Rosario to vampire Boyfriend to vampires mother! Chapter 1 First impressons are key!

A tall man dressed in a blue uniform blew cigar smoke in Tsukune's face.

"Careful boy, a vampire wedding can be a dangerous thing to attend. He, he he!" The Bus Driver smiled creepily watching Tsukune as he exited off the bus dressed in a nice black tuxedo and tie.

Tsukune looked over across the barren land of dead trees and at the massive castle that was the Shuzen estate and home to the pink haired vampire that he was currently dating.

"Tsukune! Oh I am so glad that you came!" A voice shouted happily.

Tsukune turned only see Outer Moka running in a beautiful white wedding dress towards him.

Tsukune scooped her up into his arms and twirled her around hugging her.

"Tsukune I'm a little busy right now and I have to attend to something quickly….Do me a favor and meet me in the broom closet at the top floor of the castle in ten minutes okay. I want to suck your blood and it would be embarrassing to do it in front of guests….They might get the wrong idea….." Outer Moka blushed crimson red. The pink haired vampire purred eagerly as she nipped playfully at his neck lusting for a chance to taste Tsukune's precious blood since The Bus Driver had dropped him off at the castle a few minutes ago.

"Also one more thing…..Don't let anyone see you otherwise they may get the wrong impression about us….." Outer Moka blushed once more and quickly ran off back into the castle leaving behind.

It had all started a few weeks ago when Outer Moka had invited Tsukune to come with her as her date for her older sister Kahula's wedding to Miyabi. Thankfully Tsukune had excepted and The Bus Driver had agreed to drop him off a few hours before hand so he could meet her parents. However when he had arrived only Outer Moka had greeted him and had told him the unusual meeting place and had run off to attend to something quickly.

Her father Issa Shuzen and her mother Akasha Bloodriver had yet to meet Tsukune and Tsukune had yet to meet either one of them. So far both Moka's didn't seem too eager to introduce Tsukune to her parents for fear of either of them bestowing upon him bodily harm as a "hello greeting" to the boy who was being her date for her older half sisters wedding.

Tsukune struggled trying to make sure he was not seen by the massive gathering of vampires as he hurried along the maze of corridors that lead to the upper level of the vast castle.

Finally he got up to the top floor. He gazed around and spied the broom closet Moka had spoken of and ducked inside and waited for her to show up.

Moka silently cursed her older half sister Kahula as she and her other three sister sat in the brides dressing room listening to Kahula give a long and annoying speech in thanks to the three of them for their support of her and Miyabi.

"Kokoa, Akahua, and Moka, thanks for supporting me during this life changing moment. In a few hours I will be-" Outer Moka ignored the rest of her sisters speech as Inner Moka's angrily expressed the frustration that the two of them were feeling.

"Damn it! Kahula is cutting down on the time we could be spending with Tsukune inside that broom closet sucking his tasty blood and doing other things with him as well….He has courage coming here and meeting mother and father. We must make sure that Tsukune makes a good impression on mother. For if she approves of him, then she will help us to persuade father to begrudgingly tolerate his presents while he is here in the castle."

Akasha Bloodriver slammed her fist through the wall in anger.

'How dare Moka do these to me.' Akasha steamed as she pulled it out only to slam it into another wall once more.

'Moka has been dating a human for three years at Youki Academy and she tells me nothing of it! Not only that she gives him her blood to save his life turning him into a vampire! Moka what were you thinking? I would have approved of you doing such a brave thing however I wish that you would have told me of this. The only reason I know of this Tsukune Aono at all is due to Mikogami telling me of their relationship! Not to mention the small harem he has with him at school!

The good news is that from what Mikogami has said about Tsukune he says that he is honorable and treats Moka with the respect and love that she deserves and has not forced himself upon any of the women in his harem….In fact Mikogami has said he seems to be hesitant about having the attention of so many girls around him. Well at least he's not a pervert so I may not have to kill him. Its Mikogami's message about Tsukune that disturbs me.' Akasha paused at the words of her old friend Mikogami filled her head once more as she remembered the conversation on the boy a few weeks ago.

