Rozen Maiden: Märchen


So that's it. After all this time, I have finally finished the story. My attempt at a third season of that great show, Rozen Maiden. It's been fun. Really, I had a ton of fun writing this. That's why I started doing it, and that's why I kept it up. I can honestly say I had more fun writing this fic than anything else I've ever written. Rozen Maiden is just fun to write for. I love it. It's my favourite show of all time, and that's saying a lot.

Do I think that a real third season of the show would play out like this? Probably not, no. For one thing I seriously doubt an actual third season would have as much romance and kissing in it as this had. I mean just look - I marked this as Drama/Romance. Rozen Maiden isn't really a romance series. I think there's just a tendency with a lot of fans (of any franchise or series) to put emphasis on the romantic pairing/shipping aspects. I'm no exception. If they did include more romance, I think it would probably be between Jun and Shinku, or Jun and Tomoe. Perhaps a little of both, as I did at the start of the story.

Obviously as well a third season wouldn't have had Kohaku or Pandora, or any of the original characters I created for this. I still think it would have had new characters, but we have no way of knowing who they would be or what they would be like. I hope that my OC's did not overshadow the main characters, because ... they just shouldn't. If you're a Rozen Maiden fan then it's because you like the Rozen Maidens, like the canon characters, and want to see more of them. I did my best to keep the canon characters the centre of the story, and I also did my best to try and give all of them a decent amount of screen time. I still feel a few of them could have done with a bit more though. I would have liked to have had more Hinaichigo, Kanaria and Megu, at the very least. Megu especially, I feel like I underused, and that there was more potential for her character.

I hope the ending was also a good one. I still don't know what they would have done with the Alice Game and Rozen's promised alternatives had they gone on and made a third season. We can only speculate and guess. I doubt that it would involve finding a magical McGuffin that could simply transform one of them into Alice. At first that was the best I could come up with, hence the inclusion of Pandora. I was originally going to have her be an actual genie in a box that could make one of them Alice, and would do so without complaint. But I wasn't happy with that idea at all, and it eventually evolved into what it did.

No, I think it probably would have required them to do something specific. The only thing I can imagine in that regards is the idea I had Shinku put forth in episode twelve - namely that the dolls could willingly give their Rosa Mysticas to one of their sisters, essentially 'electing' and turning her into Alice without any fighting involved. The only sticking points there I can see are Suigintou and Kirakishou, neither of whom I think would be willing to go along with that. Suigintou maybe, with some convincing. Or perhaps the other dolls would give their Rosa Mysticas willingly to Suigintou so she could use their power to heal Megu's heart, and she would either have to fight Kirakishou for the last Rosa Mystica, or would simply become Alice then because of the selfless act of the whole thing. Or maybe Kirakishou would abduct Megu before Suigintou could heal her, and she would be forced to fight the seventh doll to save Megu.

That wouldn't be half so bad, come to think of it.

Anyway, I'm done with this now. You all got the happy ending you asked for, and I admit I certainly wanted a happy ending for it as well. I love all of the characters and I'd hate to see the series end on a downer. I'm probably going to take a break for a while, work on some non-fanfic writing and stuff. I have an idea for a prequel story I might write at some point, showing how Rozen met Alice for the first time and fell in love with her, after becoming trapped in a nightmarishly twisted version of his dream world and fighting to save his soul tree. Might give it a shot, if I have the time and energy.

Last of all, I'd like to thank everyone. Everyone who took the time to read this, follow it, favourite it and review it. I'd also like to give special thanks to Atama Ga Kuru Teru, Angel-chan Desu, xXLapisXxLazulixXFujisakiXx, and MaydoubleA. The reviews and support you guys kept giving me are largely why I stuck with this to the very end. If it weren't for you I probably would have given up on this.

*glomps you all*

Thank you. Really. I just hope you enjoyed the story and that it lived up to your expectations.

Of course I have to thank PEACH-PIT as well, for making Rozen Maiden in the first place! Thank you! It's an awesome series and I love it to bits. Hell, I love it so much I wrote this damn thing, didn't I? You could fill a book with this fic, that's how much I love Rozen Maiden. The only thing I could love more is if you actually went and made a real third season. We're all waiting for that to happen. *hint*hint*

Before I go, I compiled a list of quotes taken from Märchen, just some I liked. Yes I know, it's really big-headed and egotistical of me to quote my own work, but dammit I deserve a little indulgence after actually writing all of this. Besides, no one is forcing you to read it.

