Didi: Welcome back everybody! :D

Frenchy: Here is the second part of our question/comment/answer thingy! Now to reintroduce our guests! The Akatsuki!

Konan, Tobi, Deidara, Kakuzu, Sasori, Pein & Zetsu: *waves*

Hidan: Another f***in chapter. I cannot believe this s***.

Sasori: …

Frenchy: Danna doesn't want to be here obviously.

Itachi: Neither do I. This is…


Itachi: …no…


Itachi: …no…

Didi: …A BANG!

Itachi: NO! ...pointless

Frenchy, Flames & Didi: -_-'

Zetsu: Who is Flames?


Deidara: The fun box chick?

Didi: YURP! She's our co-host today!

Tobi: YAY!


Kakuzu: …can we begin now?

Didi: Sure Pimp Daddy Z! :DDD

Frenchy, Flames & Kakuzu: O.o

Didi: Oh, c'mon! He HAS to be a pimp! It just makes sense!

Pein: …She does have a point…

Flames: Yup! Fluffy even agreed!

Pein: …please refrain from calling me that…

Frenchy: Don't start Fluffy!...Ok, first question/comment is from rechanxramenxlover who wrote OMG I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! and Itachi don't glare at me I luvs joo! I have a suggestion make Tobi go emo for at lest one second, and I would love to see Sasori in a life or death situation with termites. And tell Hidan I would put a shock collar on him if he didn't stop cursing so much, and Kakuza keep your Pimpin' and pimp hand strong lol I love what you guys are doing keep it up :)

Didi: Hi rechanxramexlover! *waves* Thanks for your support! :DDD

Flames: Hola stranger! *waves hyperly*

Itachi: …I can glare at whoever I want…*glares some more*…and thank you…for…loving me…*doesn't want to admit he's happy about that*

Flames: XD

Frenchy: ~Oh Tobi~ *has black eyeliner, black clothes and hair gel*

Tobi: What are you doing with that Frenchy-chan? *chuckles nervously*…*runs like the dickens*

Frenchy: HEY! COME BACK! *runs after Tobi*

~One long chase scene (that Didi was too lazy to write) later~

Frenchy: Tobi looks even cuter with emo hair! :DDDDDD

Tobi: *blushes* W-What is Tobi supposed to do again?

Didi: Act like Itachi…

Itachi: …hn…

Tobi: …hn…

Sasori: …idiot…

Didi: *grins devilishly*

Sasori: O.o what?

Didi: *Pushes Sasori into closet with termites*

(Inside closet): Ow! What the hell was that for? Ow! ...hey…what the…TERMITES! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! OHMIGAWD! GET EM OFF, GET EM OFF, GET EM OFF! YOU ARE DEAD DIDI! DO YOU HEAR ME! DEAD! I WILL MAKE YOU WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN! *lots of noise comes from closet*

Didi: I love you too Sasori No Danna! :D Now we all know what would happen if Sasori was in a life-or-death situation with termites! *lets Sasori out of closet*

Sasori: *has random chew marks all over body* …*glares daggers at Didi*…You. Will. DIE!

Didi: *smiles sheepishly* Hehehehe…N-No need for violence Sasori-kun…It was just a j-joke…

Sasori: *has evil puppets armed and ready to kill/maim/rape Didi*

Didi: O_O'''' (Super Bob…LOL) R-Remember the contract Sasori! If you hurt me, you loose your manhood!

Sasori: …*puts puppets away*…you're safe…for now…

Hidan: *rolls eyes at Sasori*…what a p***y!

Frenchy: *presses button*

Hidan: *gets shocked* AAAAAHHHHH! WHAT THE F***! WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT?

Didi: It's a no swearing shock collar! *in announcer voice* Now available everywhere Viagra is sold! :D

Akatsuki: O.o

Kakuzu: …Why Viagra?


Akatsuki: *sweat drops*

Hidan: That chick's comment said she WOULD put a shock collar on me if I didn't stop swearing! She did not say anything about ACTUALLY putting the thing on!

Didi: Yeah, well we're proactive…

Hidan: This is just wrong…and slightly…kinky…*wiggles eyebrow and smirks at Didi*

Didi: O/ / / / / / / /O *presses button again*

Hidan: *gets shocked…again* HOLY C***! OH DEAR JASHIN! WHY!

Kakuzu: *on floor laughing at Hidan's pain*

Frenchy: Hey Hot Tamale! What's your response to rechanxramenxlover's comment?

Kakuzu: *reads*…hmmm…*bitch slaps Hidan* …good advice

Hidan: *rubs face*…I hate you all…

Tobi & Flames: *pats Hidan's head* It's ok Hidan-san!

