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Chapter 1 – 'A Crack in the Plan'




Yumeto only smiled upon hearing that farewell word. This arrogant woman was really clueless that the only one who would die if she pulled the trigger was herself. Of course, Kokusho Akira and himself would follow only seconds later. Everything had gone according to his plan. His final, complicated plan. This was for the best. This way, no one would threaten his brother's life anymore.

His brother. His adorable, naïve, cute little brother. His most precious person, who was now standing only a few meters away from him.

How badly he wanted to hug him tightly, whispering reassuring words that everything would be alright. That there was nothing to be worried about or to be afraid of. That he had everything under control. And…

And that he loved him so much…. For he was the only family he had left.

But Yumeto knew better than anyone else that he could not do that. No, to be exact, he must not do that. Or everything would be ruined. He had planned that Yoshida would be here, to get Ainosuke out of this dangerous situation. But then again, thanks to Noriko, this was no longer an option. It was such a shame, because he had kind of wished that the old man could continue to take care of Ainosuke. Still, at least he knew two other people who would without doubt gladly take Ainosuke under their wings.

Knowing all these, he could at least die in peace, right?

A loud explosion was heard and the next thing he saw was Noriko lying soulless on the cold floor. Yumeto took this chance to take out the real gun from his back pocket and shot the other crime planner while she was distracted. At the same time, bracing himself for the pain to come.

Yet, the expected pain never came to him. Guess not everything went according to his plan after all. He heard the gunshot when Kokusho fired at him. But it seemed that her final action had been in vain. Here he was, standing in a perfect shape, while she now shared the same fate as the betrayer.

Yumeto chuckled at his own silliness. This was a trivial matter. He needed to proceed with his plan and got his domino pieces to fall to their places. He could think of how he would die later. If he was lucky, maybe he would even get a chance to say his goodbye properly.

He turned his attention to his younger brother, who had his back facing him. The kid seemed to be in shock. Well, which junior high student wouldn't if two people had just died in front of his face? Last time, Ainosuke had practically broke down when he found out that detective Fukuchi had passed away in an explosion, blaming himself for it. Yumeto sighed quietly before showing his usual mocking smirk.

"What's the matter Ainosuke? Are you chickening out just because of this?"

The called lad turned around and Yumeto's smirk once again replaced by a frown. Ainosuke did not glare at him like he usually did every time he did not approve of what his big brother was doing. Instead, a devastated expression plastered on his face. Yet another unexpected occurrence his plan.

His eyes then moved slowly to examine his younger brother. Ainosuke's unusually paler face. His scared expression. His left hand, which was clutching his abdomen with a red liquid trickling down from it–


The gun escaped his hand and hit the concrete with a loud thud in that silent room. But Yumeto's attention was now fully and solely focused on his little brother, as what really happened dawned on him. For whatever reason he did not understand, fate had spared his life even when he offered it away. And for an ever harder to understand reason, it made Ainosuke its target instead.

He averted his gaze back to his younger brother's face and a pair of shocked eyes met a rather teary one. Yumeto tried to move his legs, but they now felt like they were made of lead.


Ainosuke's voice was weak and pleading, as if he was calling for help he did not dare to hope would really come. And as soon as the endearment left his mouth, he collapsed to the floor.

Yumeto was literally frozen on the spot out of shock, before quickly advancing to his younger brother. He knelt next to the kid and lifted him onto his laps, holding the small, trembling body close to his own. Given the situation, he was terrified.

There were not many things that could make him scared. Left alone terrified. He didn't when he had to kill Ikeuchi Tomoya to save his brother. He didn't when he and Ainosuke had to live alone, without much money to support themselves. He didn't when he made the decision to join in the crime world for the sake of reaching his goal. And he definitely didn't when he carried out his plan with the risk of getting caught, or even his life as a bet. But he could not deny, though he rarely showed it openly, that his heart would pound heavily and fear successfully got him by the throat, every time Ainosuke was in danger.

And now Ainosuke was practically dying in his arms. The thought made him hugged his little brother tighter in a protective manner.

This was not what he had planned to happen. It was him who was supposed to be dying right now. This plan of his was created for Ainosuke's sake, just as everything else that he did. But the opposite happened. He had failed.

"Nii… chan…"

The soft voice brought him back to reality. He could feel a rather small hand clutching the front of his shirt. Realising who that hand belonged to, he relaxed hid hug a bit, enough for him to get a good look of his little brother. But Ainosuke seemed to have misinterpreted his action and refused to let go. Instead, his grip tightened and and he kept on calling for his older brother. It was as if he was afraid that Yumeto would leave him if he ever let go. Yumeto's heart clenched painfully as he understood his brother's trauma and he gave up on what he was trying to do. He wrapped his arms around his little brother and held him closer. So close that Ainosuke's face was only a few centimeters apart from his own as the kid snuggled on him.

"It's okay, Ainosuke. Everything is going to be alright. I won't leave you. Not anymore. You'll be fine. I promise."

His words seemed to calm Ainosuke down a bit, though it did nothing to stop his trembling. Yumeto's mind was numb with worry and desperation. He couldn't think straight and did nothing but just kept holding his brother, favoring each second that passed by. Only when suddenly the grip on his shirt loosened and the hand dropped just seconds before he felt Ainosuke's body went completely limp in his arms, did he snap out of his trance.

He looked down immediately. To his alarm, his younger brother's face was deathly pale and his breath was quick and shallow. His face looked like it had been drained of every colour. Yumeto made his decision and planted a small, quick kiss on his little brother's forehead, breathing in the familiar scent.

"I'm not going to let you die."

And with that, he lifted Ainosuke up. All his crime plans had been forgotten. All he care about was his little brother in his arms, struggling between life and death. Wind whistled in his ears as he rushed for his car. Carefully and gently, he laid his little brother down the back seat and fastened the seat belt. Then he dashed for the driver's seat before setting off to the nearest hospital.