san." She finished in an almost pleading tone.

The elder sister looked at her and then up at the blond, she bit her lip trying to hold back whatever she wanted to say towards the blond. She then turned back towards her younger sister and leaned to whisper in her ear. "But…is it…safe?" she asked, for a second the red head vampire was puzzled by the question and then her eyes widened ever so slightly in recognition.

She berated herself for forgetting to clarify the matter with her sister, looking towards her she nodded with a smile. "Trust me, he's not going to harm us like Akua said." She told her sister, even though she was still wary of the blond when next to him she knew that he would never lift a finger against them.

The answer seemed to calm the older girl as she stood up and looked at the blond with a small smile. "Well, I guess we could spend some time together…today…" she said turning her attention towards her sister once more.

With a shake of his head the blond turned around and started walking towards the academy, both girls following him with Kokoa taking the lead and Moka walking besides him. They walked in silence having nothing to say to each other, Naruto could hear the whispers as they walked through the crowd, students pointing out the beauty of the two vampires, he snorted slightly as he heard some parents encouraging their children into trying to 'seduce' one of them for future wife.

He decided to ignore the comments and study the girls, Kokoa didn't seem bothered by the attention, not at all and yet she wasn't basking in it. She ignored the comments about her; a smile tugged his lips as she would growl towards a few students from time to time as they whispered something about her sister. It was a bit strange in his mind, he always did picture the older sibling protecting the younger one and while he was doing just that he always imagined Moka looking after Kokoa, not the other way around. But then again, these were strange times.

He then turned towards Moka who was walking in complete silence right beside him, a frown appeared on his face, she was walking with her head down and seemed mighty depressed about her current situation. He felt a pang of guilt at that, he did tell Kokoa to bring her sister with her today and without that boy, maybe she wasn't comfortable with people anymore unless that boy was around. That didn't bode well with the blond, she – like her sister – had always been the outgoing type and yet, she had turned into this shy person now, so insecure about herself and regarding her surroundings.

"Moka-chan." He whispered as the girl looked up at him in surprise. "Are you alright?" he asked, of course she wasn't alright, he wanted to tell himself and he knew very well what the problem was, but still, he wanted to somewhat bring out the real Moka, the more outgoing type.

"Yea." She replied in a weak voice not even looking at him while she spoke, he frowned at that, they had started bad.

"You don't seem alright…can't you tell me what's bothering you?" he asked, he sounded genuinely concerned. Moka seemed to think about the question, she opened her mouth to reply but closed it as soon as she opened it. She then looked at the blond and a frown appeared on her face.

"Do you hate me?" she asked as the blond stopped walking, shocked by the question the girl asked. He blinked several times before walking again and shaking his head.

"No." he said in a harsh tone, offended by the question. "Why would I hate you?" he inquired curiously as the girl just smiled and shook her head.

"But…do you hate Tsukune?" she asked this time, the smile fading as she looked back up at him. Kokoa walked slower to listen in on their conversation.

Once again the blond sighed. "Yes, I hate him." He replied as the girl looked back down at the ground.

"But why?" she asked quietly as Kokoa jumped in.

"He's a human." She whispered harshly.

"What's wrong with that?" her sister snapped back at her making Kokoa take a step back in shock, her sister had never snapped at her before. Her eyes narrowed as she started at the older girl.

"He's weak and he's made you weak as well." She said with malice, she hated the boy for keeping this weak side of her sister out, she wanted her true form to be out in the daylight.

"Girls…" the blond said in a low voice drawing their attention to him. "…lets not have any arguments about this today…ok?" he asked with a smile as Kokoa huffed and turned around crossing her arms over her chest, Moka however looked back down at the ground and nodded without saying anything else.

After walking for a few more minutes the blond saw the entrance to the faculty, he looked down at the pink haired girl. "Regarding your question…" he started as the girl looked towards him. "…I have nothing against him…personally, he is your friend and you are happy around him, so that's good…" a smile crept on her face as she heard those words. "…however…I don't like the fact that your blood is flowing through his veins." He said with narrowed eyes as her smile dropped, replaced by a sad look.