Or are they? o_O

So long everyone, and take care of yourselves. Buh-bye! *waves*

"Are you kidding me? No way! I'm not dressing up as a girl!" - Jun, EP2 (That's what you think Jun)

"She's my angel of death. She's supposed to take my life away, but she keeps refusing to. I guess you could say that she's not a very good angel of death." - Megu, EP2

"W-why? What good will that do? This isn't a fairy tale. She's not going to wake up if I k-kiss her!" - Jun, EP2 (Kinda hilarious in hindsight, given the final episode)

"A persons tree is a representation of their soul. Your tree is small and stunted because you're such a puny little runt." - Suiseiseki, EP2

"Do dolls get fat if they eat too much? They don't seem to." - Jun, EP3

"I live in a house full of creepy supernatural dolls that move about and talk just like regular people." - Jun, EP3 (Kinda sums up Rozen Maiden, really)

"Well he might be disappointed, I'm pretty sure Kashiwaba is gay ..." - Kitagawa, EP3 (And people were surprised when I revealed this to be the case. Episode three people!)

"Stop that!"
"That! Stop repeating everything I say! I swear, you're so totally annoying. Did anyone ever tell you that you have all the personality of a brick?" - Suiseiseki & Barasuishou, EP3

"Oh. Really? I didn't realise I was such a bad kisser. In my defence it was my first time and I was unconscious, so ..." - Tomoe, EP3

"Hey! There's such a thing as personal space you creepy yellow-eyed thing, you!" - Suiseiseki, EP3

"Shinku, I love you! I love you, I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU SHINKU!" - Jun, EP3

"You wouldn't believe what she did to me while you were gone. It was horrifying. I dare not speak of it lest your hair turn white with shock and your puny brain curdle inside your skull." - Suiseiseki, EP3

"PERVERT! Just look at the puny lecherous runt! The evidence is clear for all to see!" - Suiseiseki, EP4

"Admit it Jun, you have a doll fetish!" - Suiseiseki, EP4

"Just don't let it happen again or I will have no choice but to mash your puny body into a paste and feed it to the nearest cat, you big doll lover you." - Suiseiseki, EP4 (That whole scene was so much fun to write)

"What's a pervert?" - Hinaichigo, EP4

"I'm moving to Osaka. Don't even think of trying to stop me." - Jun, EP4

"You know something Hina? You're closer to being Alice than I've ever been." - Suigintou, EP4 (Sometimes I think I made Suigintou too nice)

"I simply felt the desire to stare at the boy who confessed his love for me, that is all. If you ever feel the need to stare at me, please feel free to do so." - Shinku, EP4

"You never cry. You always say that I'm the strong one, but I'm the one that always cries."
"I think that's because you cry for me Suiseiseki. You take all my pain and sadness and grief into yourself so I don't have to feel it. You shoulder my burdens, that's why you're so strong. I'd be lost without you."
"Well of course! What's a big sister for?" - Suiseiseki & Souseiseki, EP4

"As if! The puny runts courage is as small as his teeny tiny-"
"Hey! At least I didn't just spend the last hour and a half cowering into the cushions because of a dumb film!"
"-tree! What was that? I so was not cowering! Take that back you!" - Suiseiseki & Jun, EP5

"I can't sleep in the same bed as you!"
"Why ever not?"
"Because you're a girl."
"Really now Jun, your powers of observation are remarkable. Detective Kunkun would be impressed." - Jun & Shinku, EP5

"You know, after what just happened to me, I'm not even going to say anything." - Jun, EP5 (Said after he found Tomoe and Nori in bed together)

"Watching a horror movie, are they? Well then, Kana will just have to show them what real horror is all about!" - Kanaria, EP5

"I hate you."
"No you don't. I'm a lovable rascal." - Jun & Suiseiseki, EP5

"Honestly human, you have all the charm of an alligator with tooth ache. Would it kill you to say something nice about me once in a while?" - Suiseiseki, EP5

"I'm hideous! I'm as ugly as the ugliest duckling, this is terrible! I'm so ashamed! How can you even stand to look at me? I should lock myself in a tower somewhere to spare the world the sight of my ghastly features, lest I turn people to stone when they gaze upon my unsightly and horrific visage! Oh cruel world, why do you torment me so? What did I ever do to deserve such a curse? Why me? WHY?" - Suiseiseki, EP5 (Hamming it up in grand style)

"Jun isn't exactly Tomoe's type, if you know what I mean. You do know what I mean right? Well, let's just say her fondness for the lily flower is very symbolic." - Suiseiseki, EP6 (Seriously, did I really not drop enough hints that Tomoe was gay?)

