A little blonde girl was walking on the beach playing with an empty vodka bottle in her hand.

„Too bad we couldn't invite the other Alison to be her godmother. Seems like old times.."- laughed Peter and started humming the song starting with the same lyrics from that ancient Woody Allen movie.

„Don't compare my daughter to that underachieving, mouthbreathing piece of shit"

Amanda took the bottle from little Alison's hands and angrily threw it to a rock close to the beach.

„Amanda! It's only one more week! When the software controlling VPK arrives it will feel like the good old days again. I promise!- winked Peter, looking at her with the same love in his eyes he felt when they got married on the beach.

He gave her a kiss, stroked her hair and started picking up the pieces of glass before little Aly could step on them.

Then he recognized a small piece of paper in the sand. The handwriting seemed awfully similar, but he couldn't remember whose it was at first sight.

„Invitation to the cheerleading championship for Dr. Peter Burns and his hopefully still beloved wife. Found a great life coach in prison and feeling EXPLOSIVE with my newfound energy. With her help I finally connected with these amazing people deep inside me and I can't wait for you to meet them all! Love, Eve"