"But…if I hadn't given him my blood…he would have died." She tried to defend her actions, looking at his eyes she realized that he wasn't pleased at all even with that reason.

"I've already read about what happened, I understand your need to have friends, but this…this is pushing it…disgracing the family name." he said in a harsh tone as even Kokoa flinched, the pink haired girl looked down at the ground, her entire body shaking.

She then looked up at him with tears in her eyes. "You don't know anything!" she shouted drawing attention towards them "You left me when I was still little to fend for myself, you left without a warning!" she shouted as the blond's heart stopped for a second. "It's because of you that I had a harsh life! He's my first friend, I won't sit by and watch him die as long as I can do something!" she didn't give the blond a chance to retort as she turned around and ran into the faculty leaving her sister and the blond rooted in shock.

Naruto lowered his head as Kokoa turned to look at him, she walked over to him and placed her hand on his arm. The blond looked at her and gave a small smile, thanking her. He had never expected Moka to shout at him or to blame him like that. It was true that he had left her to fend for herself, but how could he explain the reasons behind his actions? He couldn't take her with him on his trips, he couldn't let her see what he was doing and most importantly, he couldn't risk having her being discovered by the enemies. Both her and Kokoa.

He looked at the red haired girl, she looked extremely worried for him. Even for Kokoa, this was something she had never seen her sister do. The blond ruffled her hair and told her to go to class, that he would meet them later, he needed time to think over some things. She slowly let go of his hand and turned towards the faculty, she kept glancing back towards him as she walked towards the doors. It was the first time she had seen the blond so broken by just a few words; she had no idea how much the little family he had meant to him.

As she vanished in the faculty the blond sighed and turned around deciding to find a quiet place to think. Things didn't go as he had hoped with Moka and he couldn't really blame her. After being away from her for so long he suddenly decided to pop back in her life and tell her what she could do and what she could not, even he would have been pissed if someone did that to him, he was sure about that.

His head snapped up as he felt a wave of pain wash over him, he looked around and saw movement in the woods. Without a second thought the blond gave chase to the shadow, the scar Shinigami gave him kept sending waves of pain through his body, he was more then sure the shadow was one of his targets. His eyes narrowed as the shadow suddenly stopped and turned towards him, before the blond could take his gun out and immobilize his target it vanished from his sight in a swirl of flames.

Naruto jumped down in the clearing and scanned the area, the pain was receding, whoever was here was now gone. He scowled and wondered who the target was, he smelled the air, a faint scent akin to his invaded his nostrils. A low growl escaped his throat as he thought about the target, if it was a kitsune it could give him some trouble. This would be his first monster target then, so far all the other eight were normal humans. With a scowl the blond vanished from the area in a swirl of flames.

Naruto stood leaning against the wall of the classroom his sisters were in, classes were about to end. Most parents had been attending classes with their children, however, due to his lateness, he opted to stay out of the first class. It was best instead of coming up with some sort of excuse and embarrassing the two girls. He doubted that however seeing as Moka was and idol in the male's eyes and even some female's, as for Kokoa, she was the lovely little sister of the idol, they wouldn't dare try anything else they risk the older sister finding out and thus blowing away their 'chances' of winning her over.

He shook his head, teenagers could be incredibly desperate when it came to the opposite sex. His attention was drawn to the door as it slid open, the teacher walked out and was soon followed by a few students with their parents, most likely they were showing them around. Pushing himself from the wall he walked over to the door and peered in the classroom, he saw Kokoa grumbling something while looking towards Moka.

A thought past his mind, he wondered what the red head was doing here considering she was one year behind her sister. He didn't ponder on that too much, he looked towards Moka who was arguing with the succubus and the ice maiden about the human boy. He also spotted two women there arguing between each other, the resemblance between the young succubus and ice maiden was incredible. "Great…" the blond thought with a frown as he stepped in the room.

