A/N: I wrote this with a friend on one of my more Psych obsessed days, and just now decided to post it. Seeing as you are all the smart folks that I am assuming you are, I'm sure that you can figure it out well enough for yourselves.

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Shots Fired

Pineapple margaritas stopped working a while ago;

I built up an immunity somewhere along the line- I need the harder stuff to sleep these days.

It never used to be this way,

But with the cases, the whatever it is with Jules, Lassie being shot- it built up.

But if we solve the cases, if she's happy, if Lassie's little Lassie-heart has a beat,

Then it's all okay.

So I can drink;

I can drink as much as I want,

What I want,

When I want…

But I can't have what I want.

I hate to say it, but Henry was right,

I don't think things through.

I always have to dive in headfirst, hoping I land on a pillow, preferably of the feather variety, recently fluffed-

Preferably a recently fluffed, feather pillow, in the bed of a certain detective I could name…

But I won't;

I won't say it.

I don't want this, I don't want to want this, so I won't want this.

That's it, I'll just tell myself that I don't want this.

Not that I'll believe it, but hey, points for trying, right?

I'll believe it about as much as Lassie believes that I'm psychic,

But I'll keep on with this charade.

I'm comfortable playing.

They say that the truth'll set you free, but maybe, maybe I don't want to be free.

I'll tell myself I don't want to be free.

Another shot should do it-

Not sure whether I'm talking about Lassie or the alcohol.

Either way... I won't admit it yet.

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