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Chapter 17: End of The War

Stardust Greymon sighed as he approached his group, he had used little of his energy to destroy the titan demon, but he had felt lightheaded. He looked down at his armor, golden energy was streaming off his armor in tendrils, each tendril aiming for one of the digimon that stood at the top of the hill.

Every member of the group was watching him eyes filled with amazement, as each digimon slowly changed into their final digivolution, as the golden tendrils surrounded them in a brilliant golden light. He looked from face to face, each one watched their digimon as it changed. Only one face was on him. Jessie broke away from the group and walked towards him.

"your back." Jessie said. a smile spread across her face.

"was there ever any doubt?" Stardust Greymon's voice began to fade into Trace's. Jessie ran at the digimon hybrid, and wrapped her arms around him. He put his armored arms around her, she was surprised to feel warm arms around her instead of the cold metal she was expecting, she pushed the thought aside and went back to the embrace.

"just don't do that again."

"I won't promise anything" Stardust pulled away quickly. The world began to dim. He was loosing consciousness, and he knew it. His armor clanked as he dropped to the ground and everything went black.

Trace stood in the middle of a moon lit field. Three white thrones stood in a triangle around him, circle patterns were burned in the ground between and around them. He couldn't remove his gaze from the thrones, each had a symbol engraved in the seat, the one to his left was a sun, to the right a moon, and to his back a symbol that resembled a black star. Each throne was lit softly by the glowing stars above.

"nice to see you here, finally." a deep voice that seemed knightly echoed from behind the throne with the black star. Trace turned quickly to the voice. The chair that had been empty only seconds before was now filled. A black knight with armor similar to Black Wargreymon's, with the exception of golden plates of armor where Black Wargreymon's skin had shown, and having his skull helm extend into a knight's.

"oh great, should I assume that your another digimon who's going to tell me and Black Wargreymon what to do?" Trace looked him over again. At first impression he thought the digimon looked like another sovereign, or self proclaimed sovereign, something seemed different at second glance. He seemed to have a friendly air around him, not a controlling or commanding one.

"no." the digimon answered simply. He put his head to the side and rested it on his fist. "I'm just here to help you and Black Wargreymon. This place was made from your dreams. My name is Stardust Greymon."

"Stardust Greymon?" Trace gave the knight a strange look.

"yes, I am the farthest evolved version of you and Black Wargreymon. A mixture of both of your feelings and emotions." The knight shifted in his seat so that he was siting straight up. "This is a place you can come where I can give you advice or help."

"where's Black Wargreymon?" Trace looked back at the two empty thrones. A dark shape moved behind the throne with the moon seat. Black Wargreymon lunged from behind the chair launching himself at the knight digimon, his dramon killers each ready to slash the knight into thousands of little pieces. The knight easily lifted his hand and caught the dragon by the head. Stardust gave a little laugh before throwing the dragon into the moon throne.

"that explain that question?" Stardust Greymon's hand fell back on the armrest of the throne.

"where the hell am I?" Black Wargreymon growled at his knightly counterpart. He looked at Trace and calmed.

"let me start from the beginning." Stardust Greymon gave a sigh and directed Trace to the final throne. "it all began when you were created, Black Wargreymon." Stardust wiped his hand threw the air in front of him. An image of the dark spires used by Arukenimon to create him appeared in the air.

"you see when you were created, Arukenimon hadn't intended for you to become self aware, she had used to many dark spires. Each dark spire had enough data to create one digimon, you were created from one hundred."

"yes I know that!" Black Wargreymon growled at the knight again. Stardust ignored his counterpart easily

"since you were created from so many you were able to gain your own consciousness, and your own heart. The dark spires filled you with dark energy, and as you know most digimon use positive energy to reach their greater forms." Stardust gave a pause."But you still had excess data, data that you were unable to use due to your negative energy, that is until you sacrificed yourself to seal the digital gate. Once you did that your excess data was able to be used, most was used to turn you into a real digimon instead of a dark spire digimon."

"yes, yes, we already know this!" Black Wargreymon snarled, he didn't like this knight.

"but do you know what happened to the other half?" Stardust said yet again ignoring the dragons rage. Black Wargreymon calmed slightly.

"no, I thought it had just disappeared, or been put back into the digital world."

"it was sent to the sovereign digimon and used to create me." Stardust Greymon continued on with his explanation.

