Chapter Twelve

I am dead...just kidding...but too close for comfort. "Do it Gale honey...come back to me." Lord Nette urges. Suddenly I am very conscious of the fact Lord Nette seems to be shift shaping. Her skin becomes more human like and soft, her previous stubby legs are now long and slim, red eyes change to blue and her messy hair is long and a light blonde. I am not gay but even I would have killed me and jumped back on her by now!

It all most is exactly like

"Ur..."Gale's hand starts shaking. "I...can't."

"YOU WHAT?" Both Lord Nette and I shout.

"I love her." Gale whispers.

"You said your feelings for her were over and you loved me..."Lord Nette says in a hurt, quiet voice making her sound weak and venerable. Lord Nette is now frantic and hyperventilating on the bed.

"Gale doesn't love me. Gale loves Ava Monica-Bridget Jones." She whispers over and over.

"How do you know my middle name?" I question.

"Because before I went up to Earth I did my homework." A wicked smile wipes across her face. "Not only this, but I planted some booby traps in your ugly little house..."

Anger serges through me. "If my house is ugly you are a fine piece of dog turd! The only booby traps here that could kill someone are those large, obviously fact things hanging off your chest!" I yell. I would feel better...if Lord Nette was not looking at me like that...

"You fat little piece of ****! How dare you address me like that?" Lord Nette charges at me. Gale wacks her in the side of the head, knocking her out unconscious. "Okay that buys us a little time." Gale says.

"To do what?" I ask. Gale gets down on one knee.

"To marry me." He replies.