Frenchy: Ok, now that that's settled, onto our next question! This is from immortal-lover14 who says hahahaha I have 2 questions and a comment 1. Does Dei-chan use his hands for...other things? 2. Itachi...stop being emo I mean really? and I know better ways for torcher then tsukuyomi! 3. Hidan is there anyway I could be a jashinist? O_O

Flames: LOL Epic questions/comment!

Didi: Dei~ *smirks* Well, do you do…other things with your hands?

Deidara: O/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /O N-No! I don't do anything like that!

Sasori: …You totally do…

Deidara: SHUT UP DANNA, UN! O/ / / / / / / / / / / /O

Hidan: …I would…

Akatsuki, Didi, Frenchy, & Flames: O.O'

Hidan: …What?

Frenchy: Moving on! Itachi? Your response?

Itachi: *glances at immortal-lover14* …I am not emo…hn…

Flames: Yeah, you're a big ball of fun! *oozes sarcasm*

Frenchy: I bet any amount of money he has random giggle fits when no ones looking…

Didi: *nods in agreement* Anyhow, Hidan, can immortal-lover14 become a jashinist?

Hidan: *smirks his smexy smirk* I like this chick! Well, listen up b****, only those worthy enough can become real jashinists! You have to devout your entire f***in' self to Jashin and his beliefs. You have to bring destruction to everything around you and pray to Jashin and Jashin only! I love being a jashinist! It f***in' rocks! The only down side of everything is that I'm not allowed to touch women…

Kakuzu: So you're a virgin? *chuckles to self*

Hidan: *smirks* I may not be allowed to, but I find a way… *glances at Frenchy, Didi, Flames and immortal-lover14*

Frenchy, Didi, Flames and immortal-lover14: O.o *whispers to audience* Help us!

Konan: (Who has not had one line in this chapter): Um, can we get on with it?

Pain: (Also no lines): Yeah, we ARE S-rank criminals! We have things to do!

Frenchy: Like what?

Pein: …criminal…stuff…

Didi: RIIIIIGGGGHHHHHTTT! Next question is from FlamesOfHelloKitteh, wait, you're here with us! Whatcha gotta say girlfriend!

Flames: I wrote OKAY! First of all, I am not stupid :O (Read last chappie to understand) and secondly, don't make me get my OC Kaida kick you asses! And another thing! Let's say you were all trapped in a bus with me, Didi and Frenchy and we sang 99 bottles of sake on za wall what the hell would you do to cope? o.o

Zetsu: (Holy s*** I forgot about him!) Why are you so…retarded…?

Flames: I AM NOT RETARDED! DX *chases Zetsu around base with weed killer*

Frenchy: Anyhow, what do you guys say?

Itachi: First off, you are stupid, two I would sharingan all of you. 72 hours of torture for each of you…

Didi: That's kind of pervy, dude, don't cha think? I mean come on. You get inside our brains and "do stuff" to us for 72 hours…

Itachi: -_-"

Kisame: Could I...have some of the 99 bottles of sake?

Flames: Sure! *hands over 99 bottles of sake to Kisame*

Kisame: *Has tears in eyes* THANK YOU SO MUCH! :'DDDDD

Konan: Um, I don't know…I like you guys but that would annoy me…I might throw you out of the bus.

Didi: That's ok. That's just how we roll.

Pein: …I would either go insane or kill you all in a big bloody massacre…

Hidan: Hey s***head! That was my answer!

Sasori: Mine too…


Flames, Frenchy, and Didi: F*** YEAH! *high fives Tobi*

Kakuzu: Try to bribe you to shut up…

Didi and Flames: THAT WOULD NEVER WORK! *stands up and does Epic Might Guy pose*

Frenchy: ...I would stop if he told me too…

Didi: That's cuz you wuv him~ ;)

Frenchy: *blushes* N-No…SHUT UP DIDI!

Kakuzu: ...hn...*is slightly happy about that*


Frenchy: *Gibb's slaps them* SHUT UP!

Didi: ~Sooo Dei? ~

Deidara: Probably get drunk with Kisame…If I tried to kill you, I would probably end up killing all of us with my bombs…

Didi: A drunk, possibly unconscious Deidara? *drools just thinking about it*

Deidara: O/ / / / / / / / /O She really scares me…


Frenchy: Yurp! You might want to lock your door Deidara…

Zetsu: …I would definitely kill you…and eat Frenchy

Frenchy: O.o Why just me?

Zetsu: Flames and Didi…probably taste weird

Flames & Didi: -_-"

Frenchy: Well, that's flattering...in a weird cannibalistic way...

Zetsu: ^.^

Didi: Well, that's the end of our show! And there is NOT and I repeat NOT going to be a part 3! *audience boos* Yes, I know, I know it's unfair...But don't worry! There will be more amazing things to come in the future! I assure you! *does Might Guy pose*

Frenchy: *sweat drops* O…k…

Flames: LATER! *waves to audience*

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