Disclaimer: I don't own the Tribe. here is what I thought should happen in the series from the begining. Dal and CLoe dated until he's sadly death, her and Jack are best friends and Lex is her older brother that no one knows exept themself

Cloe did what she always did when she was bored, she walked around the mall but this time she found something she never fought she would see again. An old piano standing in a middle of a room covered in dust. Piano Tai-San ones played on, the very one Dal had taught Cloe to play on. Both of them where gone now. Dal was dead while Tai-San had been captured by the techno. Cloe let her fingrer run across the dusty keys and softly pushed one down. It still sounded so beautiful to her. She sat down and begin to play, She remembered how her mother and her older borther Lex (yes Lex :P) used to play the piano together. Cloe closed her eyes and let's her voice take over the room.

We both lay slightly still in the dead of the night. All though we both lay close together, we both feel miles apart inside. Was it something I said or something I did? Did my words not come out right?. Though I try not to hurt, yeah I try but I guess that's why they say. Every rose has thorn. Just like every night has it dawn. Just like every cowboy sing his sad sad song. Every song has it thorn.

What Cloe didn't know that one of her few best friends she had left Jack was standing there listening. He had hid behind a wall so she wouldn't see him.

Every rose has it thorn, yeah it does. I listen to our favorite song playing on the radio. Here the D.J say love's a game of easy come and..easy go. But I wonder does he know? Has he ever felt this way?. And I know you be here right know if I could have let you know somehow. Every rose has it thorn (Every rose every rose every rose) Just like every night has it dawn, Just like every cowboy sing his sad sad song. Every rose has it thron.

Yes Cloe may be young but she knows something's about love. Dal was her first love, her first sweet soft kiss. Cloe had grown up faster then Patsy and dal notice that and his crush on Ellie was quickly forgotten making Ellie mad about not getting so much attention. Patsy was mad too at the beginning that Dal just noticed Cloe but got over it. No guy is worth fighting over. Cloe remembered that thanks to Dal she didn't join the choosen and wasn't taken away like Patsy Ryan and a lot others. She soon had ran away with Bray and Dal and soon found Ebony and her borther Lex and found out that Amber was alive. She was also with Amber when she found Dal after falling to the ground. Tears was now welling up in her eyes. Everything they had gone through. After the choosen and some piece the techno's came and took a lot of people away. Now all she had left was her brother and her best friend Lex who was missing his dear wife Tai-San.

Trough it's been a while now. I can still feel so much pain. Like the knifes that cut's you, the wound heals but that scar, the scar remains. Every rose , every rose, every rose has it thorn. I know I could have saved the love that night if I known what to say. Instead of making love, we both made our separate ways. And now I hear you found somebody new and that I never mean that much to you and to hear it tears me up inside and to see you cuts me like a knife.

Lex sat on his bed looking at Tai-San's necklace feeling nothing but pain. Soon he heard his favorite song from his old favorite band playing by the most important person in his life. He rose up and walked where Jack was standing. He had almost forgot how sweet Cloe sang. Her voice had matured over the years. He smiled a little looking at her. Ellie walked around the corner and saw the guys standing there and then saw Cloe playing and singing. Her eyes became smaller and she scuffed before storming off.

Every rose has it thorn. (Every rose every rose, Every rose) Just like every night has it dawn. Just like every cowboy sing his sad sad song. (Ever rose every rose)every rose it thorn. (Yea it does) yeah…

Lex and Jack ran off quickly before Cloe saw them, she slowly left the room to go to the tribe meeting they were gonna have about the techno's, what she didn't know was that with the techno's came a new life, with lot's of up's and down's but she was gonna love it anyway..

SO here is the plot for a new serie, I love the tribe and the dream Must stay alivie lol :P so Cloe is my favorite charecter on the show and I'm gonna have a little plot

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the song: Every rose has it thorn: posion (But Cloe sang Miley Cyrus version) trust me your gonna se alot Miley C songs so take it or leave lol