Every year Special Agents Leroy Jethro Gibbs takes his Forensics Scientist Abigail Sciuto out for her birthday. It was a tradition that no one at NCIS really understood. Then again the relationship between Gibbs and Abby was something not a lot of people understood..

This is the story of how it all began…

Year One: New found friendship
Gibbs and Abby had been working together for about a year and in that time Gibbs had never seen Abby upset. He'd seen her stressed, irritated, hyperactive, tired but never upset. She was the happiest Goth he knew and possibly the happiest person on the planet. Today however when Gibbs strolled into the lab he saw Abby with red eyes and mascara stained cheeks and silence instead of the usual deafening music. There was something about her in that moment that bought out his protective side.

"What's wrong Abby?"
"Abby look at me. In the year I've known you I've never seen you like this, what's wrong?"

Abby didn't know why but she felt like she could really talk to Gibbs. "It's nothing really, just my boyfriend dumped me, I know, I'm silly but tomorrows my birthday and now he's gone and ruined it for me, forever"

"He doesn't sound like a very nice person"
Abby looked at Gibbs "He was nice, well I thought he was."
"No one breaks up with someone there birthday."
Abby smiled "Thank you Gibbs"
"How about I take you out for a drink after work? Make this day a bit better for you"
"I don't need pity Gibbs"
"It's not pity; I just know what it feels like. Thought I could be a friend if you like?"
"I like"

1700 hours
Gibbs stood in the door way to Abbys lab, she certainly was much happier than earlier. He was fascinated watching her as she talked to each machine before turning them of for the night.

"You ready"
"Christ Gibbs! You scared the hell out of"
Gibbs chuckled "Sorry. So?"
"Ready to go grab some food? How does Pizza and beer sound?"
"Fantastic. I'm starving"
"Won't your wife mind you being home late?"
"It's not a problem, tonight you need a friend"
"Thanks Gibbs"