Shona flew from Glasgow to Toronto on August 3rd 1998 on an Air Canada plane. There was loads of room on the plane and the movie they watched was Titanic which was quite funny as the pilot told them if they looked out they would see Greenland and she saw lots of icebergs because the sky was so clear!

When she arrived in Toronto she had to wait there for 8 hours to catch the next plane to take her to Saskatoon in Saskatchewan. On the flight from Toronto to Saskatoon she had a sleep as she was so tired but when she woke up she was feeling sick so went to the toilet. Someone was in it and they took a while to come out so Shona ending up spewing on the floor as she couldn't hold it in. She was so embarrassed that she forgot there were sick bags in the back of the seats! Luckily the flight attendants were very kind.

By the time the plane landed in Saskatoon Shona had been up for 30 hours and was feeling exhausted. She stayed with the sister of the teacher she was swapping with for the first night then the next day the head teacher, Nicole, came and picked her up and they drove 2 hours to the place where Shona would live. It was a small town called Payton and only 150 people lived there. The school had 48 pupils who went from Kindergarten up to Grade 9 which is like our Primary 1 up to 3rd Year in High School.

On her first night there was an amazing thunderstorm because the weather was so hot, it was 35 degrees! Shona only stayed in Paynton for one night at the start as she went off the next day to meet her friend Averil to go on a tour of Canada because school didn't start for two weeks.

She flew to Calgary and met her friend there. They then went to Winnipeg in Manitoba for a few days before going back to Toronto. They stayed there with a girl called Fiona who was also on an exchange and they visited all the sights. Then the three of them went to Quebec and they went to Quebec City and Montreal. Next they went to Halifax in Nova Scotia and also visited Peggy's Cove. They flew back stopping in Toronto and Calgary before going back to Saskatoon. It was only Averil who went back with Shona.

Shona then went to buy a car so that she could travel around and the car was a gold one which she called Peggy Sue. She has kept the number plate and it is in the garage at my Shen's house. When they got the car they drove to Paynton and stayed for a few days before they drove to Edmonton in Alberta. It took 3 hours to drive to Edmonton. Averil got a plane from Edmonton to Calgary to go back to Cranbrook in British Columbia so Shona then drove back to Paynton to get ready to start her new job. She had to teach the Kindergarten children and she took the other grades and began to teach them about Scotland and some Gaelic.

Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are made by Indians and where Shona lived there was an Indian reserve close by. It was called Little Pine and the children used to go to Payton School until 1995 but then when the reserve was built all the children went to the school there.