Trace smiled as they approached their exit, it seemed like they had been gone forever, of course it was only a little over a day, but wars really take a lot out of a person. The group had met up with Arel and Tai an hour or so before hand.

"were finally in the clear" Trace said throwing his arms behind his head. He looked ahead, a small computer screen was laying only twenty feet in front of them. A wave of joy came over him. He hadn't expected a war to come out of tracking down the source of the recent digimon attacks.

"I wouldn't say that." Trace looked back at the royal knight, Omnimon. The royal knight had stopped in his tracks, the other knights, minus Alphamon, had done the same. Alphamon looked at his partner with a grim look.

"what do you mean by that?" Trace asked. He looked from Omnimon to Alphamon then back again.

"Gennai would like to speak with you." Omnimon said. The white knight averted his eyes from Trace's, as if they would kill him with the slightest glimpse.

"Why didn't you tell me this?" Alphamon asked. He had little emotion in his voice.

"Gennai had wished to keep it a secret, until he was sure Milleniumon was" Omnimon paused for a moment to look at Trace. "until Milleniumon was neutralized." The white knight turned from the group.

"Where's the old man then?" Trace looked around. He had expected Gennai to appear as soon as his name was mentioned. To be honest he was glad to see Gennai was no where to be seen, the old man had always meant trouble.

"He'll be here in a matter of minuets, he told me that only Will, Trace, Jessie, Alex, Reaver, David, Joey, and the Twins must stay." the knight watched the expressions of the digidestand change. He noted that Will, Trace, and Reaver had become tense as soon as they herd their names, while the others seemed unaffected.

"actually I'm already here. Thank you Omnimon." Gennai smiled as he walked over a hill in the distance. "the rest of you may go back home, your friends will join you here in a matter of moments." Gennai gave them a large smile. After a moment Leya began to herd them towards the digital gate.

"what exactly do you want old man?" Reaver's voice was harsh.

"well you see I have a few jobs for you." Gennai looked at The twins Joey and David. "you three and your digimon are going to be sent to join the royal knights. Recently they have lost a few members. You are their permanent replacements."
Omnimon gave him a questioning look, but did not complain. Alphamon simply gave a node of approval. Both went to stand behind their new teammates.

"Alex and Will, I'm sending you back to Japan, you will be needed there soon, Trace you will meet up with them in a matter of months. For now, Trace, I want you and Reaver to go to the Messenger's headquarters to get it back on it's feet." Gennai now looked to Jessie. "you will stay and lead the American digidestand in Trace's absence."

"we can do that." Trace looked at the others, then back to Gennai. "when do you want us to go?"

"now" Gennai said simply. The old man turned and walked to the knights.
Omnimon extended his sword and slashed the air. A golden rift appeared in the sky Gennai gave a thank you and disappeared into the beautiful golden light. Omnimon looked back at his new knights expectantly for a moment before they walked into the light fallowed by Alphamon. Omnimon stayed at the entrance to the rift.
"next time we see you two" Omnimon pointed his sword at Will then to Trace. "We won't be working together." Omnimon turned and entered the rift.

Jessie grunted as she landed on the pile of digidestand and digimon that lay in Trace's small room. She was glad that the digimon had degenerated upon entering the real world, if they hadn't they would have had a few fatalities from swords,spikes, or teeth. She crawled over a few of the others before she could reach the door.
Everyone sighed as they slid out into the hallway. They had been laying and a tangled heap for almost five minuets before Jessie had made her way back. They sat and caught their breath each glad to be back in the real world.

Both Mr. Hinata, and Alex Stone looked at the group awkwardly, their digimon behind them did the same. Mr. Hinata looked over the group quickly realizing that Trace, Sierra, and Tory weren't among the group.

"Gennai talked to them, didn't he" Mr. Hinata said automatically, although it was obvious the old piece of data had.

"he did, the girls are with the royal knights, and Trace and Reaver are going to get the Messengers back together." Jessie gave a sad look. She had hoped that Trace would have some time off, so they could spend some time together.

"They'll be back" Mr. Hinata helped Jessie up.

"I know" Jessie had a small smile now. He digivice began chiming. She pulled the small device out of her pocket to see a message, without realizing it she began to read it out loud. "hey Jess I'll be back in about a week, I guess we'll have about a week off at a time. See you then. Love Trace." her smile grew.

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