Another thought I have... Guess I just adore these brothers so much^^~ This time is not that much but... Hey, I need to so something before my laptop was taken from me until Nov... So this story will be my departure also... Maybe... Anyhow.. Enjoy^^~!



Yumeto smirked at his little brother from outside the cage before turning around and walked out, ignoring the stare the younger was giving him. He reached out a hand to make sure that the door closed behind him.

"Oi, wait a minute! Aniki! ANIKI!"

Yumeto couldn't help but chuckled.

He couldn't deny that his brother had never failed to surprise him every time. To be able to confront him like that after knowing the truth, wonder from where did he get that strength. He had been predicting that his younger brother would cry again at the very least. Yet, although it did appear, it didn't fall from those lovely eyes. Ainosuke must had been trying really hard in not letting the tears fell.

But deep down, he had always known that Ainosuke was a strong-willed kid. He always tried his best in everything he did. Sometime, even not caring his health. May be, that's why he didn't have a heart to hurt him, physically at least. He was so used to make sure that the kid was safe.

Moreover, that adorable little brother of his sure was fun to tease with. These few weeks, he had always enjoyed watching Ainosuke's confused, sad, scared yet determined face he would make every time Yumeto threatened him.

Well, tomorrow would be the final day. And somehow, he was sure that he would get the chance to see that expression on his face once again before he died.

Yumeto stopped at his track. One thought came to his mind. What would Ainosuke feel when he left him for good? No trick in it this time. Would he feel sad? Or would he feel relieved? Would he be angry at him for leaving so soon?

'Will he cry for losing me?'

Oh well, whichever Ainosuke felt or did, this was the decision he had made. He resumed to his pace. There's no turning back now. Not when everything had been in place. When this night was over, the plan would proceed. But before that, he turned his gaze back to the door where Ainosuke was trapped behind.

'Prepare yourself Ainosuke. Tomorrow will be a big day. Have a good rest when you have the chance. Have a sweet dream, my dearest, cute little brother.'