FlashbackThe Excosist sat in his high wing back chair in his office at Youki academy with his fingers locked together loosely as elbows were proped up on his desk. His glowing eyes were focused on the woman in the red dress across from him. Her pink hair was put up with a red bow in her hair as it fell softly to the back of her dress.

Akasha let her red eyes lock with man in the white robes.

He smiled creeply as if amused about something as if he were about to surprise her with something he said.

"Akasha I am happy to report that your dear daughter Moka is doing fine her grades are good as usual…..I did not believe that she would fit in here at the school. However she is and has been doing fine ever since she met that boy Tsukune-"

Akasha's fist slammed into his desk making a large dent in it as she did so.

"What do you mean old friend?" Moka's mothers eyes narrowed dangerously.

The Excosist smiled as he said with hint of amusment in his voice as he said.

"Surry Moka has kept nothing from you of her dating the single human that we have here at the academy?"

A single look at his vampire friend and fellow dark Lord told him otherwise judging from the shocked and angry look on her face.

"I must say for a human he has done admirably well here…..especially since the one time he was injured and dying, she gave him her blood to save his life turning him into a ghoul then slowly becoming a vampire. Then a few months afterwards the two of them started dating. Its quite romantic to see Tsukune spare with your daughters inner personallity seducing her with the power he has gotten with the vampire blood he got from her, which has now become his own. Also he does this while he seduces her outer self by taking the two of them out for moon light walks through the graveyard, while he lets her suck his blood as the two of the make out among the tombstones."

Moka's mothers eyes widened further upon hearing her friends words.

"Don't worry Akasha he is a gentleman and has not "touched" her despite the fact that he has something of a harem going at the school." Mikogami chuckled darkly.
Akasha narrowed her eyes dangerously.

"So your saying that this Tsukune a play boy who toys with girls affections until he tires of them and casts them aside?"

The Exorcist chuckled as he replied.

"No he is not. Now please refrean from slamming your fist into my desk because due to your earlier blow to it I will most certainly be getting a new one and I would like for this one to last me until a new desk is made. As I was saying Tsukune has small harem going here at school. He has a succubus, a yuki-onna, and a witch fighting each other for his affections, and also one more.

There is no adoubt in my mind that he is going to be a powerful man some day, and to think that it all started by seducing a few youki women at school. True the boy has done nothing most monsters would ever do to attract a slave-toy, a mistress, a wife and a Mate. It amused me to no end when I learned that he considered to be something of a dream boy of half of the first year girls, and more then just a few of the second and third year girls as well. Not to mention he is seen as the most kind hearted, romantic not to mention sought after boy in school."

"What? Since when?" Akasha shouted demanded more information her reservations about the boy Moka was dating growing with each of her friends words.

The Exorcist ignored her question as he smiled wickedly enjoying his friends distress.

"Oh yes Akasha I am not joking with you. Believe it or not is has gotton so bad that it came to my attention a few days ago that one of my men seems to have found something of a small shrine set up where girls go to pray to him wanting his affections to turn to them or if not atleast for luck in dating/romance and finding a boy like him." He chuckled darkly once again laughing softly.

"Please tell me you're joking, old friend." Akasha growled dangerously as her eyes glowed red.

"I'm afraid not my dear….." The head of the Youki academy shook his head in mock sadness.

"In fact I would even venture that if Tsukune ever got lonely, or if he ever just want a little variety outside of his little harem, he could just walk into the Girls' dorms and ask for volunteers to help him calm his desires and he would have all of them running to him eager to help."

"Why would Moka go for such a man!" Akasha cried angrily as Mikogami gestured to her to sit down and her gaze alone demainded that Mikogami answer her question.

The headmaster smiled once more as he looked at the angry vampiress and said.

"Well if I were to put a start to his adventure here it would be when you daughter ran into him on her bike and injured him. In doing so she tasted his blood for the first time and the two of them became friends after that. He told her that he was human and he was able to remove her rosario seal that you gave her when she was in danger of being raped by a ogre. Thus once he removed her seal your daughters inner self beat the ogre. That was how it all began.

