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Chapter 1: Black Death

"oh for the love of..." a boy started, while running down the moon lit sidewalk. The boy was wearing a black shirt ,with a wight tiger on the front, and a pair of blue jeans. He had dark brown hair, brown eyes, and semi tanned skin witch was barely noticeable in the dark.

"oh come on...we thought you liked our kind" a strange snakelike shadow said slithering after the boy.

The boy ran past a long strip of stores, then slipped around the corner of the last store, and ducked behind a dumpster. The boy pulled a small device labeled with a "D"out of his pocket, after pressing a few buttons he sat back and gave a sigh.

"come out tamer" the snakelike shadow said. Shifting around the dumpster. The boy looked around the side of the dumpster to see what the snake was doing, but when he looked the creature was gone. He started to turn his head when he heard a voice call his name.

"Trace! where are you?" a concerned voice yelled.

Trace was about to run out to the voice when he felt something cold and metallic wrap around his leg, and yank him away from the voice. A second metallic object wrapped around his face, covering his mouth right as he was about to scream.

MetalSeadramon looked down at Trace who was tangled in his two tails. "hello...you don't have your little friends help now...and you can bite me like they do in the movies so it looks like your done" MetalSeadramon said as he started constricting around trace. "so what do you think of my grip, I think I'm a good wrapper" MetalSeadramon said starting to laugh at his joke. Suddenly MetalSeadramon flinched and let go of trace.

"i thought that your wrapping could use some work" a dark metal dragon-like digimon said floating above the scene with a gauntlet on only one of his arms. Trace looked around and found the other gauntlet embedded in MetalSeadramon's tail

"BlackWarGreymon" Trace yelled with wide eyes at his digimon partner. " time for x digivolution" he said pulling his black digi-vice (the object from earlier) out of his pocket. Trace was transferred into the digi-vice, witch shot up towards BlackWarGreymon and embedded itself into his chest.

"BlackWarGreymon Digi-volve to" BlackWarGreymon's armor peeled off and replaced itself with better more advanced armor. "BlackWarGreymon X" he exclaimed throwing his arms to his sides.

BlackWarGreymon X flew down and used a doramon killer attack on MetalSeadramon, witch threw the large metal digimon into the store that was behind him, destroying the stores wall. MetalSeadramon pulled himself out of the ruble that was left of the wall and used a river of power attack shooting a laser from his nose cannon, BlackWarGreymon X avoided the attack and used black tornado to drill straight threw MetalSeadramon.

"well that was barely worth the digivolution" BlackWarGreymon X said using one of his dramon killers to wipe off his shoulder witch was covered in Seadramon goo.

"do you think that that was the only one of us" said two snakelike digimon appearing next to the digi-egg of MetalSeadramon. The one to the right looked like a giant version of mega seadramon but had red scales. The one to the left of the egg looked almost the exact same as MetalSeadramon but was a bit larger and the head was shaped differently and had no horn

"I'm WaruSeadramon" the one on the right of the egg announced giving the other a quick glance.

"and I would be GigaSeadramon" the one to the left said returning the others look with a grin.

The two digimon suddenly both used there river of power attacks on BlackWarGreymon X, throwing him out of the air and tumbling to the ground. Once BlackWarGreymon X hit the ground he degenerated back to BlackWarGreymon with Trace lying on the ground passed out.

BlackWarGreymon jumped up and picked up Trace right as the two large digimon shot another river of power attack. BlackWarGreymon jumped into the air and began to fly towards Trace's home, while the two hostile digimon fallowed.

Once BlackWarGreymon reached Trace's front door he sat the boy down, turned around, and held both of his hands in the air above his head.

"ready to serenader?" WaruSeadramon asked looking down at the black digimon

"not really" BlackWarGreymon said with a chuckle. A large ball of energy formed above his head as he began laughing. "see ya latter Trace" BlackWarGreymon said throwing the energy ball between the seadramon and himself, causing all three two desegregate.

When Trace woke up it was about 12:00 noon and he was in his bed and not behind the building him and BlackWarGreymon were fighting behind. That's when he realized something BlackWarGreymon was nowhere to be found.

"BlackWarGreymon?" Trace said looking from side to side surveying his room looking for his friend and partner.

"sorry but...he's not with us anymore" a young girl said walking into Trace's room.
"what are you talking about Tori...he's got to be here somewhere" Trace said looking at his younger sister like she was crazy.

"i saw him" she said looking down at her feet. "Agumon sacrificed himself for you...to protect you from those digimon" she looked at her brother.

Trace pulled himself out of bed and started to walk to his closet, where he pulled out a backpack a piece of paper a pencil and a pair of goggles.

"what are you doing Trace?" Tori asked giving her brother a questioning look.

"going to find my friend" Trace said heading out of his room.

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