Disclaimer: The only character I own in Shujaa (which is warrior in Swahili).

Shujaa padded a short distance behind Vitani. She was so beautiful. The way she walk (quickly, to get away from him), the way she talked (and yelled at him), the way she looked at him (mostly glaring). He sighed in contentment. Even if she didn't really like him (yet, she'll get there, just you wait) and kept telling him to go-


Shujaa stopped walking and looked around, annoyed. Another passion fruit. They'd been hitting him all day.

He shrugged and started padding after Vitani again.

Timon face-palmed. "This guy doesn't give up easy, does he Pumbaa?"

Pumbaa looked confused. "Does he give up easily, or does he not give up easily?"

Timon face-palmed again. "Forget it. Vitani," He shuddered, memories of Vitani's method of motivation running through his mind. "Convinced us to get Shujaa to stop following her, and that's just what we'll do, even if we have to use your secret weapon."

Pumbaa looked confused. "My secret..." Then offended. "Hey!"

Timon smirked. "Pass me another passion fruit, will you?"

A/N: Really short drabble thingie that popped into my head. The thought actually was, "What if passion fruits kept coming out of nowhere and hitting you when you were in love?"

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