A few students stopped their chatter as they spotted the blond and then whispered between each other. He picked up something about him being a 'bad father'. He raised an eyebrow at that, most likely they were some of the students that saw the scene between him and Moka, but he wasn't her father. Ignoring the thought he walked over to Moka who turned towards him, her eyes narrowed as she tried to put up an angry face and ignore him.

"Moka…" he started with a sigh as she looked towards him with the corner of her eyes. "I'm sorry." He said bowing his head slightly "What I said was out of place." He continued as the vampire turned towards him with a small blush on her cheeks, most likely embarrassed by the blond's display.

"Nii-san…you don't have to do that." She whispered, the blond looked at her a bit shocked, this was the first time since they met again that she called him 'brother' but it seemed like she hadn't realized that. He mentally frowned. "It's alright..." she whispered as the blond gave a small smile.

"So you're Moka's brother…" the blue haired succubus said as the blond nodded, he looked up at the two women, one of which was smiling towards him, a bit too warmly.

"Well who do we have here?" the older succubus asked as she moved towards the blond swaying her hips and drawing his attention. "What is your name cutie?" she asks tracing a finger on his lips, the blond however seemed unfazed by her.

"Uzumaki Naruto." He replied casually and with a stoic face. The woman narrowed her eyes a bit before grinning.

"My, my…that is an interesting name." she said.

"What about you? I believe its custom to give your name as well…" he stated while tilting his head to the side.

The woman grinned as she took a very strange pose. "I am Ageha Kurono…and now that that is out of the way, why don't we go somewhere and … talk?" she asked with a grin as the second woman suddenly grabbed her by the head and threw her in the nearby wall. The blond raised an eyebrow at that.

"Ignore the sex crazed cow, I'm Tsurara Shirayuki, a pleasure to meet you mister Uzumaki." She said with a small smile as the blond nodded.

"What is your exact relationship with Moka-san?" he heard someone ask, he turned around and saw the ice maiden peering over a desk and looking at him intently.

"I'm her older brother." He replied as everyone looked at him intently.

"So…you're a vampire?" asked Kurumu with interest.

He shook his head confusing those around, apart from Moka and Kokoa. "What I am is a secret not even my sisters know, I do not like people knowing what I am…" he said.

"Why is that?" this time it was the boy who asked, the blond grinned as he looked at him with the corner of his eyes.

"It gives me an edge in a fight to the death." He replied sending a shiver down their spine.

"Naruto…" he heard Moka call out, making him sigh, it was too good to be true. He turned towards her and raised an eyebrow. "…please don't do that…" she said in a low voice, he knew what she meant and gave a short nod, he wouldn't ruin his relationship with the girl because of a damn human.

"Ah, I almost forgot why I came here in the first place!" they heard Ageha shout as she ran towards Tsukune. It was then that the blond realized the boy had his own little harem going on, he grit his teeth as he kept his temper in check, at least he could have chosen Moka over the others but he was just delaying everything.

He had to admit though, it was rather amusing to see him squirm in embarrassment as the two women argued amongst each other who would be the best bride for him, who would marry him and who would have children with him. Naruto didn't like what he was seeing however, he didn't really know how much Moka cared for him but the fact that she was jumping in and pushing the other two girls away made him think that her desire for him was more than just friendship. He scowled at that.

The rest of the day had been pretty much uneventful, or as uneventful as it can get with two mothers that wanted the human boy for their daughters and said daughters also trying to make a getaway with him. Kokoa had been strangely silent the entire time, opting for glaring at the females and the male, Moka had pretty much ignored him after the next class started and acted like he wasn't there. The man knew there was nothing he could do now, the way she was clinging on Tsukune told him everything he needed to know.

He was about to snap the boy's neck when he misunderstood the fact that Moka had tried to drink some of his blood. All in all, it proved to be a frustrating day for the blond, he wanted to spend the day with his sisters not with the whole 'party'. For once in his life he felt like he wanted to get away, to be away from everything that was going on around him, even if it meant leaving the two girls once again.

The blond sighed in relief as he finally got a chance to spend some time with his sisters, the boy had to visit the infirmary after he had been hit on accident. No one knew how it happened, Kokoa had a clue but she kept quiet, she was doing a small victory dance however in her head.