"What? How could you accuse Suiseiseki of such a heinous crime! I swear, you have so hurt my poor delicate feelings with these baseless accusations of yours!" - Suiseiseki, EP6

"Wooo! You may now kiss the bride!" - Suiseiseki, EP6

"Hello Jun, I thought I'd come in the traditional way this time; through the front door."
"It's traditional to wait for the door to open first." - Suigintou & Jun, EP7

"Shinku, are you drunk?"
"Only on you ..." - Jun & Shinku, EP7

"Shinku. It's always Shinku with you, isn't it? Why can't you give some love to your big sis? I mean a girl has needs, you know?" - Nori, EP7

"Please Jun-kun! I want my first time to be with you! I want to give you my virginity!"
"Keep it! I have my own!" - Nori & Jun, EP7

"Okay, are you ready?"
"No peeking ..."
"Hina doesn't peek! Now stop dawdling and put it in Hina's mouth already!" - Kanaria & Hina, EP7

"Umm, Jun-kun ... since when did you grow those?" - Nori, EP7 (Right after she felt up Tomoe)

"I'm sorry Jun, I'm afraid I can't do that ..." - Suigintou, EP7 (Doing her HAL impersonation)

"I suggest you start running Jun, because when I catch you I am going to make you junkless ..." Suigintou, EP7

"You as well? What the hell is this, national incest day?" - Jun, EP7 (It is when I'm doing the writing)

"Really now Hinaichigo, you are filthy."
"Got blowed up." - Shinku & Hina, EP7

"Then who are you going to marry?"
"Who else? Detective Kunkun of course." - Souseiseki & Shinku, EP7


"Right. Steering's a bit wonky. Gotta be careful ..." Rozen, EP7

"Rozen? You're Rozen?"
"No, I'm really his evil twin brother come to steal your cookies! That ... that was a joke. I was kidding. I don't have an evil twin brother, and if I did and I was him, I certainly wouldn't announce it like a complete ... you know what, never mind ..." - Jun & Rozen, EP8

"Listen, whoever you are you can't just come barging into my house at this time of night!"
"Actually, I'm pretty sure I can. Or have you just not been paying attention to anything these past couple of minutes?" - Jun & Rozen, EP8 (Really, writing young Rozen was fun)

"Which is how I wound up here in what is, from your point of view, the present day. From my point of view, I'm in the future. It's a whole big ... subjective point of view sort of ... thing. Mess." - Rozen, EP8 (He really has a way with words)

"I'M A GUY!" - Jun, EP8 (Just keep telling yourself that, Jun)

"Yeah, well I bet you'd never catch Rozen wearing a dress ..." - Jun, EP8 (Five seconds before being proven wrong)

"Yes! Well, no ... I have a thing. It's sort of like a plan but ... better. Just wait. First thing tomorrow I'll have us in Lebensbaum. Trust me, I'm a ... well I'm just a kid, but I'm basically trustworthy, so you can certainly trust me. Take my word for it. It's a good word. It should be, after all it's my word and I'm trustworthy so ..." - Rozen, EP8

"Hey, everyone, guess who's here!"
"Nothing good ever starts with 'guess who's here' ..." - Hina & Jun, EP8

"Oh Father ... I am Suigintou, and I am ... your first." - Suigintou, EP8 (Which can so be taken the wrong way)

"Really now Shinku, you ought to try having some vulgar thoughts of your own. You never know, you might like it." - Suigintou, EP8

"Unyuu? What's Hentai?" - Hina, EP8

"Word! Word! I need a word!"
"Umm, parsnips? Wood? Sunshine? Sunshine is a good word." - Rozen & Nori, EP8 (The word was actually Eureka)

"Do you think anything happened between them?"
"Such as?"
"I don't know - what do humans normally do in bed together?"
"No, not just that. They do ... stuff."
"They do gooey mushy touchy feely stuff. You know!"
"I certainly do not." - Suiseiseki & Shinku, EP9

"You can't be serious? If Suigintou saw this she'd chop the puny runt into so many pieces that not even Shinku could Humpty Dumpty him together again ... I'll go get her!" - Suiseiseki, EP9

"Well I have to say that sleeping with a lady's father is not the best way to further a relationship with her." - Shinku, EP9

"I am Kirakishou. The seventh Rozen Maiden doll."
"And that is all that you are. Nothing less ... and nothing more." - Kirakishou & Barasuishou, EP9

"I'm Jun's new boyfriend! Pleased to meet you!" - Rozen, EP9

"Hey hey, hands off the merchandise! Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to touch a lady without her permission?" - Kanaria, EP9

"Freak! The only freak around here is that puny moronic doll-loving cross-dressing four-eyed RUNT!" - Suiseiseki, EP9

"Jun is going to be very angry when he sees this ..."
"Don't worry yourself so. If he gives you any trouble then I shall simply pin him to the wall and use him as a human dartboard for our amusement." - Souseiseki & Suigintou, EP9

"Geez, you travel a couple of hundred years into the future and look what happens to the place ..." - Rozen, EP9

"Wait ... you said that you normally sleep with your sister."
"That's right."
"Your dead sister?"
"Yup. She should still be here actually; we're going to see her now." - Jun & Rozen, EP9 (Implied incestuous necrophilia ... way to go Rozen)

