Title: Her Smile

Summary: Henry was scared when he travelled, but he had his own ways of coming home.

Authors Note: I haven't seen the movie in a while, this is just a little drabble one-shot. This can be read as a sequel to 'Scared' which is in Claire's POV, or as a stand-alone.

He knew that she was scared, and he was scared as well.

When he was running, when he was scared he would just think of Claire, back home in that small apartment.

And he felt guilty for leaving her, but she knew that he couldn't stay.

She had no idea how much he wished he could; just stay with her… forever.

As he stepped out into the cold day, he placed the ring inside the glove compartment of the car, he was worried, if he disappeared before he could give her the ring.

He didn't want to lose it; he would just have to wait longer to ask.

His father didn't believe that it would work out, but even without travelling to the future, he knew it would be alright.

Henry knew that he was destined to be with Claire, forever… even after his death.

Crawling over the sheets he was nervous, as she opened his eyes, she saw the ring and he tried to calm himself.

"I never wanted to have anything in my life that I couldn't stand losing. But it's too late for that. It's not because you're beautiful and smart. I don't feel alone anymore. Will you marry me?"

"No" she said.

He thought his heart had been crushed into a million pieces, and then he saw her smile.

"I didn't mean that. I just wanted to try it, to say it, to assert my own sense of free will, but my free will wants you."

"So it's a yes?"

"Yes, of course"

And then Henry saw her smile, the smile that would save him, that already has saved him hundreds of times.

It was that smile that he would see every time the police would catch him, and all he would have to do was think of home.

Her smiles were his red shoes.

Click twice and think of Claire.

There's no place like home.