The sisters opted to give the blond a tour of the academy and talk about their lives while doing so, Naruto was happy that Moka was slowly opening up but she had yet to call him 'nii-san' again. It didn't bother the blond that much, he knew that sooner or later things would revert back to how they used to, or at least a little.

As they rounded the corner the blond slammed into a figure, both he and the figure took a step back but none of them fell on the ground. "I apologize." The blond said looking up to see in who he had crashed, his eyes widened as he saw who was in front of him.

"Naruto?" the figure asked with wide eyes. The two sisters rounded the corner and came to a halt as they saw who the blond was staring at.

"Father?" they both asked simultaneously.

The blond's eyes widened even further as he dropped on his knees. "Lord Akashiya, I didn't know you were coming, if I did I would have been there to accompany you." He stated, he had a lot of respect for the man, it was he and his wife that had saved him in the past from himself. He had sworn loyalty from that day until the moment he felt like the man – and woman – to whom he had sworn his loyalty were no longer honorable people.

"It's alright." The man said with authority in his voice, overcoming his shock of meeting the blond here. "It's been a long time since I last saw you." He said with narrowed eyes as the blond cringed a bit, in his current state he wasn't a match for the Dark Lord.

Moka and Kokoa could feel the tension in the air, they realized their father was not pleased with the blond. They hadn't seen him this mad for a long time, ever since the blond did something that razed half of their estate, they never really learned how he did that however. This also made them realize that the blond hadn't kept in contact with their father for a long time.

"Pray tell me, why are you here?" he asked with narrowed eyes as the blond took a deep breath.

"I'm doing as you told me and looking after Kokoa and Moka." He replied with a neutral tone as the man's eyes narrowed further.

"I asked that five years ago." He said in a whisper as the girls eyes widened, they looked at the blond wondering why he had only just appeared. From the tone in the man's voice it was clear that he also wanted to know what the blond had been doing all this time.

"I know…I apologize…I had…trouble that needed to be dealt with." He said as he tried to find something to use as an excuse for being absent for more then four years. "There's a revolution back home…" he said seriously as the man's eyes returned to normal.

"I see…why didn't you ask for my help?" he question as the blond sighed and shook his head.

"Its personal, you know it would have only worsened if I had called for outside help." He told the vampire lord who stood quiet for a few seconds before nodding.

"Very well, I will overlook this." He said as the blond stood up and nodded towards the vampire. "However, there were moments you could have written to me and relay me information about your status." He said crossing his arms over his chest as the blond inwardly scowled, he had to give the man credit, he knew how to find loopholes to pry more information out of someone.

He stood silent for several minutes, trying to figure out what to say to the man. There were a lot of things he couldn't reveal to him, especially after he went dark himself and had no info on him from his spy network, he wouldn't admit it but he didn't trust the man that much anymore. He was wary, skeptical, these were dark times, he couldn't afford leaving his back exposed to the enemy so that they could get a clean shot on him.

His eyes suddenly widened as a wave of pain shot through his body, he grabbed his arm and grit his teeth as he crashed on the floor on his knees. "Naruto!" he heard Moka shout followed by a cry of 'nii-san'. The blond ignored them as he looked around trying to spot where his target was, he could vaguely hear Issa calling his name.

The blond's eyes rested on a man with dark hair walking towards them, he was wearing a black robe and both of his hands were hidden under the sleeve. Now the black robe wasn't out of the ordinary, quite a lot of monsters wore those robes, the more secretive ones. He had even seen Issa wear one to a formal meeting once, the man said that he didn't feel too secure around the people there. No…what stood out on the man was the eyes that were always fixed on Moka.

As he came closer the blond saw something in his right hand, he jumped forward towards the man who seemed surprised to see him and grabbed his arm. The blond slammed him on the ground and bent his arm backwards, a dagger fell on the ground. Another wave of pain shot through his blond as he could see a name appear in front of his eyes, yes, this guy was definitely his target.