"I'm sure they'd be thrilled to know that. And how wonderful; I grow up to be a voyeur. Marvellous." - Rozen, EP9 (Talking to himself)

"Yes, but present Father brought past Father to the here and now so he could help Jun find a special doll for us, and past Father is young like Jun is and can speak to us and be with us even though none of us are Alice yet." - Hina, EP9 (Summing up the situation remarkably well)

"I hate dolls! It's like trying to freakin shoot Yoda!" - Max, EP9

"Oh please, it would take far more firepower than a handful of puny 9mm parabellum rounds to slow the great Kanaria down. Now then, let me show you how I argue with the barrel of a gun ..." - Kanaria, EP9

"Wow, Jun ... I didn't expect you to look so ... so ..."
"Bishie!" - Souseiseki & Nori, EP10

"This isn't what it looks like. Unless it looks like I'm trying to steal Pandora's Box and make off into the night with it, in which case it actually is what it looks like ..." - Emil, EP10

"Have no fear! For I, Kanaria, have already devised the solution to that dilemma! It's simplicity itself, y'know?" - Kanaria, EP10

"I'm fourteen, I'm not old enough to drink."
"For all intents and purposes you're twenty five; drink." - Jun & Micchan, EP11

"Aahhh! Akihiro Enku! Jun, that's Akihiro Enku!"
"Great. Who's Akihiro Enku?" - Micchan & Jun, EP11

"Not to worry, I already anticipated that eventuality during the planning stages of this marvellous and ingenious scheme of mine. Like I said before, we want him to think he has the upper hand. Little does he suspect that he's up against the one and only Kanaria! I'm more than a match for his woefully inadequate intellect, y'know?" - Kanaria, EP11 (I just love writing Kanaria, she's so much fun)

"Trust in the Kana; the Kana is good." - Kanaria, EP11

"Hina wants some mammaries too!" - Hina, EP11

"You never blew up the kitchen again, did you Master Rozen?"
"Little bit, yes." - Mary Ann & Rozen, EP12

"I've been waiting all morning, you promised you would take me out today. You do remember, don't you? Thirty nine hours twelve minutes fifty three seconds ago it was. I haven't forgotten you know." - Ada, EP12

"Big brother has special feelings for number five, doesn't he? Oh yes he does I think ..." - Ada, EP12

"Your limited cognitive functions are woefully insufficient to accomplish such a trifling feat. Take care you do not strain your brain unduly in the attempt." - Pandora, EP12 (This line was actually said by Ada, who was herself quoting Pandora)

"The Hope diamond? Really now Rozen, that is silly." - Pandora, EP12

"When all seems lost. When all hope has faded. Then I shall awaken and embrace the light of truth." - Pandora, EP12

"How many times have I told you, I am not a freaking teddy bear! Let go! ARGH! Dammit Nori, get yourself a boyfriend already, you're freaking me out!" - Jun, EP12

"First you guys turn me into an adult. Then you turn me into a kid. And now you've dressed me up as a schoolgirl. Do me a favour will you?"
"STOP HELPING ME!" - Jun & Suiseiseki, EP12

"Oh Shinku, you're trying to spare my feelings. How sweet of you. There's really no need, I assure you." - Suigintou, EP12

"Such a pretty face, Shinku, you do it an injustice gaping at me so. Would it trouble you to give me a simple smile?" - Suigintou, EP12

"Fair is foul and foul is fair, come and see me, if you dare ..." - Kirakishou, EP12

"When did you two become so close? Does the puny runt know the two of you are tasting each other's lips?" - Suiseiseki, EP12 (Upon seeing Suigintou about to kiss Shinku)

"Yaagh! Stay away you! I so do not want your puny lips anywhere near mine!"
"Suiseiseki! Come back, Hina loves you too!" - Suiseiseki & Hina, EP12

"They wont suit you. Try a monocle." - Jun, EP12 (When Kirakishou took his glasses)

"I am Kirakishou."
"I am Barasuishou."
"And together-"
"We are-"
"The seventh Rozen Maiden doll ..." - Kirakishou & Barasuishou, EP12

"If Father admires your eyes so, well then, I shall be the one to wear them." - Kirakishou, EP12

"Suigintou ... you are simply radiant. You're finally ready to prove to everyone that you truly have what it takes to be the perfect girl. And that is why I am giving you my Rosa Mystica." - Shinku, EP12

"I am Suigintou, proud first of the Rozen Maiden dolls, and I will not let such a wretched, insolent and horrid little sister become Alice!" - Suigintou, EP12

"And so, in the end, the winner of the Alice Game ... is me ..." - Laplace, EP13

"Yeah, well she's also a lesbian, mom, so unless I get a sex change anytime soon we're pretty much just going to stay friends." - Jun, EP13

"I shall remain in your dreams. As I always have." - Alice, EP13

"The light of truth eludes us." - Rozen Maiden: Märchen