Play house fatality

Kirua dated Gon to go fishing in the national aquatic park. But, Kirua's true intention was to tell Gon a recently revealed family secret.

Kirua: Gon, I have something to tell you.

Gon: What is it, Kirua?

Kirua: That is… I mean… You really won't regret our marriage?

Gon: Baka! Of course! Even if it means we'll have to fight for the gay's right, I will always stay by your side. *kiss* And besides, our parents are gay, too.

Kirua: But what if we are not only gay? What if… we are more than that?

Gon: *blink, blink* What do you mean?

Kirua: I mean, did you notice something strange when you told your parents that you are engaged?

Gon: Hm… My dad went mad because he thought I was engaged with Hisoka. But after I explained to him, he said "Don't forget to remind me to assist your marriage."

Kirua: What about your mother's reaction?

Gon: Hm… He wasn't at home.

Kirua: I see… My father's reaction was strange.

Gon: What did he say?

Kirua: He wished me happiness, but from the look of his face, he didn't mean it at all.

Gon: *stand up* Then I shall see him and talk to him. Maybe he'll accept me.

Kirua: *pull Gon down* It's not that the problem.

Gon: Then, what is the problem?

Kirua: *You know our parents knew each other before.

Gon: *nod* Ah-huh.

Kirua: You know that Kuruta Clan and the Spiders were once enemies.

Gon: *nod* Ah-huh.

Kirua: And you know your mother and my father were once enemies.

Gon: That's what I was talking about. Your dad probably think that you cannot find happiness if you married his enemy's son.

Kirua: No! If it were only a problem of hatred, it wouldn't be this complicate.

Gon: I don't understand.

Kirua: *pause* Yesterday, my father told me everything. *pause* Your mother was the last survivor of the Kuruta Clan after the Spiders attack. Do you know why?

Gon: Hm… No.

Kirua: Because the Spiders' leader, my father that is, kidnapped him. Your mother was locked, tortured and raped. Before your father came and saved him, he gave birth to a child, which becomes the first child of Kuroro Lucifer.

Gon: *speechless*

Kirua: Gon, I'm sorry to shock you like that. Our marriage is tomorrow, so I don't want you to become my wife without knowing the truth.

Gon: I don't believe it. Why my dad was so happy when I told him? *cry*

Kirua: Your father was a lunatic! He fought unarmed with my dad and the next day, he forgot his opponent's name.

Gon: Yeah, right. *stop crying*

Kirua: Gon, it's still time if you wish to cancel our marriage.

Gon: No.

Kirua: *stare*

Gon: Even if we are brothers, even if it means we'll have to fight for the gay and incest's right, I will always stay by your side. *smile*

Kirua: *smile back* It looks like we'll really need to fight for the gay and incest's right.

The End

Just in case you didn't match up the characters:

Kuroro: Kirua's father

Leolio: Gon's father

Kurapika: Gon's and Kirua's mother