This is a very random story. Your head might explode from the randomness. You have been warned.

I guess the day started when my mom dropped me and Frenchy off at the mall.

"Just be careful dear and text me when you guys are ready to go home." My mom said.

I rolled my eyes. "I'll be fine Madre! I got Frenchy to protect me!" I said pointing to my best friend.

Frenchy stood there and smiled sheepishly.

"Ok then." My mom said. "But if anyone messes with you, you call me and I will give them a slow and painful death." My mom said cheerfully.

Frenchy's eyes widened. Oh I didn't tell you guys that my mom is Chuck Norris in disguise.

Anyways, my mom drove off and left us at the entrance to the mall.

"Didi, your mom is scary sometimes." Frenchy said quietly.

"I know BFFL (pronounced biffle), I know." I replied.

I guess now would be a good time to give you a description of some sort.

Well I'm Didi obviously. I have longish, curly brunette hair and pale skin. I'm not fat but I ain't skinny either. I'm in between. I have big brown eyes and wear dark framed glasses. I was wearing my dark blue Pink Floyd t-shirt and some dark blue skinny jeans. I also had on my favorite black Converse.

Frenchy, on the other hand is very different. She has shortish curly, dirty blonde hair and pale skin. She has brown eyes. She was wearing a black Green Day shirt and baggy jeans with her signature chain on the side. She also wore her black Converse and her black bracelet with the spikes on it.

We walked through the mall and went into almost every store. We didn't buy anything though. We were MC Hammer broke.

After a while of talking and walking, Frenchy got real quiet.

"What's up?" I asked.

"I have a weird feeling someone is following us." She said quietly.

"Ok. Let's stop for a minute and take a picture with my phone. I'll aim the camera above us and then we shall see who is following us." I said finally.

"Why can't we just look behind us?" she asked.

"That's what they're expecting us to do." I said confidently.

Frenchy sighed. "Fine. Whatever."

We stopped and I took the picture. We looked at the picture and what we saw shocked us.

Following us were four…Akatsuki cosplayers.

"Are you serious?" Frenchy said after seeing the picture.

"Shall we give them a show?" I asked with a mischievous grin on my face.

"What do you mean "we"?" she asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Fine. I'll do it." I said getting my Ipod out.

"You'll do what?" she asked nervously.

I found 1, 2 step by Ciara and put the head phones in my ears.

I started to sing.

"This beat is automatic, supersonic, hip, naughty, funky fresh; whip my body, so melodic…" I sang and did some Shakira worthy dance moves in the middle of the mall.

"Didi!" hissed a very embarrassed Frenchy.

I rolled my eyes and kept dancing. "Don't matter to me we can dance slow, whichever way the beat brings my body to go, so swing it over here Mr. DJ and we will, we will rock you…" I took a deep breath and rapped Missy Elliot's part.

"I shake it like jello make the boys say hello, cuz they know I'm rocking the beat, I know you heard about a lot of great MC's but they ain't got nothing on me, because I'm five foot two, I wanna dance with you and I'm sophisticated fun, I eat filet min yon, and I'm nice and young, must believe I'm number one!" I sang.

Frenchy looked ready to die.

I heard snickering and whispering behind me. Once the song was over I turned around, looked directly at the cosplayers and said "THANK YOU AKATSUKI! YOU'VE BEEN A GREAT AUDIENCE!"

Frenchy had just died inside from embarrassment.

Now that I had a better look at our stalkers, I figured out who they were.

The tallest one was Itachi. He had the long black hair and the two face scars just right.

Next to him was the Sasori cosplayer. Simply a redheaded guy. He was kinda cute, I must admit.

Next to him was a Hidan cosplayer. He had the white hair and the smug grin down perfectly. If I didn't know better I would think he really was Hidan.

Last, but certainly not least, was the Deidara cosplayer. I almost died right there. I wouldn't call myself a complete Deidara fangirl, but this guy looked just…so…wonderful. He had the long blonde hair and his one long bang looked like his hair really was like that.

All of them had the signature Akatsuki cloak and the correct headbands.

I had to admit, I was impressed.

They looked stunned at my little performance. Then they started to run after us.

"Oh shoot." I said bluntly. I pulled Frenchy's hand and ran like the dickens.

"What did you do Didi?" she yelled as we ran for our lives.

"Apparently they don't like Ciara!" I yelled back.

We weaved our way around kiosks and people. We finally found an exit and ran out.

Unfortunately they were very close behind us.

"OWWW! LEGGO, LEGGO, LEGGO!" I screamed. One of them had grabbed me by my stomach and pulled me back.

Another one got Frenchy. Frenchy didn't go down without a fight though. She kicked and punched the cosplayer and struggled to get away. "LEGGO OF ME BEFORE I KILL YOU!" she screamed.

The guy placed her over his shoulder and proceeded to walk to another group of cosplayers.

The guy who grabbed me also put me over his shoulder. I punched his back until my hands hurt. He didn't even flinch.

As we got closer to the other guys I noticed something. I saw very clearly a guy who was half black, half white who also had a giant flycatcher around his head.

I also saw another guy who was blue and had gills.

"I don't think these guys are cosplayers." I said to Frenchy.

She looked over at what I was looking at and understood.

We were being kidnapped by Anime characters.

Oh joy.