"I finally have you asshole." The blond whispered as he raised his hand to strike. He slammed his arm down smashing into the ground, his eyes widened as he saw the man appearing a few feet away and turning around, running away from the blond. "Oh no you don't!" he shouted as he stood up and ran after the man.

"Naruto!" Issa called out but the blond seemed to ignore him, he kept running after that strange man.

"Father, what's going on?" he heard Kokoa ask, he looked at her briefly before looking back in the direction the blond ran.

"I don't know…but I will get to the bottom of this." He said as he started running after the blond as well, soon followed by Moka and Kokoa.

"You fucking asshole!" Naruto shouted as he fired another bullet from his handgun. The man easily dodged the bullet making the blond grit his teeth. It wasn't hard to keep up the pace with the man, but his speed, it was annoying the blond.

The man suddenly jumped in a clearing and came to a halt, Naruto grinned as he realized they reached a dead end. The man was staring at the edge of the cliff and the sea, the blond slowly walked towards him while pointing both guns at him. With a smirk, the man turned towards the blond and threw his cloak away revealing five black fox tails.

Naruto inwardly screamed in anger, yet only an angry scowl appeared on his face. This is what he was afraid of; this is what he didn't want to fight. It wouldn't have been a problem if the kitsune had three tails, but more then three, that posed a serious problem to the blond.

"Well…what are you waiting for? I thought you were supposed to take me down…" the kitsune asked with a large grin as Naruto narrowed his eyes, how did he know that he was going for him? Surely all those one hundred that he had to kill were not in contact with each other, he would have known, the Shinigami would have told him as well. Something was off.

"What's your business with the girl?" Naruto demanded as the man before him laughed mockingly.

"She has a nice price on her head, I couldn't pass down the opportunity to take her down…" he said with a wicked grin as the blond glared hard.

"Who hired you?" he demanded once again as the man shook his head and 'tsk' several times further angering the blond.

"Now what kind of assassin would I be if I revealed my contractors name?" he asked with a grin "I'm sure you wouldn't reveal…your contractor…despite the fact that we know who he is."

The blond growled as he pressed the trigger on his guns, bullets wheezed past the kitsune who skillfully dodged them all. "I know all your tricks…" he said "…you rely on your human toys, you are a shame to the kitsune name, you are a shame to your predecessors name." he said with a wicked grin as something snapped in the blond's head.

"Don't you dare preach me!" he shouted as he charged forward while firing his handguns. The kitsune continued to dodge the bullets while laughing at the angered blond. "You are nothing without those toys!" he shouted as he vanished from his spot.

The blond suddenly ducked as a leg flew over his head, he turned around and tried to punch the man yet he disappeared before his fist could connect to his face.

"So your eyes can see me…" he heard the fox say as he turned around and saw him charging forward. He fired once again and a click was heard, his eyes narrowed as he threw his handguns in the air and raised his left arm blocking a kick. He ducked under another attack and jumped over the second. The blond side stepped avoiding the kitsune's claw.

"…but your body can't keep track…" the kitsune said as he suddenly vanished, the blond's eyes narrowed as he spun around to defend himself only to be kicked in the ribs. He took a step back as he ducked under a kick only for the foot to stop in mid air and crash on his chest slamming him in the ground.

The blond groaned as he opened his eyes, they widened as he jumped out of the way. A fist connected with the spot he had been in making a crater appear. His eyes widened once more as he saw his guns falling down next to the kitsune. The man grinned as he took the pistols in his hands and studied them.

"…without your toys…you are nothing..." He said as he the weapons were suddenly consumed by black fire, he could see them melting down. He growled in anger at that, those were his favorites.

"…now you will have to use your powers…come, oh Lord." He said in a mock bow as he slipped into a defensive stance.

Angered, the blond charged forward with great speed, in mere seconds he was in front of the kitsune with his fist pulled back. A grin appeared on the man's face as the fist came towards him, he moved to the side faster than the blond could react and grabbed his arm, he spun around and threw the blond over his shoulder, slamming him in the ground in front of him.

