Peter Burke sat on a park bench somewhere in Central Park waiting impatiently. He looked at his watch which read 12:38 and let out an annoyed sigh. He had a job to get back to, a case to solve, and a criminal to put away. He only agreed to cut his lunch break with Elizabeth short because the man claimed it was an important matter at hand that could not be discussed any other way and the meeting had to be discreet.

Mozzie.Peter thought. He looked around trying to find the short, bald man. He was probably hiding behind a tree, but after two more minutes of searching he gave up and grumbled something about cowboy up and let out another annoyed sigh. He sat back on the bench and straightened his tie. He began to think back to yesterday when all this came into play.

24 Hours Earlier

Neal sat in the chair in front of Peter's desk looking over case files. What first caught Peter's attention was that Neal was sitting with his feet on the floor instead of propping his feet on the desk. The next thing that struck Peter as odd was that Neal was actually reading them and not trying to strike up a conversation in order to get out of it. Neal was never this quiet. There had been no annoying banter all day from Neal and somewhere deep inside Peter there was feeling of concern but the feeling never reached his features. He studied Neal for a few minutes. He noticed his shoulders were hunched instead of being confidently straight and he was sitting very still as if the slightest movement would cause him to lose all train of thought. Then Peter looked at his face. There wasn't a trace of that winning smile and his crystal blue eyes were dulled with gray. And when Peter looked, really looked, at Neal's face he found that dark circles were starting to form underneath his eyes. The feeling of concern had now moved from somewhere deep inside Peter to being spread all across his features. Just when Peter was about to ask Neal is something was wrong Neal stood all too quickly and excused himself from the office to get more case files. Peter sat dumb-founded and only nodded indicating that he had heard Neal but Neal was already out of the office. The rest of the day Neal seemed to avoid Peter and even insisted that he walk home so that Peter could spend more time with Elizabeth.


Peter was pulled back into reality by frantic tapping. He looked around and saw Mozzie standing behind a tree. "Haversham! Get over here!" Peter yelled. The outburst startled Mozzie, and he quickly but deviously made his way over to Peter.

"Suit." Mozzie greeted.

"Enough, Haversham! You were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago! You planned this meeting! If anyone should be late it is me!" Peter grumbled. He was annoyed and tired. The past two days had done nothing but wear Peter down both physically and emotionally. Between work, not spending much time with Elizabeth, and worrying about Neal, he had had enough.

"Those who rush, miss important details that would make life a lot more tolerable." Mozzie said calmly, which only aggravated Peter more.

"Stop with the self-help quotes. You said this meeting was important. What is it?" Peter asked trying to calm down.

Mozzie stared at Peter for a few seconds as if second guessing his decision to talk to the Suit. He took a deep breath and looked at the agent. Peter noticed that aside from Mozzie's usual nervousness and quirks the man seemed to be on edge even more if that was possible and there was something else there written all over the man's features that Peter couldn't quite put his finger on. Then Mozzie said three words that Peter did not want to hear.

"It's about Neal."

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