Fallen soldier

'Shit it hurt 'Nate thought as the pain in his chest began to grow warm hands were pressing down on the wound Walt was peering down at Nate ignoring his own gunshot wound to the shoulder.

"Don't worry sir trombley has gone to get doc Bryan" Walt said his voice shaking

"Rays gonna kill me!"Nate muttered dropping his head his body started to feel numb from blood loss but the pain was still real,

"Why's that sir?"Walt asked faking a small smile,

"I got you shot" Nate whispered the coughed violently blood bubbling at his lips

"Shit ah fuck if you die iceman's gonna have my head" Walt said shaken

"He won't I promise" Nate said squeezing his eyes shut

"Sir, sir you need to keep your eyes open" Walt ordered timidly

"I can't find doc Bryan "trombley said coming onto view and dropping next to Walt

"We need to get him back to camp" Walt said shifting to behind Nate's head trombley nodded taking Nate's leg ,

"Ready?" he asked Walt nodded and the lifted Nate up and moved toward the direction of the camp

"I'm losing grip!"Walt cried dropping to his knees trombley lowered Nate's legs to the ground Walt pulled off Nate's helmet and pulled Nate's head lightly onto his lap

"Go find ray" Walt suggested

"What no, I'd rather not be killed thanks' "trombley said

"And be killed by brad instead if Nate dies just don't tell ray I'm injured ok" Walt snapped glaring at trombley

"Fine but keep pressure "trombley said sprinting off

"At least we have shade out here we don't see much trees" Nate joked wincing in pain as more pain arose when put pressure

"Well look at that that a plus" Walt said smiling down at Nate

"I'm sorry I got you shot hasser it wasn't my intension

"I know sir let's hope ray don't flip" Walt said grimacing

"That would suck "Nate said as a humve pulled up ray jumping out

"Let's get him into the pimp machine" ray joked lifting up Nate he put him in the humve and turned to Walt a smiled his smile fell when he noticed the blood seeping from Walt's shoulder.