Annabeth's Pov

BUZZ,BUZZ,BUZZ. I pulled my head groggily and slapped the stop button on my alarm.

I got up and headed for the shower.I grabbed my towel and clothes.

I came out five minutes later.I was wearing jeans and t-shirt.

I headed down the stairs, to see dad reading the paper. Matthew and Bobby were eating their cereal while bickering with each other. While Helen was at the stove cooking some sausages and toast.

"Morning, dad, Helen." I said.

"Morning, Annabeth." Helen said. "What would you like for breakfast? We've got pancakes, sausages and toast."

"I'll have pancakes, please." I said politely.

She brought a plate full of pancakes that smelled like cinnamon. I grabbed the syrup and poured all over the pancakes. Helen got some coffee for herself and dad. She put the mugs down .I ate in silence before my dad was trying to strike a conversation.

"So, honey….. are you excited for your first day in school?" he asked.

"Why would I be excited, I mean I been to school before, it's nothing new." I replied nonchalantly.

He sighed then went back to reading the paper.I knew he was trying to make small talk but I didn't feel like talking.

I quickly ate the pancakes to avoid talking to my parents don't get me wrong. I love my dad but they don't get me sometimes.

"Bye dad! Bye Helen!" I said as I raced towards the door while grabbing my backpack.

I jogged down to my new school Goode was just a few blocks away so it wasn't far.

I halted in front of the buliding and it was beautiful. It had white painted walls and it looked like a really friendly school. I took a deep breath before heading down to the administrative office.

Percy's Pov

"Wake up,Honey!" I pulled my head up to see mom calling me and pulling my leg at the same tried pulling me out of the bed but I hung on the posts.I felt the pulling stop followed by footsteps thumping on the carpet.

SPLASH! I was fully awake,I woke up to find my bed soaking wet and myself as I willed it to dry,you see for all of those who don't know,I'm a demigod. You may think it's cool but it's not all it's cracked up to be. My dad's Poseidon and well I have his powers. Not a shocker there Anyway. I found out that I was one long ago so I had time to train. Now I had fully mastered my out of control powers."Sorry, I had to wake you up it's you first day of school."She said excitedly as opened the door and left the room.

She was excited because I get kicked out of schools a lot. She was proud that I could stay in Goode for a long time. It was my third year there until I head off to college. It did help since she was married to Paul. He's a really nice guy and kept my mom if she's happy then I'm happy.

I got up took a clean t-shirt that I could find in this mess and a pair of jeans I found on my chair. I headed for the shower then came out wearing the clothes I found.

I found one of my sneaker under my desk but couldn't find the other !Where is it!

I searched in hot pursuit finding my other shoe.I dug underneath my bed before I found it.

I checked my watch and Gods I was late!I slipped on my shoes,grabbed my backpack and raced towards the kitchen.

"Honey, Don't you want breakfast?"My mom asked.I shook my head and gave her a kiss on the cheek before leaving and saw that Paul had left. Looks like I'm running.

I groaned and raced towards school,Praying to God that I wouldn't be caught sneaking in class.

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