The blond's feet suddenly shot up grabbing the kitsune by the head and startling him, before he could react the blond pulled him up with his feet and slammed his enemy in the ground in front of him. Naruto jumped back on his feet at the same time with the black kitsune.

They turned to face each other and dropped in a defensive stance. They waited for the other to change stances and attack. Naruto knew he was at a disadvantage here, he didn't have all his powers and his enemy was a five tailed kitsune. He needed to find a weak spot in his attacks, he needed to find an opening and finish this fast.

Suddenly the man charged forward vanishing from the blond's view only to reappear at his side ready to deliver a kick. The blond moved to defend himself, yet the attack never hit him. He looked towards the enemy and his eyes widened seeing Issa there blocking the attack with his arms. The Dark Lord suddenly grabbed the kitsune's leg and raised him in the air, he proceeded to slam him on the ground. With a twist the kitsune set himself free and jumped away, out of the vampires reach. A scowl appeared on his face as he looked at the man.

"Naruto…" Issa said with a low voice as he kept his eyes on the kitsune. "…what's going on here?" he asked, his tone harsh, he demanded answers.

The blond however kept staring at the man in front of them. "Stay out of this." He growled out surprising Issa. "This is my job, my fight…" he stated as he vanished from his spot and appeared above the kitsune with his arms in the air. The kitsune jumped out of the way just in time as the blond crashed in the ground, slamming his fists where the kitsune used to stand and making a massive crater, dust lifted in the air from the ground.

Three flaming dragons then shot out of the dust racing towards the kitsune. The man jumped over the first, and spared a glance behind him, the dragon crashed in a rock and vanished. He turned his attention back to the second dragon and ducked under it, he then side stepped the third and grinned. "Too easy." He said as his eyes suddenly widened.

"Think again…" the third dragons head shattered, Naruto appeared out of it delivering a powerful kick in the kitsune's back and sending him tumbling away for at least a hundred meters.

The man groaned as he shook his head and slowly stood up, he turned to face the blond and growled. "You got lucky." He said as the blond grinned and vanished from his spot.

"Want to bet your life on that?" he asked from behind the kitsune as a fist connected with his face sending him tumbling away once more.

As he came to a halt the five tailed kitsune roared in anger and jumped back on his feet, he turned towards the blond and blocked his attack. Before Naruto could retract his foot the man grabbed him and started twirling with him.

"Let go!" Naruto shouted as he man smirked and released his hold on the blond who flew over to edge and falling in the sea. A loud splash was heard as the kitsune waited for the blond to emerge. The ground started shaking as his eyes widened, he jumped in the air, three flaming claws erupted from the ground where he stood and moved to grab him.

He dodged the large claws and vanished in mid air. The hands dissipated and Naruto jumped out of the ground, his target appeared in front of him, he raised his arms in front of him and blocked the kick which sent him flying back down to the ground. He crashed in the ground with a loud 'thud', smoke rose in the air. Naruto jumped out of the smoke throwing fireballs towards the black tailed kitsune who responded with the same attack. The fireballs hit each other exploding on impact.

The blond raised his hands over his face to cover it from a explosion, that little act gave room for his target to appear in front of him once more and grab his leg. He lifted the blond up and threw him towards the ground. Another 'thud' resonated, another crater was formed in the ground as dust rose in the air once again. The five tailed kitsune landed on the ground and stared at the plum of dust, waiting for the blond to appear.

A pair of hands suddenly shot out of the ground startling the kitsune, the hands grabbed his feet and tried to pull him underground. He bent down and slammed his fists in the ground sending a shockwave that flattened the ground. The hands vanished in a plum of smoke as the blond emerged out of the ground a few feet away. He gave the blond no time to rest as he charged forward and slammed in the blond sending him flying backwards.

He suddenly came to a halt and felt a pair of hands holding him up. The blond looked behind him and saw Issa staring intently at the five tailed kitsune. He growled drawing the Dark Lords attention to him. "This is my fight."

Issa shook his head as he moved next to the blond. "There is something wrong about you, normally you would have taken him down in one go…but this…I'll help, like it or not."