As to the succubus Kurumu Krono, she attempted to charm the entire school to find her Destined One. She was jellious of Moka and tried to take Tsukune away from her. She failed and Moka's Inner self was released and wanted to teach her a lesson for attempting to take what was hers. Now in an unusal move by Tsukune he asked Moka to spare her life and it was after that, that the succubus in question proclaimed Tsukune to be her Mate of Fate and the only one worthy of giving her a child to save her dying race. She has been attempting to gain his affections ever since. She loves leaping upon him and thrusting his face in between her breasts nearly sufficating him everytime she does so. There is no doubt in my mind that the boy loves it despite his numerous protests….

Now then the Yuki-onna Mizore developed affections for a teach and he did not return them in the way that she hoped.. On the contrary said teacher nearly raped her causing her to stay away from class for a time. Mizore ended up catching Tsukune's articles in the school news paper and believed him to be as lonely as she was. Mizore eventuly grew to believe that Tsukune was as lonely as she was and she began to stalk him daily. She was nearly raped by the same teacher however Tsukune stopped it and exposed the truth of the matter to the school. Another amusing thing happened in the village of the Yuki-onna. Mizore took Tsukune and his friends there. Once in her home land she took Tsukune to a field of snowwhites and took off her clothes and attempted to seduce him into giving her a child so she would not be forced to marry someone she did not love. Once more Tsukune resisted a youki girls seduction and together with the rest of the Newspaper club drove Fairy Tale from her lands."

"Continue old friend don't you dare stop now." Moka's mother said narrowing her eyes as if silently willing her friend to continue.

The white robed man continued to smile as if he was telling her the lastest gossip.

"Now then the witch in question is my assistant and her part in all of this starts with a drunk human who got into a car and drove it and ended up killing her parents who were vacationing in the human world. As it happened after that she got in league with a very powerful magic user and together the two of them created a army of human eating plants.
The News Paper club went there and managed to stop them. Ruby Toujou has since reformed due to Tsukune being the only human who has ever shown her kindness. She is now working for me.

One of her favorite assimants I gave to her was to teach Tsukune how to work his youkai. Ruby chained the two of them together and using The Whip of Belmond, which canceled out his holy lock, he was able to harness his youkia in the monster preserve called Paradise. With the chain conecting the two of them together every time Tsukune had more youki than he knew what to do with, he would crack of the whip and the excess would go to Ruby the form of a shock. Such was how Tsukune learned how to use his youki, and all it took was a shocks of pain and a few whip marks on my assisstant. Thankfully she is a masochist and loves pain…She always says that Tsukune is her "master" and that she is his "Toy." Ruby loves to beg him to discipline her and beat her with my whip…

Finally last but not least, the last member of his little harem is….Well she is something of a…..How shall I put this…."The DarkLord in the white ropes smiled bigger as if saving the best for last as he said.

"I know...A most unusual addition for any harem to have….She is a eleven year old witch by the name of Yukari Sendo. The little witch was saved by both your daughter and Tsukune from bullies and since then she has had something of a…..Obsession that borders on the unhealthy that involves the three of them getting together and havig sex."

Moka's mother looked like she had just been forced to swallow something that she would much rather have spit out.

"So the boy Tsukune he isn't a-"

"Lolli con?" The Exorcist smiled creepily as he looked at his friend.

"I was going to say pedophile but Loli con will work Mikogami. So as I was saying the boy Tsukune he isn't a pedophile is he?" Akasha said dangerously praying for the answer she was hopping for to spill forth from The Board chairmen's lips.

"No Tsukune is neither of those things….You look almost disapointed at that fact?"

The shinso vampire stood up in her chair as she said. "I am not. I am simply angry that I have to hear of this boy and his affections for my daughter from you three years after the fact rather than from the lips of my own daughter. Tell me what do you think of the boy Tsukune?"

"Akasha despite being the only human in a school full on monsters he has exceeded my expectations of him. I can tell that he will be a big step in acheaving our goals so if you are wandering if Tsukune has my vote of confidence the answer is yes. Tsukune appears to be a wonderful match for Moka. When I look at Tsukune its like seeing the son that I never had….Which is probably why I have never felt the urge to reproduce."

Flashback over!

The Excorsists dark laugher at his own coment faded into Akashya's memory as she stormed down the halls of the upper level of the castle.

' Moka after this wedding we are going to have a funeral!'
Moka's mother thought furiously.

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