Naruto knew that when the vampire said something there was nothing that can make him back down. With a sigh the blond looked back at the kitsune. "…the killing blow is mine…" he stated in a low voice as he charged forward.

The vampire grinned as he heard the blond. "I'll make sure to keep back some punches then." He said to no one in particular as he vanished from his spot.

The kitsune watched as the blond moved towards him, yet his eyes could not pick up the vampire. He inwardly cursed at this, maybe he should have waited in killing the bitch but that stubborn blond was always near her, always guarding her. He was snapped out of his thoughts as the blond suddenly appeared in front of him delivering a kick. The kick was blocked as the kitsune raised his arms up, he grinned at the blond, the grin however vanished as the vampire lord appeared to his side and delivered a bone shattering kick in his ribs, he thought he could hear his bones shatter.

The man rolled on the ground several feet before coming to a complete halt, he tried to get up but it was useless. Something smashed into his back making him collide with the ground once more, he was then picked up by his tails and swung in the forest taking down three trees. His eyes blazed with furry as he jumped back on his feet and limped out of the forest, the clearing came into view, the blond and the vampire lord stood in the clearing waiting for him.

The kitsune looked up at the sky as energy started gathering around him. "Shit…" the blond cursed as Issa looked towards him "…he's going to unleash a powerful attack…dodge to the left when I say." The vampire nodded, he didn't say anything else to question the blond, he knew that the blond wouldn't joke in a time like this.

They both watched as the ground underneath the kitsune crumbled, debris lifting in the air as the pressure dropped significantly. A large ball of energy formed above him, over his open mouth. It reminded Naruto of the time he used one of them, this one was weaker compared to his however, but it was still dangerous. The kitsune's eyes suddenly narrowed as he lowered his head towards his targets and bent forward, the sphere shot towards them making the blond's eyes widen, this wasn't the attack he was expecting.

The sphere moved towards them with great speed, they were both about to jump out of the way when the sphere stopped half way. Naruto looked towards it skeptically yet knew better then to approach. His eyes widened as he felt the energy spike, numerous black tendrils shot from the sphere towards the blond and the vampire. They jumped out of the way as the tendrils crushed in the ground burning the area and shattering the ground.

The blond cursed as he barely dodged a tendril, with each tendril the sphere shot it seemed like they were getting faster and faster. His spared a glance towards the kitsune and saw him charging up another sphere, this wasn't good. He then looked towards the already formed sphere and noticed that with each tendril that shot out the sphere became smaller and smaller.

"Issa, attack him!" he shouted as the man nodded and vanished, he appeared moments later behind the kitsune and delivered a kick. The kitsune however expected it as he heard the blond shout and spun around blocking the attack, with one of his tails he grabbed the man by the feet and swept him on the ground.

Issa rolled out of the way as a clawed hand smashed in the ground where he stood, he looked up and blocked the next attack, he then moved his open palm towards the kitsune. A shockwave hurled the kitsune away, making him crash several feet away in the ground.

"Grab him!" he heard the blond shout as he jumped on his feet and tried to get into a defensive position. However, as soon as he was back on his feet he felt someone grab his arms and immobilize him. He was turned around to face the blond who walked over to him.

As the blond reached the kitsune and was face to face with him he growled lowly. "I loved those guns." He said as his hand pierced through the kitsune's body, he grabbed his heart and pulled it out ripping all the tendons. The kitsune screamed as the hand pierced his body, a scream that soon died down. Naruto looked as the life left the kitsune's eyes and crushed the heart in his hand.

The blond spat at the corpse as Issa let it drop on the ground. The vampire looked at Naruto with narrowed eyes, he wanted explanations as to what was going on. First the blond had mysteriously disappeared a few weeks after Akasha died, any attempts to get in contact with him proved useless, no one knew where he was or what he was doing. But then he appeared at Youkai academy, looking after his daughters like he had told him all those years ago.

"Naruto…" the man started as the blond raised his bloodied hand and started smelling the blood. He then turned his head towards Issa and looked at him in the eyes, the blond's eyes were narrowed even now, his body was tense and he was on high alert. "…I want answers." Issa growled out as the blond looked away and sighed.

"Just another one of them…" he said walking away, Issa had a hunch that the blond was referring to the ones partaking in the revolution. He wondered why the kitsune clan would revolt against the blond.

Still…that was not the answer he was going for, not what he wanted. He walked towards the blond and just as he was about to ask him another question they felt a portal opening behind them. They stopped and turned around, Issa was on guard preparing for whatever or whoever was coming out of the portal.

A figure stepped out of the portal, the blond's eyes widened as he recognized the figure. He rushed over to his side and caught him as he fell to the ground. Issa was startled by this, he wondered who the man was to make the blond rush to his side like that.

"What happened?" the blond asked, Issa could clearly hear he was scared.

The man looked up at the blond, his entire body hurt, blood was oozing out of everywhere. Naruto could see he was even missing an eyes and the other was losing its color, like he was going blind. "My Lord…" the man started weakling. "I'm sorry…we did our best…" he rasped out as he coughed a bile of blood. "…the safe house…they found it…its him." He spat out before going in a coughing frenzy and dropping in the blond's arms unconscious.

Naruto started shaking in anger. He grabbed his head as his entire body started shaking. "That bastard…" he whispered as he grit his teeth and his eyes became slits. He bent backwards and roared, the entire ground shaking at the power unleashed by that one roar.

"Calm down Naruto!" Issa shouted "Don't let it consume you again!" he shouted, but his orders could not be heard. It was at this scene that both Moka and Kokoa arrived to. They didn't have the courage to step in the clearing, while the power radiating from the blond was nothing that they hadn't felt before, the killing intent and the aura of death that surrounded him was something that they had never felt in their entire lives.

Moka took a step back, behind Kokoa as her conscious told her to flee, deep down she had this strange feeling that she had felt this killing intent before, she thought that she had come in contact with it before. She shivered uncontrollably at that. Kokoa was too focused on the blond to see her sister shaking in fright.

"I should have killed him when I had the fucking chance!" he shouted to the heavens, they could all hear him clearly. A portal opened in front of the blond as the sky darkened…no…the sky turned red as the blond's entire body seemed to be enveloped in a strange red aura.

With one last roar the blond stepped through the portal ignoring Issa's calls. The man tried to move and grab the blond, however the portal closed before he could even get close to said blond. He looked at the spot where the portal once stood, rooted in shock and – even though he would never recognize it – fright. He hadn't felt that aura for hundreds of years.

The man looked to his side at the man that relayed the blond that message. He ran towards the body and checked for a pulse, he found one, albeit weak, but it was there. Issa studied the man, he was wearing a black robe with red markings going down, a nine-tailed kitsune design was present on the robes back, two pikes were crossed in front of the fox – like they were guarding him. He then noticed the five tails coming from under the robe.

Without a second thought Issa picked the man up and turned towards the forest. His eyes rested on his daughters as he ran towards them. "Take me to the infirmary, hurry." He told them as the girls nodded and started running back towards the campus with their father behind them. The man looked behind him one last time and then at the unconscious kitsune in his arms. The man had to live, he held answers regarding the blond and his sudden outburst.

A portal opened in the suburban area of Tokyo, the ground underneath the portal shattered and debris flew in the air as a figure stepped out of the portal. A growl could be heard escaping the figures throat as his red slitted eyes scanned the large house in front of him. His head turned to look behind him, a man stood there rooted in shock and fear at what he was seeing. He raised his hand towards the man, pointing towards him.

"Monster…monster…" he whispered in fright as his voice started getting louder. The blond's hand snapped up towards the man as a large wall of flame shot from underneath the frightened man, consuming him and his cries.

His attention turned back towards the house, he raised his hand and smeared blood on the seal. A puff of smoke appeared around his arm as he grabbed the item that was unsealed. He leaned the shotgun over his shoulder and started walking towards the front door, he would make sure to kill all those that trespassed and attacked his safe house, he will make sure to kill their leader painfully and end this revolution in one go.